What Is Easy Cash Club? – Will it Earn You $379.00 a day with no work?

I for one would be pretty happy earning $379.00 each day “for no work”.  How about you?  This is the claim by Easy Cash Club owner, Steve Johnson, in his promotional video for this product.

So, what is Easy Cash Club and is it even remotely conceivable that you could earn this kind of money by joining it?

Let’s see.

What is Easy Cash Club?

Easy Cash Club is an online platform that helps you quickly create videos that you can upload to YouTube.  Once a video is on YouTube, you can potentially derive an income from it through Google Adsense ads and affiliate links which you will place in the text that accompanies and describes the video.

Who is it For?

Easy Cash Club is for anyone, including beginners, who want to get in on the potentially very lucrative business of YouTube videos but who want to do it quickly and without the hassle and expense of shooting and editing videos themselves.

Easy Cash Club at a Glance

Name:  Easy Cash Club

Website:  easycash.club

Owner:  Steve Johnson

What’s included:  Access to the Members Area on the Easy Cash Club website and from there to their video creation tool and online training videos

Price:  $37.00 with down-sell to $17.00

Upsells:  Yes (see below) and down-sells

Guarantee:  Yes, 60 days (from ClickBank)

Rating (out of 10):  3.9

Can You Really Make Money From YouTube Videos?

First of all, for anyone unfamiliar or skeptical about the notion of making money through YouTube videos, let me assure you it is indeed very doable.  There are currently many thousands of people who make very sizeable incomes from the YouTube platform and those numbers are growing every day.  That income can derive from a variety of sources including ads, endorsements, and product sales.

But YouTube is a dynamic place and, to be successful you have to be continuously producing new and relevant content.  For many, this is a real challenge and if you fall into this category, a program that helps you to easily create and upload multiple, quality videos each day (as the program claims) is going to have great appeal.

The Easy Cash Club Sales Page and Video

As is the case with nearly all ClickBank products, the sales video for Easy Cash Club is tediously long and full of ridiculously exaggerated income claims.  It is actually more professionally produced than many that I have viewed but this does not in any way alleviate the concerns I have about it, and which are:

Who is Steve Johnson?

I am always nervous about a product when the owner is not prepared to disclose who he/she is.  In the sales video, all we get is a male voice and the back of someone’s head both of which may or may not be this mysterious Steve Johnson.

He tells us he is a multi-millionaire, simply from using his video creation software, and we are shown a beautiful home with a garage full of exotic cars that would put Jay Leno to shame.  But who is he really, and why is he so reluctant to show himself?  Does he even exist?

Misleading Income Claims

easy cash club income claim

We are here being told that even if you are a beginner you can start making money within 24 hours.  As I will explain in more detail later in this post, it is LITERALLY impossible for someone just starting up with YouTube videos to make money this quickly.  It just cannot be done.

False Testimonials

The sales page includes a large number of ‘testimonials’, including these:

easy cash club testimonial julie

easy cash club testimonial Joe

easy cash club testimonial mary

I did a reverse image search on each of these images and, as I suspected, they have each appeared on the web multiple times over multiple years which indicates to me that these testimonials are bogus.

Limited Number of Licenses Available

We are told that only a limited number of ‘licenses’ are available:

easy cash club statement that they only have a limited number of licenses available

Elsewhere we are given a more specific number, namely twenty in total.  Are they kidding me?  Are they seriously saying they have gone to all the trouble of setting up this website and then marketing the product just to make twenty sales at $17.00 each?  In fact, after affiliate commissions and Clickbank’s commission have been paid they would be lucky to recoup 25% of even that amount.  So that’s nonsense.  That’s a false scarcity tactic which, for me, calls into serious question the credibility not only of this vendor but also the product he is selling.

Easy Cash Club Review

Now let’s take a look at what you are actually buying, starting with the price and the upsells.

Up-sells and Down-sells Galore

The base price for Easy Cash Club is $37.00 but you can get this down to $17.00 by starting to click away from the sales page at which point this appears:

easy cash club poster showing price reduction to $17.00

Note the discount end date of April 03.  That was the date I viewed the sales page and took this screenshot and this date will, of course, change to whatever date you personally are viewing the sales page.  In other words, they are misleading you into thinking you have to buy there and then in order to get that discounted price.

I like to keep my product reviews focused on the principal product itself so, in keeping with that practice, I am only going to mention that there are three up-sells here for additional products ranging in price from $47.00 to $97.00.  None of them appear to be necessary for the proper use of the video creation tool.

There is at least one down-sell (i.e. a discounted price) available on each of those products so, if you are tempted to purchase one or more of them, make sure you get the reduced price by attempting to click away from the product and which will bring up the lower price.

A word of warning.   Each of the up-sell products is presented on a ‘1 click sale’ basis and which means you will actually be charged the moment you elect to purchase.  They already have your payment information from the original purchase of Easy Cash Club and you are not taken to a payment page where you would otherwise have the opportunity to rethink the purchase.

Video Creation Tool

This is essentially what you are paying for.  There is a three-step process in using this tool:

Step 1  Add a voice-over text script (or audio file if you have one).

easy cash club screen for video creation step 1

You simply type or paste the text into the box and choose your voice-over style (American English, British English, Spanish Spain, male, female, etc.) from the drop-down selection.  Click ‘Next’.

Step 2   Add images.

easy cash club screen for video creation step 2

First, you can check the software’s rendition of your audio text by tapping the blue play button.  Remember this is not a real voice but a computer-generated one, and it sounds like it, i.e. ‘robotic’.

Next, you start adding images either by uploading them from your own computer or through the search feature included in the Easy Cash Club platform.

You can then preview the video by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button which will have appeared next to the ‘Image Search’ button after you added your first image.

If you are happy, click ‘Next’.

Step 3  Download your new video to your computer.

easy cash club screen for video creation step 3

Your final task is to upload the video to your new YouTube channel, add the appropriate supporting text and affiliate links and you are done.

The Training Videos

There are eight videos that purport to give you all the information you need to create your own money-making videos using the Easy Cash Club platform.

easy cash club training videos 1-4

easy cash club training videos 5-8

The videos cover a range of topics:

  • Lesson 1:  An overview of how Easy Cash Club is going to help you make money.
  • Lesson 2:  How to find trending topics for your videos, by using the likes of Google Trends, Celebrity Gossip, etc.
  • Lesson 3:  How to create engaging thumbnails, for promotional purposes, using YouTube Thumbnail Maker.
  • Lesson 4:  Suggested formats for your videos, for example ‘story’, ‘latest news’, ‘the truth about’, ‘Quotes, etc.
  • Lesson 5:  Technical tips on the use of appropriate keywords, long-tailed keywords, etc.
  • Lesson 6:  Where to find more free content (images) for your videos.
  • Lesson 7:  How to use the Easy Cash Club video creation tool.
  • Lesson 8:  How to upload your videos to YouTube.

On the whole, the videos are quite well produced although they are a little thin on detail, in my opinion.  As a result, complete beginners, in particular, may struggle with, for example, keyword research.  Also, the training on how to use the video creation tool itself might seem a little confusing to beginners.

Where the Income is Coming From… or Not

Let’s take a closer look at the two ways in which Steve Johnson says you are going to actually make money from your YouTube videos, namely Google Adsense ads and Affiliate Links.

Google Adsense Ads

These are text or video ads that will randomly appear immediately before, after or even during your videos on your YouTube channel and you earn a commission when people view these ads.  But you don’t just press a button to get these ads going, you have to apply to Google and they need to approve you.

In accordance with their minimum eligibility requirements, Google will need to see that you have an established YouTube channel with a minimum of 4,000 “public watch hours” over the previous 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel.

Once you have met these minimum requirements you are put in a queue and, when they get around to you Google then begins its official review of your application and which will involve someone taking a look at your channel to ensure it complies with their policies.  This process is currently taking over a month to complete and sometimes longer.

As a beginner on YouTube, it is clearly going to take you a while to meet these minimum requirements even if you flood YouTube with your videos.  So you are certainly not going to be making money within “24 hours”, as claimed by Steve Johnson.

In fact, you may never qualify for Google Adsense.  4,000 watch hours over twelve months is quite a tall order, even with multiple offerings, and if your videos are of poor quality and/or have little appeal you may never get there.  And even if you did you still need 1,000 subscribers and in order to get someone to subscribe, you really have to be offering them something special and which motivates them to want to come back and see more.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links are links to products or services that you will have (typically) promoted or mentioned in your video and if someone follows one of those links and purchases that product or service the seller pays you a commission.  The links are placed in the text which you will create to describe each video and then place immediately below the video on your YouTube channel.  For a more detailed explanation of affiliate marketing, you can read this.

Just as your Adsense income is not going to happen overnight, neither is your income from affiliate links.

First, you have to decide what products and services you are going to promote on your YouTube channel.  These will usually be related to the topics you plan to cover in your videos.

Next, you have to identify vendors of those products and services who have affiliate programs you can join and satisfy those vendors you comply with any requirements they may have.

Then you create your videos and upload them to YouTube, add your supporting text and, finally, insert your affiliate links.

Then you wait, and sometimes for a very long time, for someone to view your video and be persuaded to click on your affiliate link, go to the vendor’s website and hopefully make a purchase.

One last thing to bear in mind.  Google, which owns YouTube, has very much a love-hate relationship with affiliate marketing and, while it currently appears to allow the posting of affiliate links on YouTube channels, its rules in this area are vague and confusing.  It is conceivable that at some point in the future Google could impose some much stricter rules to limit the use of affiliate links on YouTube or even ban them completely.

Will Easy Cash Club make you a Millionaire or at Least $379.00 Per Day?

cartoon of man in top hat and tails and surrounded by money
I don’t think so!

As I said before, and as you can easily check for yourself with a quick web search, it is quite possible to make a lot of money from YouTube videos.  However, there is also a lot of competition and much of it is of a much higher quality than the videos that will be created with Easy Cash Club.

The video creation tool does work and will allow you to create multiple videos every day but if they are of such poor quality that no one watches them how are you going to benefit?

The principal reason for the success of video over the written word in online marketing is its greater visual appeal. To many of us, a video just seems more alive and appealing than a written article but a video consisting of a succession of still images overlayed with a robotic-sounding narration is not, in my opinion, going to have that much appeal.

So, to answer the question, it is theoretically possible to make some money from videos created with Easy Cash Club.  However, in my opinion, and because of the poor quality of the videos you will be producing, it is going to extremely difficult, if not impossible, to earn the kind of money claimed by Steve Johnson and you will never become a millionaire from using this program.  In addition, any money you do earn is not going to happen overnight and it will likely be several months at least before you see a single penny.  You may never qualify for Google Adsense in which case you will be forced to rely on affiliate sales.  Not only do these involve a lot more work, but they also have, in my opinion, an uncertain future with YouTube.

Easy Cash Club Pros and Cons


  • Low price (at $17.00)
  • Does what it purports to do, namely create videos, albeit of a poor quality
  • Training videos are well produced if a little thin on detail
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Exaggerated income claims
  • Fake testimonials
  • False claims about how quickly the videos will start making money
  • False scarcity (only 20 licenses available)
  • Video creation tool could be better explained
  • Too many up-sells and down-sells

Is Easy Cash Club a Scam?

Easy Cash Club is not a scam because it does essentially deliver what it promises, namely a fast and easy way of creating videos for uploading to YouTube.  I cannot recommend Easy Cash Club because of the grossly overinflated income claims and the poor quality of the videos it produces.

Final Thoughts on Easy Cash Club

I hope you have enjoyed this review of Easy Cash Club and now feel better placed to decide if it could work for you.  If you want to check it out you can do so here.

If you are nervous at the prospect of relying solely on income derived from YouTube then, as an alternative, consider what Colette and I do.  We have the best of both worlds because we have an affiliate marketing business that we operate principally through our website but we also have the option to create and utilize YouTube videos for marketing purposes.

Because our videos will be well made, we will eventually acquire enough views and subscribers to be able to successfully apply for Adsense but in the meantime, we can earn income from affiliate sales on our website.  On our YouTube channel, we can currently choose between having affiliate links directly to our vendors or links back to sales pages on our website.  If YouTube ever makes it difficult, or impossible, to link directly to our vendors we will still have our website links.  It’s a win-win situation.

We were able to set all this up through an amazing platform called Wealthy Affiliate.  Since becoming members, Wealthy Affiliate has taught us all about affiliate marketing and has helped us build and is now hosting our website.  It has also shown us how to harness the power of video through YouTube. If there is an issue with our website Site Support deals with it immediately and if we ever have a question that is not covered in the huge library of training videos we simply put it to the amazingly helpful community of members.  You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

If you have any comments or questions on this review then please leave them in the Comments area below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  If you have experienced Easy Cash Club I would love to know what you think.

Best wishes,



Easy Cash Club

$37.00 with down-sell to $17.00



User experience




Value for money



  • Low price
  • Does what it purports to do
  • Decent quality training videos
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Exaggerated income claims
  • False testimonials
  • False scarcity (claim that only 20 licenses available
  • Video creation tool could be better explained
  • Too many up-sells and down-sells

2 thoughts on “What Is Easy Cash Club? – Will it Earn You $379.00 a day with no work?”

  1. Hi Phil and Colette,

    A very well researched and written review – thank you!

    I thought that sales pages promoting products with these over-exaggerated claims had died a death, but clearly not. They give such a bad name to affiliate and Internet marketing – they made me frustrated years ago and they still do so today!

    The sad thing is that they must be making money for the owners of the products, otherwise they would not be there. But unsuspecting newbies online are going to be sorely disappointed, and that’s not good.

    It makes me wonder whether the product owners ever have any feelings of guilt..!



    • Thank you for your comment, Martin.

      Unfortunately, a lot of people, and particularly beginners, are likely to be tempted to try out Easy Cash Club because they will see it as a quick fix for getting a presence on YouTube. In my opinion, they would be much better served by learning how to make their own videos. There is a learning curve for this but once they have mastered the technique they will be able to produce quality videos that will get lots of views and attract many subscribers.

      Best wishes,



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