What Is SeneGence? Please Think Carefully Before Joining

Do you get confused with all of the MLM companies on the internet trying to lure you into joining their business opportunity?  Perhaps you have a family member or friend who is trying to recruit you onto their ‘team’ and sell you on a ‘great idea’.  It is difficult, at best, to sift through what is real and what is hype. But don’t worry.  That is my job.  My goal in life is to research network marketing companies and report back to you on my findings because I don’t want you to throw your retirement income away on a lifestyle dream that falls short of reality.  My advice to you is to please think carefully before joining this company, or any multi-level marketing company.  So, just what is SeneGence?

Let’s find out now.

What Is SeneGence?

SeneGence is a privately owned multi-level marketing company, that develops and sells personal care/beauty items through a network of independent sales representatives.  The company takes great pride in its product formulations and has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales through a global network of Distributors.

Who Is SeneGence For?

SeneGence claims that it is committed to making a positive change to women everywhere.  The company further states that the business opportunity they offer, which I shall be focusing on in this review, is designed to empower and support all women regardless of background, education, or age.

Brief Details and Price

website:  seneweb.senegence.com

founder:  Joni Rogers-Kante

price to join and what’s included:

$65 for the New Distributor Kit which includes:

  • a checklist for getting started
  • beauty books
  • LipSense product samples in a variety of color choices
  • Senesite –  this is your replicated website
  • business apps

You may also choose instead to purchase the Glamour Demo Kit which costs $295 and includes more products and samples so that you may perform demonstrations on potential customers

guarantee:  there is no income guarantee

CRIO rating (out of 10): 1.5

My Review Of SeneGence

SeneGence was founded by Joni Rogers-Kante in 1999 and company headquarters are in Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, California.  SeneGence has a network of over 500,000 global distributors, or “SeneSisters” as they are referred to.

There are issues pertaining to SeneGence, including accusations of misleading their own distributors about how much they can earn and encouraging them to make deceptive advertising claims.  It is a good idea to investigate any company you may want to get involved with.   I suggest you take a look at the checklist I created expressly for the purpose of what to be looking out for if you are even considering joining a multi-level marketing business.

what is senegence review lip product imageSeneGence products

The signature product for SeneGence is called LipSense. This liquid lip color can last between 4-18 hours if applied correctly.  The product has come under some criticism.  People have reported burning or flaking of their lips, but that may because it should also be used with another product underneath it, their Glossy Gloss lipgloss.

Lipsense comes in a wide variety of colors, and it can be bundled with the lip gloss and ‘Oops’ remover (because the LipSense really stays on and you may need to remove it ultimately).  When you combine these in their bundle, it comes to $55, which is quite expensive.

SeneGence has a wide range of other products including:

  • face cleansers
  • moisturizers
  • what is senegence review neck cream product image 2exfoliators
  • anti-wrinkle treatment
  • eye cream
  • neck cream
  • hand and elbow cream
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • body wash, scrub, and moisturizer
  • mascara
  • eyeshadow
  • liquid brow color
  • fragrances
  • men’s personal care products

All the SeneGence products come with quite a hefty price tag.  However, many people appear to really like the products, or at least they are posting that they do.  I have not tried them but I have owned two Day spas in the past and I trained as an esthetician.  To achieve the results you want, you may need to pay more for higher-end products.  The problem with Senegence, which is the same as other network marketing companies such as Younique or Arbonne,  is that you are limited to only one product line: Theirs!

Personally, and I believe I am not alone in this, I like to have options for different brands and to pick and choose.  That is part of the fun.  It is not fun to me that when you sell SeneGence, you can only sell what they have.  Another downside for me to the multi-level marketing business model.

how to join

You must sign up through a Senegence Distributor, or SenseSister.  That person then becomes your ‘upline’ and you are their ‘downline’.  Once you have filled out your application, you have two options.  You can choose to become a ‘customer’, which means you can purchase the products but will be ineligible for commissions, or you can opt for becoming a Distributor.  The joining fee is $65.  This will include your New Distributor Kit.  You may opt for the more expensive, Glamour Demo Kit which costs $295 and has more products and samples so that you can conduct glamour demonstrations on potential customers.

In order to maximize your ability to earn commissions, per Joni herself, you should hold a ‘demo’.  The guests you have invited have the option of either just becoming a customer, or you can recruit them in your team so that you can earn future commissions from them.  According to Joni, the best thing to do is build up an inventory by purchasing collection sets so that you can sell on the spot at a demo.

compensation plan

One of the criticisms leveled at SeneGence is the complexity of their compensation plan.  All of these MLM companies have confusing compensation plans in my opinion, but for sure,  this one is a real doozy.  I shall keep it to the basics.

Commissions are earned by Sales and Commissions:

  1. Sales:
  • Immediate Sales – which consists of initial customer product orders, such as at a demo or trade show
  • Reorder Sales – this is where you must learn to “expand the product usage of each customer” by upselling other items in the SeneGence portfolio.  This is a common practice in beauty product sales by the way.

what is senegence review unilevel plan image2.  Commissions:

  • Downline – these are the people you have personally recruited and this will be your family, friends, and inner circle.  Otherwise known as your ‘warm market’.  You will earn commission from them and they will earn from those below them and so on.

SeneGence utilizes what is called the Unilevel Plan which is best explained by the following illustration:  You are the blue dot and the red dots are those you have recruited.  The more people you recruit in that first level of red dots, the more they will also recruit and so on. Commissions flow upwards and you will be paid upon how many levels deep SeneGence has decreed.

Simply put, you will have to ‘build your organization’ by recruiting as many people as you can because this is the whole essence of multi-level marketing.  You will not make much if you are not getting others in your downline so that you can all recruit more people and you all sell and thus, make money.  In theory.

You will earn percentages based on your qualifying orders.  The real money to be made in this model is in the group sales volume bonus.  This pays you for the entire volume that your downline members are selling, provided you have met the requirements.   You will need to ‘teach’ those whom you have recruited how to sell, do upsells, and recruit so that you can benefit from your organization.

Once you have placed a product order, you are termed an ‘active’ Distributor.  When you have placed at least a 300 PV or Point Volume, you become a ‘qualified’ Distributor.  You must maintain this monthly PV to qualify to receive group commissions.  1 PV = 1/2 of 1 retail US dollar.  So, 300 PV = $600

That is the Unilevel plan, at its most basic.  If you would like to see the entire SeneGence compensation plan in all its glorious complexity, you can view it here.

Other Incentives: Fast Start Program

If you can push sales in your first 90 days, you will be entitled to some free products with the ‘Fast Start Program.’

First 30 days

If you sell 1000 PV within those first 30 days of joining SeneGence as a Distributor, you will receive some free products from the SeneDerm Basic skin and body care collection valued at $350.

First 60 days

If, in addition to selling 1000 PV in your first 30 days, you sell an additional 1000 PV in your first 60 days, you will receive free products from the anti-aging collection valued at $400.

First 90 days

If you achieve a total of 3000 PV within 90 days you will receive free products from the SeneDerm Solutions collection valued at $450.

income disclosure statement

SeneGence has no income disclosure statement that I could find.  This is a huge red flag for me since they have been in business for a very long time.  What are they hiding?  How can you even make a decision to join this company as a distributor if you can’t see what others are earning?  Another warning sign.


One of the most frequent complaints by distributors that I discovered in my research is the shortage of products.  This leads to what is termed ‘front loading’.  This means that distributors, or SeneSisters, are compelled to purchase large amounts of non-refundable inventory in an effort to not run out of it for potential clients.  Its kind of like hoarding so that only a few will hold most of the products thus making it very difficult for those at the bottom of the heap to stock up and start selling.

Here is a couple of comments regarding this issue from SeneGence distributors:

what is Senegence review distributor comment

what is senegence review distrbutor comment number 2

Pros and Cons


  • company longevity
  • some decent products


  • the flawed MLM business model
  • poor customer service
  • products are often unavailable
  • red flags in the company history
  • have to hassle family and friends to join

Final Thoughts About SeneGence

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of SeneGence and I hope you now have some insight into whether this company is a good opportunity for you to generate income in your retirement or not.

Is SeneGence a scam?  Well, I hate to use that word because they do have actual products.  But looking at the vast amount of complaints and the complexity of the compensation plan, plus the fact that there is no income disclosure to be found, I just don’t feel good about this company.

No matter how attractive the business opportunity may seem, or how many beautiful lifestyle photos you see on their website, only the people in the top 1-2% of any network marketing company are the ones really making the big money.  Most people make very little or even lose money. This is a fact!  You don’t need to take my word for it as this has been well documented in many places including this article here from the Consumer Awareness Institute.  You can see the grim statistics about this type of business model for yourself.

My advice is to always purchase a couple of products from a company, before committing to anything further.  In the case of SeneGence, however, if you do decide to join as a Distributor, you may find yourself frustrated because they appear to have real issues with keeping enough product to meet the demand.  This is a huge red flag, in my opinion.

Personally, I would steer clear of SeneGence and the business opportunity they offer.  I just can’t recommend it as a way for you to generate income in retirement.

I do have an easier solution for you though…

Our Recommendation

You may be interested in doing what Philip and I do, which is Affiliate Marketing. As affiliates, the way we work is lightyears away from multi-level marketing.  It takes time to develop, that is true, like any business.  But it is a whole lot less complicated and frustrating compared to multi-level marketing.  Plus, you don’t need to hold demos or parties.  It is a 100% online business which you can do from the comfort of your own home office, or anywhere with an internet connection.

As an affiliate marketer, you do not need to meet sales quotas of $600 a month or harass family and friends to join your ‘team’.  You will create your own personalized website from which you can sell anything you want that interests you, including skincare and makeup products.

The way it works is that you create a website based on something you enjoy.  This could be a hobby, past-time, or even the kind of work you used to do.  Cooking, golf, pets, beauty products, baseball, or, in our case, helping retirees like us generate income in retirement.  The next step is to approach merchants who sell products or services in this field of your choice and join their affiliate program.  You then write articles and/or do reviews, such as this one, that help and inform people.

You can insert links in your articles to the merchants with whom you are affiliated.  Then, when someone is interested in a product or service you have shared with them, they click on that affiliate link which takes them to the merchant’s website.  If they purchase a product through that link from your site…boom!  You get a commission!  It really isn’t complicated.  Certainly nothing like as complex as the SeneGence compensation plan!  For more information, you can read Philip’s article here.  It is perfect for us retirees!

When Philip and I retired, we realized we needed to supplement our income, which is how we got started down this path.  We looked at and dismissed immediately the MLM business model.  After careful research, we knew that affiliate marketing made the most sense for us so we investigated further and found a friendly, authentic Canadian company to teach us this business.  We had no previous experience working online.  That company is called Wealthy Affiliate and it has been around since 2005.  If you join, you will discover:

  • a platform that has all the training, tools and resources to learn affiliate marketing
  • a place to create your very own website based upon what interests YOU
  • a place for that website to be hosted
  • 24/7 technical support
  • a welcoming global community that will help you stay motivated
  • no sales quotas or minimal purchases or need to recruit anyone
  • a chance to try it out for FREE, no credit card, no pressure

If you would like to join us, just click on that pink link!  Come on in and you will see us there welcoming you.  There is no obligation. We will be there to help you if you need us.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you health, happiness, and success as we move forward in this phase of life.  Best of luck!

Your friend,







Business opportunity




Value for money



  • company longevity
  • some decent products


  • the flawed MLM business model
  • poor customer service
  • products are often unavailable
  • red flags in the company history
  • have to hassle family and friends to join

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