What Is Heal Worldwide? – Abundant Life Or Sparse Return?

Hello and I welcome you to my review of Heal Worldwide!  You are right to research any online business before buying into it.  Has anyone approached you with an offer to join this company that will supposedly transform your life and increase your physical as well as financial health?  Well, let us take a closer look at Heal Worldwide and discover if you will achieve an abundant life or a sparse return on your investment.

Please know that I am your watchdog reporter and that I am not affiliated with Heal Worldwide as one of their distributors.  My purpose in life is to help others who perhaps, like me, are needing to supplement their retirement income by working online.  I want you to succeed and not throw your hard-earned money away on a so-called ‘opportunity’ that will leave you worse off than when you started.

What is Heal Worldwide?

Heal Worldwide is a multi-level marketing company that operates in the nutritional supplement and transformational digital product space.

The company claims that you can operate online from home remotely as one of their distributors and set yourself up to earn residual income on their products from anywhere in the world.

Who is Heal Worldwide For?

The plethora of videos about this company claims that it is for people who want to transform themselves from the inside out.

After all my research, I believe Heal Worldwide is for people with a huge circle of friends, family, and acquaintances that they are not afraid to hassle and who is highly energetic, ambitious, and a very aggressive salesperson.

Brief Details and Price

website:  healworldwide.com

owner/founder:  Stephen Munson

price to join and what’s included: 

Heal VIP – $49.97 a month which includes:

  • joining the online community
  • a marketing system
  • life-changing products
  • commerce engine


‘Go All-In’ – a one-time fee of $1,197.00, then $49.97 a month which includes

  • big profile profit
  • the “I Am” 21-day challenge
  • Heal business class

there is also a 7-day risk-free trial

guarantee:  A 7-day 100% refund guarantee

rating (out of 10): 2

My Review of Heal Worldwide

I always like to begin with a brief look at the person or people behind a company and what inspired them to create a business such as Heal Worldwide.

Company backstory/founder

Heal, headquartered in Florida, was founded in 2014 by Stephen Munson and his brother, Paul.  On his website, he documents his life story and how he experienced addiction, dire poverty and many other personal tragedies before overcoming them and getting back on his feet.

During his world travels, he had a ‘divine’ meeting with a Thai doctor, Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra, who had spent years studying the use of plant-based nutrients to support the immune system.  Since Stephen had his own health issues, he tried some of these remedies and had a transformational moment that changed his life.  There is an evangelical feel in most of the videos I viewed and this features prominently in the company material and Facebook page.

Stephen Munson has been involved in other MLM companies in the past as well as a marketing course in the Hemp/CBD oil niche, called Club8.  A class-action suit was filed against Club8 and in which Mr. Munson was also named.

Heal Worldwide products

Heal offers physical products and digital products:

Physical (Tangible) Products:

  • immune support – this is their signature product called Th Plus
  • EMF protection kit (to protect you from 5G radiation)
  • LIV Plus – dietary supplements
  • pet supplements – plant-based capsules to improve your pet’s health
  • Heal apparel

Digital Products:

  • Big profile profits -a  digital product on how to get sales without spending money on ads
  • I AM 21-day challenge – a life-changing transformational program to help you achieve financial abundance, inner peace, and emotional mastery
  • Heal business class – featuring coaching from top experts on how to move up in your life, in business and beyond

The nutritional products have been developed in partnership with Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra and marketed under the name APCO which stands for ‘Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company’ which is based in Thailand.

Compensation plan-how to earn

There are a lot of videos to view on the Heal website, but you are strongly encouraged to just get started by using pay per click advertising to get traffic to your website before viewing the marketing videos so that you can get people’s email addresses and start promoting the transformational information and products that Heal sells as soon as possible.  The sales videos are actually very intense and the whole thing has a very ‘cultish’ feel to me.

The videos I viewed were created by the top-earners at Heal and they have thousands of recruits below them from whom they earn commissions.  Trust me, they want you to do the same and they will stay on top of you to remind you of this, relentlessly.

There are 7 ways to earn and the compensation plan is as follows:

  1. Coach VIP – earn 33% on all direct VIP sales
  2. Power Line – earn 1% from VIP sales 10 positions deep in your downline
  3. Digital Products – earn 33% on all digital products you sell
  4. Tangible (Physical) Products – earn 17% commission on all tangible product sales
  5. Apparel – 20% commission from Heal apparel sales
  6. Global Events – earn 15% to 50% on Heal Live Events
  7. Diamond Passenger – there is apparently a ‘billion-dollar bridge’ they have created and details of how to earn commissions from this is not clear

To qualify to receive commissions you must be an active Coach VIP.

2 more bullet point to mention are:

  • The products are not FDA approved and their products are not ‘Healing’ anyone:

What is Heal Worldwide FDA Disclosure Statement

  • there is no income guarantee and in fact, you would be lucky to earn anything:

What is Heal Worldwide Income Disclaimer Statement

Pros and Cons


  • actual products


  • products are not FDA approved
  • have to hassle family and friends
  • the MLM business model is flawed
  • cultish

Final Thoughts On Heal Worldwide

I don’t think Heal Worldwide is a scam.  But the company culture is very aggressive from all the videos I viewed both on the website and on Youtube.  They are intense and pushy and the founder himself really leads the way with this.  Very off-putting to me, personally.

This is not cheap to join either.  They really push that ‘Go All In’ package on you so that you feel invested in the company. You can also be sure you will have to pay for traveling to events and conferences as well as the auto-shipment you will be required to keep purchasing to meet your quota to earn commissions.

Then, of course, there is the inevitable multi-level marketing tradition of having to hound your friends, family and everyone else you know, to get them hooked as customers or to join your team and be part of the ‘opportunity’.  In fact, I have created a checklist of things to ponder upon before you decide to join any multi-level marketing company.

Don’t just take my word for it though, the multi-level marketing business model is not geared towards helping you, the person at the bottom of the pyramid.  The Consumer Awareness Institute has a few things to say about it.

The whole thing just has a weird, kooky feeling to me and therefore I would not say that Heal Worldwide will give you an abundant life, but rather a sparse return for your investment.

If you are interested in trying their products, you may want to purchase a few as a retail customer first to see if they help you. Then, you can decide if you feel it is something you can believe in and promote yourself.  I just know I wouldn’t.

Of course, the decision is yours, but I would be very wary here.

A Better Alternative

Choosing to become involved in the multi-level business model was never an option for Philip and I when we started researching what we could do to generate some online income.  We were not attracted to the whole concept of having to sell to our ‘warm market’ of family, friends and inner circle.  That is just so off-putting to us.  We didn’t want people to turn around and walk the other way when they see us coming, afraid that we are trying to sell them something.

We did, however, find another way to run our own online business and that is Affiliate Marketing.  It’s fun to set up your own website based on something that really interests you, in our case helping retirees like us make passive income from home.

After months of looking at various companies, we came upon a really friendly, authentic and legitimate company called Wealthy Affiliate that literally took us by the hand and taught us how to build our own website and become online entrepreneurs.  This company is built on a solid foundation with a supportive global community and it has been around for over 14  years.  Best of all, you can come on in and try it for FREE to see if it is something that might work for you.

If you want things to change for the better, you need to take action, and that is what we have done.  We would love to help you do the same.  We are not here to hard-sell you or promise you the moon or a transformational life experience.  We just want to help you generate some income for yourself without having to invest thousands of dollars.

See you on the inside!



Heal Worldwide

$49.97 to join and up to $1,197.00



User experience




Value for money



  • actual products


  • products are not FDA approved
  • have to hassle family and friends
  • the mlm business model is flawed
  • cultish

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