What Is Everra? Review Of A New Makeup MLM – Please Beware

What is Everra?  I am so glad you found your way to my review of this new makeup multi-level marketing company.  I always advise caution and I do so here as well when it comes to joining any network marketing company.  You may have recently been approached by a family member or friend extolling the virtues of the Everra products or the amazing business opportunity they offer for you to generate some income.  Please beware though.

I am not an Influencer for Everra but I am a researcher of these companies.  Many of us are looking to supplement our retirement income and my mission is to find out as much as I can and present a report to you based on my findings.  In this Everra review, I will shed some light on the company, its founder, and what they offer in terms of starting your own business selling their products.  Then you can make your own decision as to whether you want to get involved or not.

Let’s take a look.

What Is Everra

Everra is a multi-level marketing company that was just launched in the United Kingdom and the USA just last year.  The company sells makeup product such as:

  • foundation
  • lip gloss
  • eye shadow
  • mascara
  • brow liner
  • face and eye serums
  • blushes and bronzers
  • makeup brushes

Who Is Everra For?

Today I am going to be discussing the business opportunity offered by Everra as opposed to being a customer of the products.  There is not a whole lot of information out there but I will tell you what I have learned and what I know.  The people who may be achieving some success with Everra have already hopped on board before it even launched, as is always the case.  These are the people who have been doing network marketing for years and know that the only way to make money with this business model is to get in early when a company is first starting.

As for the rest of us, if you have an interest in selling makeup, then I guess Everra could be for you.  Usually, younger women are the targets for these beauty companies but men are interested, too.  Stay at home moms and dads, students and military spouses are other potential ‘Influencers.’

As to whether there is an opportunity here for those of us in retirement, or close to it, remains to be seen.  My experience as a researcher of these MLM’s tells me no.  I certainly don’t see any images of models in our age group on the Everra website.  Maybe this is because we are all too savvy to fall for yet another MLM sales pitch.

The Basics

OwnerChristopher Welch
What you get1 Glow to Go Bronzer color of your choice (there are 2 choices)
1 Easy on the Eye mascara
1 lip gloss color of your choice (there are 5 choices)
MLMs of this type usually include a replicated website for selling the company’s
products but there is no mention of whether that is included here
CRIO rating (0-10)1

My Review Of Everra

Everra was launched in 2019 by Christopher Welch.  He has a colorful history in that he has a great deal of experience, not all of it good, in the multi-level marketing arena.  Here is the timeline and positions he held, prior to founding Everra.

  •  vice-president, international market management, and associate general counsel for the makeup MLM Younique from July 2014 to January 2016.  There is some debate as to whether he left Younique of his own volition or was let go.
  •  the founder, president, and CEO of a beauty company called Maëlle from February 2016 to March 2017. Younique filed a lawsuit against Welch in 2017 alleging that he had used secret insider information to form Maëlle and that he was recruiting Younique distributors to join Maëlle.  Younique won their case and Welch was suspended as CEO of Maëlle.  The company was also shut down for 5 months.
  • founder, president, and CEO of Naativ, an ESL teacher program from August 2018 to September 2019  The program ultimately failed to launch.

You can go online and research more about Christopher Welch.  There are those who support him because ‘everyone can make a mistake’, but more information about him refers to him as a con artist.  I can’t say what he is, but looking at his history, this is not someone that inspires me to join him in his next project.

There is very little information on the Everra website, which is curious in itself.  With all the experience in network marketing that the founder has, I would have expected to see more.  My other concern is that there is no mention on the website of the physical address of the headquarters of Everra, nor a contact email or telephone number or a live chat feature.  There is a contact page where you may leave your name and email and they will get back to you.

Not very transparent.


What is Everra review product image

When Everra first launched, it had no products, and still, people joined.  They couldn’t turn down that original $9 joining fee (since increased).

I don’t see anything particularly special about their products and the website looks so bare and spartan that it is hard to be enthused to even talk about them.

Their signature product is the Everra Face Serum, which sells for $69 for one fluid ounce.  I must say, the packaging is attractive as it looks like a double helix, but the description of it is rather generic and it certainly doesn’t seem to be an amazing item.  I could find a similar product for less expense at a beauty supply store.  I would also have more choice of products as well which is one of the downsides of joining an MLM.  You are completely limited to what the company’s products are and what they want you to sell. Most people I know, including me, like to shop around and find multiple choices of a particular product as well as looking for a good deal.

The website, and the images on it, are very uninteresting and just don’t grab the attention.  I suppose because the company is fairly new that they are just not there yet and it will develop and improve as time goes on.  If I were selling their products, I would not be pleased with this website.  It looks unfinished.

Again, I find it very strange that Christopher Welch, with his vast experience in makeup MLM’s, would present a promotional website such as Everra’s and expect customers or those selling it, the Influencers, to get excited about sales.

how to join

What is Everra review binary plan image

You must contact an ‘Influencer’ and join through them.  Once you do, you pay the $34 to join, receive your products and marketing materials, and start selling.  The person that recruited you is now your upline and you are their downline.

Everra utilizes a binary compensation structure and it looks like this.

You are at the top, the blue dot, and you recruit two people below you, one in your left ‘leg’ and one in your right ‘leg’.  They, in turn, recruit two people, the same way, and on down it goes, forming the binary tree.  Commission flow upwards and this is your upline.  People below you are in your downline.  This illustrates how important recruiting is within the network marketing structure.  You will not make money unless you have a lot of people below you, recruiting and selling to others.

the Everra compensation plan

According to one of Everra’s top Influencers (she signed up very early when Everra was launching), your first goal is to “bring in as many people as you can ” and to train everybody below you, in your downline, to recruit as well.  In other words, this is where you will be harassing your family and friends and everyone else you can think of by recruiting them to join your team so that you can earn a commission from them.  You are in their upline. You are encouraged to “sell, sell, sell” and this is the norm with multi-level marketing.

Not only must you be an excellent salesperson, but you must also know how to recruit others and get them to recruit.  You will not make money in any multi-level marketing platform if you cannot recruit others and teach them how to sell and recruit below you, in your downline. In fact, I have created a checklist to give you some pointers on the qualities (and funds) needed to be successful in network marketing.

These MLM compensation plans are always very complicated but here I have broken down the basic ways to earn.

Everra has 12 achievable ranks and there are 8 ways to earn with the Everra compensation plan:

  1. immediate retail sales commission – earn 25 to 30%. For ranks 2 through 12, you earn a 30% commission on all your retail sales.  Rank 1 is 25%.  To get to rank 2 from rank one, you must accumulate $500 in sales in what is termed a ‘career sale volume’.  This is cumulative and there is no specific time frame to achieve this $500 sale.
  2. immediate bonus on your team sales (3 levels deep) – this is earned from orders that you place for yourself, your customers, or your team.
  3. group bonus for business builders – these are team sales and not limited by levels.
  4. rank promotion bonus – this is a one-time bonus for certain ranks.  In other words, every time you achieve a certain rank, you get a bonus.
  5. power seller monthly sales commission – you can earn up to an additional 20% on retail sales.
  6. fast-start sponsor bonus – you may earn 8-10% on Influencers that you have personally sponsored over the first 3+ months of their enrollment.
  7. generation bonus – for business builders and up to 3 generations.  When you achieve the level of Rank 6, you become a ‘Generation’ and will earn additional bonuses.
  8. matching bonus – this is a one time bonus as their level 1 Influencers achieve certain ranks.  Every time you hit a certain rank, your sponsor is also going to earn a matching bonus equal to the rank bonus that you have earned.

There are requirements for achieving the different rank levels at Everra.  Rather than throw a bunch of numbers at you, you can click on this link and see what they are.

income disclosure statement

Since Everra has not been in business very long, there is no income disclosure statement.  You can be sure that if and when one does become available to view, I will post it here.  Then, we can see what these Influencers are earning (or not).

Pros and Cons


  • there are actual products


  • history of the founder is disconcerting
  • very few products
  • dull website
  • have to recruit family and friends

Final Thoughts About Everra

Is Everra a scam?  No, I do not believe that it is.  They do have actual products, though there is really nothing special about them that makes them stand out from other similar companies, of which there are so many.  That is another thing, you will have very tough competition from people selling MLM makeup lines.  Makeup is a gigantic industry and, as of right now, Everra just doesn’t stand out as being different than all the rest.

Also, I truly believe that when shopping for makeup one wants choices.  I personally do not want to be limited to selling products for one company only.  That is another downside of the MLM business model.  The experience of going to, say, a large beauty retail store and trying products from various companies and purchasing them immediately is what I enjoy and I think others do too.

Having said that, if you have been introduced to the products by a family member or friend, and you try them and like them, then, by all means, purchase them as a customer so that you can receive a discount.  But joining up as an Influencer will be a whole different experience.  You will have to recruit heavily from amongst your family, close friends, and inner circle and beyond.  This is called your ‘warm market’ and is typical with network marketing.

Not only that, unless you get in right at the beginning your chances of making money in an MLM are slim to none and you may end up being out of pocket.  It is a fact that 97% of people that participate in this type of business model do not make money.  It is the top 1-2% that do and you will be knocking yourself out making money for them. But don’t take my word for it.  This article from the Consumer Awareness Institute will show you the statistics.

Then, too, I have concerns about the background of the founder of this company.  His track record just doesn’t inspire confidence in me at all.  We shall see as time goes on how this company develops but I just believe that the flawed MLM business model will not bode well for the future of the company, but more importantly, those who are working so hard at the bottom of the pyramid, just so those at the top who got in early, can make a killing.

Everra, in my opinion, is not a good option for retirees to make money.  Please, beware!

Are you an Influencer with Everra?  Perhaps you are having success.  If so, could you share your experience with us in the comments section below?

So, if you would like to generate some online income from home, without being tied to an MLM, a downline, sales quotas, pressuring family, and aggressive selling, what can you do?

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When Philip and I found ourselves needing to supplement our retirement income, we looked at many online opportunities, including multi-level marketing which we discarded as soon as we understood what it was.   Affiliate Marketing is much easier to understand and has no complicated compensation plan, nor do you need to report to an upline or harass your family.

We researched for a long time to find a company that could teach us how to be affiliate marketers because we knew absolutely nothing about working online.  We finally discovered a friendly, Canadian company that has been helping people learn this business since 2005.  It is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read all about it in Philip’s review here.

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  • access to 24/7 technical support
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Wealthy Affiliate offers value and it has really helped us to supplement our retirement income.  We work completely from our laptops, wherever we are.  Our passion is to help those in retirement, like us, who need to generate income and do so from the comfort of their own home or wherever there is an internet connection. The training we received at WA is how we are able to achieve this.

I thank you for taking the time to read my Everra review and I hope you will come on in and check out Wealthy Affiliate.  Whatever you decide to do, remember that right now is the best time to start developing an online business.

I wish you health, happiness, and success,

Your friend,




Product quality


Financial Opportunity


Compensation plan





  • acutal products


  • history of the founder is disconcerting
  • very few products
  • dull website
  • have to recruit family and friends

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