Univera Review – Should You Say Aloe Or Goodbye To This MLM?

Hello and thanks for joining me for my Univera Review.  You may well have heard about this company, which has been around a long time.  They make many claims about the outstanding health benefits of their products which contain Aloe Vera.  Will joining Univera contribute towards a healthy income for you in your retirement?  Today’s question is: Should you say Aloe or goodbye to this MLM?

By the way, I am not an affiliate of Univera.  My mission is to do research on these companies and to provide you with a ‘book report’ as it pertains to your ability to make an online income.

So, let’s check this out.

What is Univera?

Univera is a multi-level marketing company that is in the health/wellness/weight loss niche.  The company was founded in 1998 by Yunho Lee. They have a range of products such as:

  • heart health
  • energy and mental clarity
  • bone and joint care
  • weight management
  • digestive health
  • personal care
  • superfoods
  • pet joint health

Who is Univera For?

The company claims that Univera is for anyone who wants to improve their health and who would like to share this gift of health with the people they care about.  They also encourage you to share the financial opportunities that Univera has to offer by recruiting people to join you in promoting their products and living a better life.

Brief Description and Price

website:  univera.com

owner/founder:  Yunho Lee

price: Gifting Starter Pack$190.00 to Premier Starter Pack $944.00 depending on which starter pack you purchase

what’s included:

Everyone that joins as an associate receives this:

  • a replicated website with a smartphone app
  • associate only sampling items
  • special promotions with email and text alerts
  • associate dashboard which includes program tracking and team performance reports
  • invitation to corporate and associate led events (*note: extra fee for these)
  • digital catalog, flyers and presentation  materials
  • access to branded merchandise (you will need to purchase these items yourself at additional cost)

Gifting starter pack: $190.00

  • 1 box Xtra MINIS
  • 1 box Aloe Select Mango Packets
  • 1 box RegeniCARE Lemon

Premier Starter Pack:  $944.00

  • 2 bottles Aloe Select Mango
  • 2 bottle Xtra Concentrate
  • 2 boxes Xtra RTD MINIs
  • 1 bottle Rhythmatix softgels
  • 1 bottle Level G
  • 1 bottle RegeniFREE capsules
  • 1 bottle Univera PRIME Capsules
  • 2 boxes RegeniCARE Lemon Packets
  • 1 box GoVera Stick Packs
  • 1 bottle Anti-Stress
  • 1 bottle AloeDophilus Capsules
  • 30 Xtra Concentrate Packets
  • 30 Aloe Select Mango Packets
  • 1 box Univera Essentials MINIs
  • 1 bottle Hilltop Gardens Nourishing Shampoo
  • 1 bottle Hilltop Gardens Strengthening Conditioner

guarantee:  there is no income guarantee

rating (out of 10): 4.5

My Review of Univera

Mr. Yunho Lee, a Korean businessman, found himself in poor health and obtained no relief from conventional medicine.  He discovered the juice of the Aloe Vera plant and experienced a “miraculous recovery”.

Mr. Lee then decided to invest his personal wealth into creating a company that would enable others to follow his example.  He started Univera in 1998.  The name Univera means One (Univ) Truth (Vera).  The corporate vision of Univera is to take the ‘best of nature to humankind’.  Mr. Lee passed about a decade ago and his son, Bill Lee, carries on with the family business.  The company headquarters is in Seattle, Washington.


They do have a plethora of products which many people claim have helped them enormously.  It is difficult to ascertain if those that sing their praises are also selling the products though.  The ‘life-changing’ testimonials in their product catalog are written by some of their top sales associates.   You can view their entire product catalog with prices, here.

Their products are expensive as you can see when you view the catalog.

However, there are potential benefits of Aloe Vera which are well-documented.  The issue is, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to nutrition and supplements.  This company has the usual disclaimer below all of its products which should serve to remind you that not everyone will experience the same miraculous results as claimed by the associates on their promotional videos.

Univera Review Product Disclaimer

Unilevel compensation plan

Univera has 10 ranks within its structure ranging from ‘Associate’ to ‘Blue Diamond’.  In order to move up the ranks and earn commissions, you must recruit others, starting with your ‘warm’ market which is family, friends and your inner circle of acquaintances.

The Univera compensation plan is, as they always are with MLM’s, quite complex to understand.  Univera offers what is termed a ‘Unilevel compensation plan’.  Network marketing companies usually have either a binary compensation plan or a unilevel plan, such as Univera’s.  Salespeople who are experienced with both types often cite that the unilevel plan is a bit easier to understand and offers a better commission structure than the binary format.

Binary and unilevel plans each have their advantages and disadvantages but the fact still remains that if you are at the bottom of a pyramid, you will be making little to no income until you start recruiting others and they recruit others and so on and so on.  This is simply the nature of network marketing and some people thrive with this business format, but the vast majority do not.

How much can you earn at Univera?

Here is the Average Monthly Earnings table from the Univera Compensation Plan:

Univera Review Average Monthly Earnings

Income disclaimer

This disclaimer is below the above monthly average earnings chart:

Univera Review Income Disclosure Disclaimer

Those last two lines let you see that 60% (which excludes the lowest as well as the highest earners) earned between $42 and $945.78 gross, in one year.  Those figures don’t get me excited, especially with all the networking, recruiting and promotion I would have had to do.

Sorry, not interested.

My advice to you is that if you are even considering joining Univera as an associate, you first purchase a few of their products and see if they really help you.  At least then you are in a position of credibility if you decide to promote the products.  Many people have been very happy with them.  But before joining Univera, or any MLM, I recommend you take a look at my checklist of things to ask yourself before making any investment in a network marketing company.  According to the Consumer Awareness Institute, the MLM model is “flawed” and “deceptive”.

The people that are the most successful at Univera have had years of experience in network marketing and they did not join the company just to spread the word about the healthful benefits of aloe vera.  They are savvy business people and I can quote one of their top earners here from one of the many promotional videos of “The Univera Business School” on their website.

“You cannot make money in Univera without helping somebody else do the same.”  Kenny Rossi

And that’s okay if this is the type of business model that attracts you.  It is recruiting others who recruit others and so on and so on just as it is with other multi-level marketing companies such as  Young Living,  or Plexus, to achieve higher ranks and earn higher commissions and other rewards.  This is simply the nature of the beast.  It is just not for me.

I personally would never join Univera or any other MLM and therefore I cannot recommend it as an option for you to create retirement income.

Pros and Cons


  • authentic products
  • verifiable company history
  • been in business since 1998


  • need aggressive sales ability
  • hassling of family and friends
  • low chance of success in an MLM business format

Final Thoughts on Univera

I spent hours watching the training videos for Univera and I was impressed by the salesmanship of the top associates that were discussing various features of the Univera system.

I have worked professionally on-camera as a commercial actor so I am very comfortable speaking to an audience.  These Univera top-earners were amazingly good at speaking in a motivational way, almost to the point of being evangelistic in their delivery.  I can certainly see why these are the most successful people in this company.

However, most people are not like this! Relatively few people like to speak on-camera or in front of groups or approach friends, family and co-workers to try to sell them on a product.  It is uncomfortable to say the least and this is one of the reasons why the drop-out rate is so high for network marketing companies.  You yourself may be the greatest salesperson in the world and can recruit others, but getting enough people in your downline and training them to be as good as you are is very, very hard work.

Univera is not a scam.  They have an authentic range of products that have benefited people.  However, the ‘one size fits all’ philosophy concerns me.  Also, a high level of customer education will be required to instruct people on the benefits of these types of products.

Unless you are a super salesperson and are great at recruiting with endless energy and lots of time, it could be a very rocky road and a long uphill battle to make a worthwhile income.

Consumers nowadays are educated and skeptical about supplements and what they can do for you.  The internet is swamped with companies claiming their products are the ones to improve your health, defy aging and help you live an abundant lifestyle.

If you would like to generate some online income in your retirement, I think you would be better off saying ‘goodbye’ to Univera.

Are you or is someone you know, a successful associate of Univera?  Please tell us about your experience if you are willing to share it in the comments section below.

There is a Better Way

When Philip and I were scouring the internet to find a way to make some online income, we did look at the multi-level marketing format but we knew right away that it was not something that appealed to us.

After researching for many weeks, we came upon something called Affiliate Marketing, which, in my opinion, is a lot easier to get started than MLM.  We don’t have to harass family and friends to get them to join up and become part of our downline.  I would just never be able to do that.

We found an authentic company that has been around for 14 years and has taught us to become online entrepreneurs.  Being cautious by nature, we were pleased that we could go in an check this company out for FREE, before deciding if we wanted to join.  That kind of transparency created a trust factor for us and we have been with this company ever since.

I am not talking about a get rich quick scam either.  You will need to work hard and have the patience to develop any kind of online business, but being at the bottom of a huge MLM pyramid with a high drop-out rate was not where we wanted to be.

If you would like more information about the program we recommend, you can read Philip’s article here.

Keep it real and stay safe on the internet my friends,



$190.00 to $944.00



User experience


Value for money





  • authentic products
  • verifiable company history
  • been in business since 1998


  • need aggressive sales ability
  • hassling of family and friends
  • low chance of success in an MLM business format

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