What Is Surge 365 – My Review Of This Travel MLM Company

Hello and thanks for finding your way here.  It is always a good idea to do as much research as possible before committing to any online program.  Today, our goal is to find out what Surge 365 is.  I invite you to read my review of this travel MLM company to see if it might be an opportunity for you to generate some income from home.

Let’s get started.

What is Surge 365?

According to its website, “Surge 365 is a fun, simple, anywhere based  business that you can do from home, your office, the beach or even from your smartphone.”

Hey, sounds great so far!

In fact, Surge 365 is a travel MLM offering the opportunity to generate income in several different ways, including the typical recruitment format of this type of business model.

Who is Surge 365 For?

It’s for people who would like to make some part-time or full-time income from home in the travel industry.

Brief Details and Price

Website:  surge365.com

Owners/Founders: Lloyd (Coach) Tomer, Scott Tomer, and Chris Cokley


Surge 365 Vortex Platinum Membership: initial license fee $499.00, then monthly subscription fee of $63.54


  • exclusive weekly specials
  • members-only pricing platform
  • personal concierge
  • 150% price match guarantee
  • travel agency access (USA and Canada only)
  • mobile app

Vortex Membership:

Initial license fee:  $299.00

monthly fee:  $63.54


  • 2-person membership
  • free vacations
  • reward credits
  • mobile app


Initial license fee: $199.00

monthly fee:  $63.54


  • cash rewards for inviting co-workers, family, and friends to your travel site
  • your customers save and you earn

Guarantee:  if you make no money within 12 months of joining, there is a guarantee but conditions apply!  See below.

Rating (out of 10): 3

My Review of Surge 365


Surge 365 was founded in 2015 and it is a travel Multi-level Marketing company.   One of the founders, Lloyd Tomer, also founded a company in 2001 called YTB International.

Between 2006 and 2008, YTB was the subject of lawsuits and investigations in Rhode Island, Illinois, and California in which it was alleged that YTB was operating an illegal Pyramid scheme.  In 2008 the company was sued by California Attorney General Jerry Brown which resulted in an out of court settlement.

This kind of background about one of the main founders of Surge 365  is disheartening, to say the least, but let us proceed to see if this company holds up any better than the first one.

How it works

There are 3 ways to generate income with Surge 365 and they are as follows:

  1. Vortex – using their proprietary vortex technology, you can make money without selling or recruiting others.  You will receive your own branded version of the vortex which you can share on your social media, on the phone or by handing out business cards.  When people book their cruises, vacations or even car rental, you will get paid.  Note: If you choose the Vortex Platinum option, you are also eligible to earn a free vacation for yourself from what they call the “Vacation Vault”.
  2. Your own personal travel agency – access to a fully functioning, licensed and accredited travel agency.  Training is provided after which you can book groups, tours, cruises and destination weddings.  You do not need to recruit others into the program with this option.
  3. Recruitment – This is termed the “Surge Business Associate”.  With this option, you are eligible to earn recruitment bonuses.

Compensation Plan

The entire compensation plan for Surge 365 can be found here.

As is found with all these MLM’s the compensation plan is deliberately very complicated and confusing but here is the general breakdown:

As a newly enrolled Surge 365 travel agent, you will earn the following direct sales commission.  The amount of that commission is based upon which package you signed up for (Vortex, Vortex Membership or Vortex Platinum):

  • Vortex – $15.00
  • Vortex plus – $15.00
  • Vortex platinum – $30.00

These charts show the compensation in more detail for the 3 levels

Surge 365 Brand New Compensation Plan

As you can see from the above charts, there are several levels achievable by using a points system which is accumulated according to the number of recruits you bring in under you (the downline).  You will accumulate higher points, based also on what Vortex level you are on.

Points are awarded thus:

  • A Vortex sale = 1 point
  • A Vortex Membership sale = 1 point
  • A Vortex Platinum sale  = 2 points

There are 3 ‘Team Leader’ levels:

  1. Team Builder  – To achieve this first level, you and your SBA (Surge Business Associates – your downline), must accumulate 14 points.
  2. Regional Team Builder  – 70 total team builder points are required to reach this level.
  3. National Team Builder  – 210 team builder points necessary to reach the top tier.

This is the basic structure.  Many bonuses and incentives are offered with the final highest echelons referred to as the ‘Director Program’ which includes the possibility of acquiring a company car, expensive vacations, a Rolex, a yacht and a million-dollar bonus.

Income Disclosure

Surge 365 Income Disclosure

The figures speak for themselves.  As you can see, almost 70% of all SBA’s earned no income in that year period.  Sadly, this is the usual story with MLM’s.  It is the few people at the top of the pyramid that are really making the money.  Same thing with this company, Evolution Travel.  They push you to recruit, no matter what they say about not doing so because that is ultimately the way those above you in the pyramid make money, be in no doubt about this.


I have read several complaints on the Better Business Bureau website regarding their “risk-free” guarantee which you can request if you do not make any money with them within 12 months of joining.

The complaints allege that they were not informed about the conditions of receiving a full refund until after they had joined and paid the fees.  Conditions apply to receive that refund and this is the company’s response to the complaint:

“There are 3 requirements (I counted 5) to be met in order to be eligible” and they say these are clearly stated in their terms of enrollment and in the members ‘back office’:

  1. Refer free customers (number of customers for this is not stated)
  2. complete a 90-day training
  3. order business cards
  4. purchase a domain
  5. remain active as a Vortex customer for 12 consecutive months (which is $63.54 monthly)

What is weird is that I scoured their Policies and Procedures as well as their Terms and Conditions and I could not find any reference to the requirements for their cancellation policy other than that they have one but you must email or call them to request a cancellation.  Supposedly, these conditions are in the fine print within the ‘back office’ which you don’t see till you join.

Another reason to be absolutely certain you read everything before participating in this MLM or any online company for that matter.  Do not get seduced by clever advertising and videos depicting exciting lifestyle opportunities.  I strongly suggest you read my article Beware of MLM Opportunities – Do This Checklist First.

If you don’t get the straight-up answers you want to questions that you have, DON’T JOIN!

So, no I don’t think I want to give “Coach” Tomer any money to join this company, either.

Pros and Cons


  • you might get some discounted travel for yourself


  • you will have to sell to friends and family
  • high chance you will not make any money or very little
  • if you opt-out, it could be difficult to get your money back

Final Comments

This travel MLM sets off several warning flares for me and I just can’t recommend it to you.

They have a beautiful website and feature a very professional video depicting an exciting lifestyle opportunity to you, but when I read the complaints by people who have lost so much money (and cannot afford to do so) or who claim to have been unable to get a refund when they were not able to make any money, I feel disappointment and sadness.

You can see the figures for what the vast majority of people have earned, and it is little to nothing.  I just don’t think it is a good choice for those of us who are close to or in retirement to invest in an MLM.  It could take many years to make any kind of significant income.

They are selling you a dream, but the reality falls short.

Are you currently involved with Surge 365?  If you are, I would welcome your comment about your personal experience with this company.  Maybe it is working for you, or maybe not?

Other Options

If you are really interested in becoming a travel agent, it is a much better idea to go with a ‘Host Agency’.  I found a website during my research that I really liked.  I reached out to the owner and she was very helpful and suggested that I take their free 7-day Challenge Travel Agency Setup, which I did and it will give you a great foundation for starting your own Travel Agency from home.  I am not affiliated with this website in any way, I just loved their authenticity and transparency.  You will find a vast amount of useful information, including Host Agency reviews, on their website here.

If the travel business doesn’t particularly grab you, I have lots of other options for you in my article right here called Money Making ideas for Retirees.

How We Create Retirement Income Online

When Philip and I were scouring the internet to find a legitimate way to generate some income online from home, we discovered the method that we enjoy and it is called Affiliate Marketing.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but rather an opportunity to set up your own website and write about the subject you feel passionate about, which in our case is helping others like us improve their bottom line from home.  The platform we found let us come on in for FREE to try it out.  For more information about our number one recommended way to make an online income, please read Philip’s review here.

I urge you to read reviews and research before committing to anything online.  The internet has brought us some incredible opportunities, but there are a lot of scams, too.  Be safe out there!



Surge 365

$961.48 to $1261.48 depending on membership level



User experience




Value for money



  • you might get some discounted travel for yourself


  • you will have to sell to friends and family
  • high chance you will not make any money or very little
  • if you opt-out it could be difficult to get you money back

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