Vasayo Review | Can This MLM Boost Your Retirement Income?

Thank you for finding your way to my Vasayo review!  I appreciate that you are here and I am determined to be your internet watchdog for these multi-level marketing companies that have been around for decades or that have recently launched.  Vasayo is fairly new to the network marketing world and it makes great claims about the opportunity it offers for you to generate an income and live a luxurious lifestyle such as is depicted in the images on the website.  But can this MLM boost your retirement income or is this just another phony-baloney racket that will leave you out of pocket?

I am not a distributor for the Vasayo products myself, nor have I ever been.  My objective is to help people who, like me, are close to or already in retirement and are needing to supplement their income with a legitimate system.

What is the Vasayo business opportunity?  Let’s find out.

What is Vasayo

Vasayo is a network marketing  (otherwise known as a multi-level) company in the wellness space.  The company claims that its products are different from all the other supplement companies out there because of a unique delivery system (more on this later).  They feature items that will give you added energy and enhance your sleep. In addition to Skincare products, Vasayo also now offers CBD Oil and Cream.

Who Is The Vasayo Business Opportunity For?

Since we are exploring the Vasayo business opportunity, who are they targeting to become their distributors?  Well, ideally, they want everyone to be selling their products, right?  However, the MLM business model is often touted to the stay at home mothers, dads, military spouses, students, and retirees.  In other words, those who are looking to either supplement the family income, cover school costs or boost their retirement funds.

Brief details and Price


owners/founders:  Dallin and Karee Larsen

Price to join and what’s included:

$49.95 to join (you must cover the cost of shipping)  for the basic starter pack which includes:

  • Vasayo “Action Plan” manual
  • product brochures
  • enrollment tear pad
  • Vasayo presentation pad
  • a $10 gift voucher (you must purchase $50 or more from Vasayo to use the gift card)
  • access to the Vasayo business school which teaches philosophy, trade secrets, industry statistics, strategies, scaling your business and brand communication

There are no product samples included in the basic starter pack so you are encouraged to purchase some products to help jump-start your business.  There are product packs that range in price from $117.95 for the ‘V-Share Kit’ to $1449.00 for either the Béleza Foundation Pack or Eternal Foundation Pack

guarantee:  there is no income guarantee or base salary

CRIO rating (out of 10): 2

My Review of Vasayo

Vasayo is relatively new in the MLM arena and was launched in 2016.  The founders are Dallin and Karee Larsen and the company has headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  There are also offices located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Dallin Larsen was involved, also as a founder, in a previous MLM company called MonaVie which was the subject of several controversies.  MonaVie is now defunct and was accused of having a business plan that resembled an illegal pyramid scheme.  The end result was that the company defaulted on a $182 million dollar loan and went into foreclosure in 2015.  This is a big red flag.


vasayo review liposome bubble imageVasayo claims that its products eliminate the common problem of poor absorption by the body by using the micronutrient encapsulation and liposome technology.  Now I am not a scientist nor a doctor, but what they are selling us on is that their products can deliver nutrition to your body more efficiently by using liposomes which form a bubble around the nutrient for easier absorption by the body.

What are liposomes?  They are spherical delivery vehicles that transport nutrients, drugs, and other substances into the body so that these substances can be more easily absorbed by the body and not broken down by stomach acids.  Liposomes are made out of a shell formed by phospholipids and surrounded by water.

This technology is real, but in my research, I have found that the size of the liposome is key to its delivery efficacy.  Unfortunately, I could not find any scientific papers published by Vasayo to illustrate the size of the liposomes they use and if they are performing as advertised.  None of their products are approved by the FDA so it is hard to come to a conclusion as to whether these products are as beneficial as claimed.  The products are expensive because this type of technology is costly to produce.

Vasayo review product imageSome other products featured by Vasayo are:

  • Sleep Micromyst – a sleep aid mist you inhale containing melatonin and using the liposome delivery technology. The 2oz. bottle is $54.95
  • V-Tox Microcaps – capsules of plant-based herbs and nutrients to help detoxify your internal organs such as kidneys, liver, and colon. 30 capsules are $54.95
  • Beléza Serum – a day and night serum to reinforce the skin barrier, smooth out puffy eye bags, and reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eye.  The 1oz. bottle is $149.95
  • V-Slim – a dietary/weight loss aid that helps reduce cravings, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and boost metabolism.  30 packets cost $107.95

That is a sampling of some of the Vasayo products, which are pricey, as you see here.  This could be a factor when you are trying to sell them as a distributor because not everyone will be wanting (or be able to afford) to pay these prices for supplements or skincare no matter how the technology is delivered.

But today we are focusing on the Vasayo business opportunity and if it can boost your retirement income.  Let move on.

How to Join

To get started, you need to sign up through a Vasayo Distributor, or Brand Partner as they term it.  If someone you know has not introduced you to the company, you can google ‘join vasayo’ and some distributors replicated websites will pop up.  You can join up through one of them and choose your basic starter pack for $49.95.  You will then have the option to purchase individual products (because there are no products included in the basic pack), or packs, order (you must pay the shipping fees) and you are ready to start your business.

The Vasayo Compensation Plan

The binary multi-level marketing model explained

Vasayo utilizes what is called a Binary MLM model.  A binary plan employs a two-legged structure, as in the image below.  You are the “User” and someone you recruit below you is placed in either a left leg or a right leg in the tree.  One leg is referred to as the Power Leg and the other is the Profit Leg or weak leg.  Here is a simple illustration:

Vasayo Review binary tree image

This image illustrates that the blue member is the ‘upline’ and the red members are the ‘downline’.  The commissions earned by the red members flows upwards to the red members above them and the blue member at the top.  Within Vasayo, your upline includes the Brand Partner who originally enrolled you in the program and everyone sponsored before you within the sponsorship line.

Ways to earn

Terms to know:

PV: Personal Volume – this may come from direct sales to customers and includes your own personal purchases.  This amount is used to determine your ‘active’ status.  Each product is assigned a point value and you must maintain 80PV monthly and have an active Brand Partner in each of your two legs as well as one to eight active customers

TC: Team Commissions – this is commissions earned from those in your downline

CV: Commission Volume –   this includes commissions earned from your team and customer orders

The compensation plan is complex as they always are, but I will break it down for you.

There are 8 ways to earn with Vasayo: 

You are only qualified to earn these bonuses if you are ‘active’ which means maintaining 80 PV and you must have one person in each of your ‘legs’ as described above.  You must also have one to eight active customers if you are a Brand Partner within the United States.  Note: A customer can purchase products through your website or directly from you, but they are not eligible to participate in the business opportunity and they may not enroll other Brand Ambassadors or customers.  Typically, they just want products at a discount and they must purchase a minimum of 35 PV in the four-week active timeline to receive that discount.

  1. CBS or Customer Sales Bonus – customers order product directly from your replicated website and you earn 20%
  2. PIB or Product Introduction Bonus – you will earn bonuses from the new Brand Partners that you have sponsored.  The amount  you earn depends upon which business pack that new Brand Partner has purchased
  3. TC or Team Commission – when 240 in CV is accumulated in one leg and 480 CV on the other leg, a team commission of $28 will be paid to you.  This is referred to as a ‘team commission cycle’
  4. TCM or Team Commission Matching Bonus – you must have attained a rank of Bronze or higher to qualify for this commission.  This matching bonus pays you for boosting your team’s efforts, up to 7 levels below you. You must now have 160PV  and you will then be able to receive a certain percentage of those in your downline, 7 levels deep in descending order from 20% and all other levels, 5%
  5. GLB or Global Leadership Bonus – when you have achieved a high level of ‘Gold’, or above, you may be qualified to receive a portion of the Global Pool, which is 3% of the total CV of the whole company
  6. RAB or Rank Advancement Bonus – the more people you recruit below you and the more those below you recruit and the more you all sell, so shall you rise in rank and be eligible to receive commissions based upon how much your entire organization is making.  You will need to maintain a very high number of points to achieve this.  Only the top 1% of anyone in an MLM organization gets to this point.
  7. LT or Lifestyle Trips – since you are being sold on a ‘lifestyle’ opportunity, you will have a chance to enter contests to go to various high-level training events in exotic places.  You will be attending a seminar, in effect, if you get to a lifestyle trip, which will teach you more about how to develop your business.  Many various requirements must be met and which you can see all the detail in the entire compensation plan which I will share a link to, below.
  8. MBC or Multiple Business Centers – once you have achieved one of the very top echelon ranks called ‘Black Diamond’, may award you a ‘business center’, though what this actually is, is not explained in any great detail other than that you will be able to start another whole ‘team’.

If you would care to view it, the entire Vasayo Compensation Plan may be seen here.

Income Disclosure

It is always a warning sign when a company will not publicly disclose their income disclosure statement.  How are we supposed to know what people are earning?  Well, if they won’t show us, I can tell you that it is a known fact that 97% of people that participate in the MLM business model either make very little money or end up losing money.

Believe me, I am not making this up.  This document from the Consumer Awareness Institute reveals the grim truth about the ability to succeed in the network marketing industry.


In my research, I did not find any complaints about the products themselves, other than the fact that they are very expensive.  Since Vasayo does not own the patent on this type of liposome delivery, you could probably shop around and purchase them cheaper.  You would at least not be tied down to having to meet a sales quota each month as a Brand Partner or a Customer.

Pros and Cons of Vasayo


  • authentic products
  • Vasayo business school


  • products are not FDA approved
  • no clinical evidence supporting the products
  • the legal history of owners is a concern
  • expensive products
  • need to recruit family and friends

Final Thoughts About The Vasayo Opportunity

Is Vasayo a scam?  No, I don’t think it is.  They have authentic products and there is the Vasayo business school which is kind of different and may help you gain an edge in this competitive market.  The background of the owners is certainly a huge red flag for me.  Personally, I would be afraid to trust them after what I have told you about.

Do I recommend that you join Vasayo as a Brand Partner so that you can boost your retirement income? No.  Time and time again I have said that the multi-level marketing business model is just flawed.  There is no way that you, as a new Brand Partner or Distributor or whatever they want to call it in any given MLM company, is going to make more than a few hundred dollars a year.

They lure you in, first of all by getting people you trust, such as a close family member or friend that has joined.  Then, they blind you with attractive images of people using fabulous looking products and attending conventions (which, by the way, you will have to pay for yourself) that get everyone whipped up into a cult-like frenzy, only to find that when they return home that this enthusiasm has evaporated and you are left having to still approach people face to face, or post multiple times daily on Facebook and find yourself in the NFL or No Friends Left club because people don’t want you to keep hassling them!

Hey, if you think you have what it takes and you enjoy recruiting people because you absolutely cannot succeed in MLM without recruiting a downline, then I applaud you and say go for it.  People do succeed in the network marketing world, but it takes many years of experience, a thick skin and finances to support you while you build your business.  You can read a checklist I created that may give you some more insight into what it takes to succeed in the MLM world.

I don’t think Vasayo is a viable way for you or me or anyone in retirement to boost their bottom line.

So, what to do instead?

Here is what Philip and I do…

My Recommended Way To Generate Retirement Income

When Philip and I found that we were sadly lacking in retirement funds, we were almost in a panic.  We could not afford another brick and mortar business and our energy just isn’t what it used to be even if we wanted to start another one.

So, we started to look online for ideas.  We did look at multi-level marketing because it is just everywhere and many people tried to ‘recruit’ us into this model but we didn’t see the advantage.  There is no way in the world I would harass people I know to join me in my ‘team’.  Nor do I want to have to report to people in my upline who recruited me and have the whip cracked as far as maintaining a monthly sales volume.

Well, we found a better alternative that works for us and this is called Affiliate Marketing.  It is a completely different animal from MLM.  Simply put, you find something that YOU enjoy.  It could be health and wellness products, horseback riding accessories, golf, cooking, pets, whatever you are knowledgeable in, or feel passionate about.  You then simply build out a website about it that topic, review products, write interesting articles (no, you don’t need to have an English degree to do that.  I sure don’t!) and link up with merchants that sell the things you write about.  When someone clicks on a link that leads them to purchase from that merchant, you make a commission.  And that is it in a nutshell!

There is no limit to the affiliate programs you can join and there is no corporate headquarters telling you that you can only sell their stuff.  Affiliate marketing takes time to develop and this won’t happen overnight, but you will be your own boss and not be beholden to the whims of some faceless entities in a corporate office somewhere.

So, when we found affiliate marketing, we had no idea how to learn it.  We had zero experience of working online other than sending emails.  So, we researched further and found a friendly Canadian company that has been around since 2005.  It is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read Philip’s review of it here for more information.

If you are looking for somewhere to:

  • find all the training, tools and resources to learn affiliate marketing
  •  build your very own personal website based on something you enjoy
  • host that website
  • enjoy 24/7 tech support
  • interact with a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are happy to help you
  • try the program out for FREE, no credit card and no commitment

then, Wealthy Affiliate is worth a look.  If you click on the free link above, you will see us there, to welcome you to the platform for a ‘test drive’.  We have been where you are, and now we enjoy working online and helping others like us.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Vasayo Review and I wish you every success and happiness in your retirement,







Financial opportunity




Value for money



  • authentic products
  • Vasayo business school


  • products are not FDA approved
  • no clinical evidence supporting the products
  • the legal history of owners is a concern
  • expensive products
  • need to recruit family and friends

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