What is NéVetica? Can This New Pet MLM Make You Money?

Hello, and welcome to my NeVética review. Have you heard of this new Pet MLM?  It only launched in 2017 and it immediately caught my eye.  Millions of us have pets and we love them with all our hearts, wouldn’t you agree?  Philip and I owned a pet-sitting business for nearly 10 years so this new company really grabbed my interest.  What is Névetica?  Can this new Pet MLM make you money?

I am not a distributor for Névetica products.  I am your bloodhound and my job is to track down these MLM companies and share with you my findings.  These network marketing companies are always trying to sell us on their wonderful ‘business opportunity’, but I am always skeptical and dig in as deep as I can to see if there really is a tasty bone somewhere that can ultimately help you generate some income in retirement.

Let’s find out.

What Is NéVetica?

Névetica is a multi-level marketing company that sells products in the pet nutrition/health space such as:

  • multivitamins
  • chews
  • mouthwash
  • shampoo
  • anti-itch spray
  • paw protector balm
  • cleaning powder for pet stains
  • apparel such as t-shirts and promotional accessories for displaying/selling the products

Right now, NéVetica is in the United States and Puerto Rico but I am sure they have plans to expand globally.

Who Is Névetica For?

Since this is a multi-level marketing company, the owner and top executives will be looking to get as many people on board as possible to start selling these products nationally because this business model requires that you recruit family, friends and inner circle and everyone you know so that you can earn commissions from them.  That is simply the nature of this particular beast.

Ideally, you would have an interest in pet health and promoting pet-related products.  Typically, the network marketing industry targets stay at home moms and dads, military spouses, students, and retirees.  All of these people may be looking for a way to supplement their income from a home-based office environment.

Whether this is a good opportunity for those of us in retirement remains to be seen, so we shall explore further.

Brief Details and Price

website:  nevetica.com

owner/founder:  Dr. Lance London

price to join and what’s included:

$35 enrollment fee and this comes with:

  • the NéVetica App
  • NéVetica back office
  • replicated website

$24.99 recurring monthly technology fee to host your replicated website/back office.  The first month is free.

$199 for the NéVetica Business Builder Kit.  This kit consists of:

  • a training manual
  • a banner
  • NéVetica Magazine
  • sales material

There is also a $475 product pack that is not mandatory to purchase but you will be strongly encouraged to do so to get your business rolling

guarantee:  there is no income guarantee

CRIO rating (out of 10): 2.3

My Review Of NéVetica

NéVetica was founded by Dr. Lance London, a successful restaurant chain owner, and launched in 2017.  Headquarters are in Lanham, Maryland.  The background story is that his beloved dog, Rocky, had a stroke when he was 17 years old and Dr. London, rather than putting Rocky down, started researching options to help his dog live longer.    He put Rocky on a raw food diet and gave him nutriceuticals with the result that his pet lived another 2 years, albeit he never fully recovered from the stroke.

Dr. London discovered, in his research to help his fur-friend, that the pet business is a gigantic market and virtually recession-proof, so he decided to create his new business, NéVetica, to take advantage of the financial opportunities in the pet industry and share that with others.

what is nevetica review featured appthe NéVetica App

NéVetica features an app that a pet parent can download on their phone which will allow them to take a free pet assessment.  You provide input on your pet’s nutrition and lifestyle and NéVetica will make recommendations based on the data.  Of course, they will always be recommending something from their product line that they sell, so how objective this app is, leaves me in doubt about its accuracy.

Once the product suggestions have been made, an automatic order is placed at the NéVetica warehouse, and the products are shipped to you.  The APP also has information on Veterinarians, pet groomers, free training videos, and a fitness component.  It also enables you to connect with other pet parents around the country, who, presumably also must have this APP.

NéVetica products

NéVetica offers supplements, or nutraceuticals,  to promote wellness in your dog such as:

  • Digestive Support – 90 chews for $34.99
  • Hip and Joint – small dog, 30 chews for $35.99, large dog chews 60 chews for $45.99
  • Multivitamin – 30 chews for $34.99
  • Calming Support – 70 chews for $34.99
  • Skin and Coat – 30 chews for $34.99

My concern with their nutritional supplements is that I did not see on any label anywhere the seal of the National Animal Supplement Council, or NASC.  I did find NéVetica listed on the NASC site, however, the products are not yet approved.  They must undergo a quality audit before being able to display the NASC quality seal.   I hope that they will be approved in the future because I think it would lend their supplements great credibility.  I will keep an eye out for that and let you know.

Some other items featured in the NéVetica product line include:

  • Paw protector balm – 50 ml. for $22.99
  • Dental chews (large dog) – 60 chews for $27.99
  • Mouthwash – 16 oz. for large size at $$29.99

I think the products are okay, but they are on the expensive side.  I believe many people, myself included, like to go to a large supplier and have the choice of many manufacturer’s products.  Still, if you decide to try the NéVetica products and you like them and the price point is okay for you, then that is all good.  I would still check with your vet, particularly since those supplements are not yet approved by the NASC.  You can’t know if certain compounds may give your pet a reaction.  Many factors are involved such as breed, age, and other medications your dog may be taking to name a few.

how to join

You must join via one of their Pet Consultants.  They will let you know the location of your nearest one, once you have decided to join.  You must give them lots of personal details including your social security number, then pay your $35 enrollment fee.  You also need to purchase the basic starter kit, at least, so that you have something to start handing out and talking about.  The basic starter kit is $199 but it was not clear if any product samples are included with that price.  They will certainly recommend that you do have some samples to hand out to prospective customers/recruits.

what is NeVetica review unilevel planthe NéVetica compensation plan

NéVetica utilizes what is called the “Unilevel Compensation Plan” which is best shown by the illustration you see here on the right:

In the Unilevel plan, you are the blue dot at the top, and you can recruit as many people as you want below you (red dots),  All these people are in your ‘frontline’.  Commissions flow upwards and you will receive a percentage of every person below you, in your downline, as many levels deep as is indicated by whatever company you are distributing for.

At Névetica, you will receive commissions at different depth levels depending upon what your personal rank is.  This is explained in more detail below in the ‘9 ways to earn at NéVetica’ section.

There are 14 ranks in NéVetica:

  1. NéVetica Pet Consultant
  2. Senior Pet Consultant
  3. Area Pet Consultant
  4. Regional Pet Consultant
  5. Director
  6. Area Director
  7. Regional Director
  8. National Director
  9. Vice President
  10. President
  11. International President
  12. Diamond
  13. Blue Diamond
  14. Black Diamond

There are 9 ways to earn at NéVetica:

  1. Personal Sales Bonus –  earn up to 35% cash bonus weekly on every product you sell.  So, the more customers you have, the more you can earn.
  2. First Order Bonus – you can earn up to 15% of the first orders made by new preferred customers from your personally recruited ‘business partners’, or downline, (this means the family and friends you have roped into joining you in this venture), 3 levels deep.  NéVetica distributors who have reached the rank of Regional Director also receive a 5% bonus on qualifying first orders from preferred customers, several levels deep until you reach another Regional Director in your downline.
  3. The Unilevel Bonus – You can earn up to 10% on the sales volume of your organizations ‘business partners’ (or those in your downline) up to 6 levels deep.  The percentage and the levels are paid based on your level.
  4. The Turbo Infinity Bonus – You must have reached the level of President to be eligible for this bonus.  You will get a percentage on the sales volume that exists on every level in your organization, that is everybody’s sales, below you, to infinity.
  5. The Income Match Bonus – You can earn up to 25% commission on a part of the income from your downline within the first 6 generations of your group.  If you are an International President or above, you may earn up to 8% on that same income.  What you earn is based upon what executive rank you hold at NéVetica.
  6. Leadership Advancement Bonus – This is a one-time bonus that you earn when you achieve leadership ranks.  There are 7 leadership ranks which start at National Director, through to Black Diamond.  That cash bonus goes from $1000 (National Director)  to $100,000 (Black Diamond) at the highest level.
  7. Global Pool Bonus – Only the top leaders in the company are eligible for this bonus.  This is a quarterly reward and is a split of 1% of all the qualified sales volume from the monthly sales of every distributor in the country.
  8. NéVetica Sponsored Incentive Trips – When you qualify for this (and it is not clear what is needed to qualify), you will be a top leader and you will be entitled to an all-expenses-paid vacation to an ‘exclusive’ exotic yearly trip.  This location is not disclosed.
  9. Executive Leadership Council – When you qualify for this incentive (again, what the requirements are is not disclosed), you will be flown on an all-expenses-paid trip to an exclusive meeting with other executives council members and the president of NéVetica.  You will also receive gifts at the national conventions held by the company.

At NéVetica’s discretion, you may also be eligible for 3 additional bonuses:

  1. Management Level Ranking Bonus –  earn a one time $100 bonus when you reach the rank of Regional Pet Consultant, then you may earn an additional one time $500 bonus when you achieve the rank of Regional Director.
  2. The Matching Management Level Ranking Bonus – This one-time bonus is received by helping your personal recruits achieve the Management Level Ranking Bonus.  It will be paid to you in the same month that your personal recruits achieve their own bonus.  You receive a matching bonus for the same amount for helping them get to that executive rank.
  3. Car Bonus – No mention of how to qualify for this program, but when you do, you may earn up to $1200 a month and this is put towards the car of your choice.

I could not find a chart that displays the sales/points requirements to ascend to each level at NéVetica.  If I find it, I will post it here because it helps to know how many points you have to earn and recruits you need to bring in to climb the ranks.

income disclosure statement

Since the company has only been operating for a short time, there is no income disclosure statement yet, though one should be available for last year at least…  If and when it is published, I shall post it here, although many companies choose not to make this public.


In my research, I have not found any lawsuits or complaints about NéVetica.

Pros and Cons of Névetica


  • actual products
  • the pet industry is a huge market


  • the flawed MLM business model
  • products are not FDA or NASC approved
  • recruiting/hassling family and friends to join you

Final Thoughts About NéVetica

Is NéVetica a scam? No, absolutely not, because they do have actual products and you can make money selling those.  But I guarantee that you will not make very much until you start recruiting.  Even then, unless you joined this company right at the outset, and have had previous experience as a network marketer, the chances are that you will drop out of this ‘opportunity’.  It is a fact that 97% of people that join a network marketing company either make very little income or even find themselves out of pocket.  Only the top 1%-2% of people in this type of organization are really making the money.

But don’t take my word for it!  This document from the Consumer Awareness Institute will give you the grim statistics behind the Multi-Level Marketing business model.  I have also created a checklist that will give you some more information on what to beware of before joining any MLM.

I have viewed the promotional videos of NéVetica and the ones I have seen are very salesy and have an almost evangelical delivery style, such as I have seen in many other MLM sales pitches.  Personally, I find this off-putting because it is a type of marketing technique that gets people all fired up, then they leave the event all ready to start selling to everyone they know, only to find that family and friends aren’t interested and start avoiding them.  I think this kind of selling can become almost cult-like in nature (this has been said of many MLM’s) and gives a false sense of hope, getting people to stretch themselves financially because they are ‘fired up’ to do so without thinking of the consequences.  I find this predatory in nature and a red flag.

There is no doubt that the pet industry is worth billions of dollars, and that won’t change going forward.  If anything, it will continue to grow as a market segment because more and more people are wanting companion animals, especially in light of recent global events.  Pets give us unconditional love and we take great comfort from them.  I wish that Dr. London had not succumbed to the Multi-Level marketing model, though  NéVetica certainly is a new idea for the MLM arena.  Time will tell but I am just not optimistic.

Ultimately, based on what I have seen at NéVetica, and what I know of multi-level marketing, I don’t think that this new pet MLM will make you money and help your bottom line in retirement.  There are too many uncertainties and not enough information.  Therefore, I do not recommend that you join NéVetica.

Our Recommended Way To Create Online Income

But, don’t despair!  You can still sell pet products, supplies, accessories, and whatever else you like by creating what is truly your own business by following the business model that Philip and I are in which is called Affiliate Marketing.

Forget about being tied to one company, only selling their products.  Toss out having to recruit family and friends and hassling everyone you know to join you in your team so that you can earn commissions from them.  Rejoice in the fact that you won’t have to meet sales quotas, or adhere to strict guidelines and sit through cult-like sales pitches in order to have your own business.  Finally, be relieved that you can work 100% entirely from your own home base, or anywhere else in the world that has an internet connection.  THAT is the freedom of Affiliate Marketing!

Philip and I found out, very soon after we retired, that we needed to supplement our monthly income.  We looked at the MLM business model and immediately dismissed it.  Affiliate Marketing is a totally different business model.

You set up your own website (the way you want it and not some replicated corporate website), based on something that interests you (pets, golf, tennis, baking, art), then you contact merchants who have products that YOU would like to sell.  If they have an affiliate program (and most do), you just sign up for it, start writing friendly, conversational articles or do reviews such as this one you are reading, and add that merchant’s link in the body of your article so that when someone likes a product you have written about, they click on that link, which sends them to the merchant’s website, they then purchase from that merchant and boom…you get a commission.  The concept is really very easy!

Of course, you do need to learn how to do affiliate marketing.  We needed to learn as well because we knew  nothing about working online.  In our continued research, we came upon a friendly, authentic Canadian company that has been around since 2005 called Wealthy Affiliate.  What we really liked was we could come on in and check out the platform for FREE before committing to anything.

Once inside WA, you will discover:

  • all the training, tools and resources you need to become an affiliate marketer
  • a place to build your very own personal website based on something that YOU enjoy
  • a place to host that website, with your own back office
  • 24/7 technical support
  • a global community of other entrepreneurs who are happy to share their knowledge and encourage you

This is not a get rich quick system, but it sure beats the heck out of multi-level marketing, in my opinion.  Nobody is cracking the whip on us and we are seeing success with all that we have learned and continue to learn.  Plus, we are having fun doing it.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you will come in and check out Wealthy Affiliate.  Just click on that pink link above!

Thank you for taking the time to read my NéVetica review and I wish you good health and happiness!

Your friend,







Business opportunity




Value for money



  • actual products
  • the pet industry is a huge market


  • the flawed MLM business model
  • products are not FDA or NASC approved
  • recruiting/hassling family and friends to join you

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