What is DXN? Should You Join This Global MLM?

What is DXN? I congratulate you on finding your way to my review.  Many of us are looking for ways to increase or maintain good health and there are a plethora of companies on the internet that claim to help us in this regard.  DXN is one such company and it has been around for a long time.  Should you join this global MLM to generate some income for yourself from home?

I want you to know up front that I am not a distributor for DXN nor affiliated with them in any way.  My mission is to review these companies and, to the best of my ability, reveal to you what they are about and how they are structured so that you can decide for yourself if you wish to participate in their network marketing programs.

What is DXN?

DXN is a multi-level marketing company that is based in Malaysia.  The company manufactures and markets its own dietary supplements which contain the wonder-fungus Ganoderma or Lingzhi.

DXN has been around since 1993 and it has a staggering 9 million registered network marketing distributors in over 189 countries.

Who is DXN For?

DXN is for those who wish to improve their overall health and vitality with this ancient Chinese mushroom, and for those who are looking to create an income selling these products and recruiting others to join their downline network.

Do I think DXN is good for those of us in retirement or close to it?  Not really, but you may want to read on to find out why.

Brief Details and Price

website:  www.dxn2u.com

owner/founder: Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jim


free – if you join solely as a consumer.  You will not be eligible for commissions and will be unable to start building a downline unless you become an IOC (Icing On the Cake) member.

$43.00 to be an IOC member – one-time fee (as long as you make one purchase per year to maintain active membership)

or become an IOC and choose not to pay the $43.00 one-time fee and instead purchase $270.00 worth of products

what’s included in the business package:

  • membership application form
  • a welcome letter with your ID code
  • product brochure
  • a bottle of GL 30
  • a bottle of RG 30
  • DXN company profile and product booklet
  • DXN business plan and policy and procedure booklet
  • multifold brochure
  • single product flyer set
  • replicated website
  • distributor and consumer price list
  • retail receipts

guarantee: there is no earnings guarantee

rating (out of 10): 5

My Review of DXN

Who is Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jim?

In order to better understand this company, we have to start with the founder, Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jim because he is the creator of DXN.

He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology where he gained a deep interest in the Ganoderma mushroom and, after 20 years of researching the benefits of this fungus to human health, he created his company, DXN.

Dr. Datuk Lim has received many awards and has been recognized internationally for his contributions to the health and wellness industry.

When the company was first founded, it was small and survived by the direct sales format.  Now, it is a global entity in over 189 countries.

DXN is the first company in the world to commercialize consumed products with the Ganoderma mushroom.  They cultivate, manufacture and distribute all of their own products which of course means that they can maintain a high level of quality control.

What is the Ganoderma mushroom?

Ganoderma comes from forests located in China and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 4000 years.  It is considered to have miraculous benefits and in ancient China was reserved only for Emperors.  This fungus contains over 200 nutrients and 154 antioxidants.


They create and market products such as:

  • coffee, tea, and cocoa
  • nutritional supplements
  • personal grooming products
  • home cleaning products
  • water treatment systems

Claims made about the benefits of the DXN products include:

  • detoxification
  • weight reduction aid
  • PH balance
  • oxygenation of the body
  • stress-reducing
  • cholesterol regulation
  • reduction of high blood pressure
  • increase sexual health/vigor
  • reduction of menstrual pain
  • regulation of blood sugar levels

Distributor levels

There are 23 rank levels in this company.  The lowest rank is called “Distributor” and the highest is called “Crown Ambassador”.  In order to move up the ranks, you must aggressively promote the products.  Also, you must consume, or sell, a minimum of monthly products to qualify to receive commissions.

Promotional videos for the company state that they need people who are willing to consume, promote and recommend their products and their ‘business opportunity”.  They want you to recruit at least 3 people a month to join the network.

Of course, you will have to start by generating your ‘warm’ market which means brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and co-workers or colleagues.  This is always one of the main problems with the MLM business model.  Don’t be surprised if these people start avoiding you.  Many people feel uncomfortable about approaching people they know yet this is a key component in network marketing.

Commission structure

You better pour yourself a cup of DXN special coffee to understand their hugely complex payment plan.  Here it is in its entirety. 

However, to save yourself some time, here is a brief overview of how to earn commissions with DXN.  As with all the MLM’s we have reviewed so far, there is something called PV which is a point value applied to each product that you purchase.  The acronym PPV stands for your Personal Point Value.

  • retail commissions – this is the selling of DXN products to those who are not involved in the ‘business opportunity’.  They are paid out at 5-15% and equate to the difference between the distributor price and the retail price
  • group bonus – this is a monthly residual income that is paid out to you as a percentage of the group volume that the distributors generated below you in your downline.  The amount is 6-21% depending on your PPV (Personal Point Value)
  • star group bonus – (25-37%) – In order to qualify, you must  maintain a PPV of 100 and a PGPV (Personal Group Point Value) of 300 and you must have acquired the rank of SA which is Star Agent (i.e. you have people in your downline already)
  • development bonus – (15%) – you must maintain a PPV of 100 and PGPV of 300 and be a Star Agent
  • international profit sharing – (2%) – To receive this bonus you must be a QSD which is a Qualified Star Diamond distributor

Other bonuses include travel seminar incentives, handphone cash incentive, and a one-time overseas trip cash incentive.  But you can only acquire these once you have developed an established and successful downline and reached the higher ranks.

Income disclosure

I have to say here that it is a red flag warning to me that DXN, unlike many other MLM’s, does not publish an income disclosure.  This is an important document that allows us to see what people are earning within the company.

Pros and Cons


  • authentic founder
  • genuine products
  • global marketplace


  • the high failure rate for MLM distributors
  • need to keep purchasing products to earn commissions
  • will need to recruit family, friends, and colleagues
  • no income disclosure

Final Thoughts on DXN

The quality of these products seems to be very good, according to all my research.  There is also no doubt that Datuk Dr. Lim is a very educated, knowledgeable and successful individual who has spent many years developing his product line.  This gives DXN a great deal of credibility compared to some of the MLM’s we have seen such as Young Living or Plexus.

I also like the global nature of DXN.  It is a worldwide company which means that it creates business opportunities for many people that may have fewer choices open to them to join a company of this size.  It kind of levels the playing field.

I do believe that to succeed with DXN, there needs to be a high level of training needed to promote these products.  Many people are not educated on the benefits of Ganoderma nor indeed Chinese medicine in general.

I would suggest that if you were interested in joining DXN as a distributor, that you at least tried a couple of their products to see if they work for you before even considering getting involved selling them and trying to recruit others to do so.

I also do not like the fact that DXN does not publish their income disclosure so that we can see what their distributors are making, globally.

What it all boils down to is that DXN, though reputable, is still an MLM which means that the people at the bottom of the pyramid are going to have to invest a lot of time, energy and money in order to create any kind of substantial income.  It is still a fact that the drop-out rate for network marketing companies is very high and that 97% of people fail to make any income at all.

Therefore, I do not recommend joining DXN to generate income for you from home.  In fact, I have created a checklist for you that just gives you a heads up on what you should be asking yourself before you decide to join any MLM.

Have you, or anyone you know, joined DXN or any other similar Multi-level marketing company?  If so, I would welcome you to share your experience in the comments area below.

There is a Better Way (In My Opinion) To Generate Online Income

I have to say, I find this MLM compensation plan so mind-bogglingly complicated that it is a wonder to me how people can understand it.

I prefer things simple and easy to grasp.  That is why, when Philip and I were looking for ways to generate income in our retirement, we took our time, did our research and found that Affiliate Marketing was the best choice for us.  Still, you have to be careful because there are affiliate marketing companies out there that cost thousands of dollars to join, then keep upselling you on more courses.

We were fortunate enough to find a platform that takes care of everything you need to start an affiliate marketing business in one place, for a fraction of the cost of other programs.  Best of all, we were able to go in and check it out for FREE, with no obligation.  We did so, and have now been with this company for nearly two years.

You can read all about our recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate, here in Philip’s review.

Please, do be diligent when you research any online business.  There are many good opportunities, but also lots that are not so good, or downright scams.

Stay safe out there.



$43.00 - $270.00



User experience


Value for money





  • authentic founder
  • genuine products
  • global marketplace


  • the high failure rate for MLM distributors
  • need to keep purchasing products to earn commissions
  • will need to recruit family, friends and colleagues
  • no income disclosure

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