Typesy Review – 2019

I had read such great things about the previous versions of Typesy that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest version for 2019.  I have not been disappointed and in this Typsey review, I will explain why this remains the premier typing learning tool.

If you are working online, you have to be able to type, there is no getting away from it.  Sure, you can get by using two fingers but you become so much more productive if you can type properly and at a decent speed.

Even at a modest speed, in the 30 – 40 words per minute range, you can produce a 1,000-word post in under 30 minutes.  Get up to 60 words per minute (very doable with a little practice) and that same post is now written in 16 minutes.  That’s a vast improvement over the ‘two-finger’ version.

But, learning to type takes time so the dilemma facing anyone contemplating learning is “can I afford to commit my precious time upfront in order to save time later?”  I would respectfully submit, the answer has to be “yes”, particularly if you can find a program that adopts the latest learning methods, is easy to use and is designed to get you through the basics quickly so that you can start applying what you have learned while continuing to learn more advanced techniques.  Let’s see if Typesy meets those requirements.

What is Typesy?

Typesy (formerly known as Ultimate Typing) is a self-paced, touch-typing tutor program that is designed to take the student from absolute beginner through to accurate, ultra-fast speed typist, or anywhere in between.

Three options are available, for individuals, for schools, and for homeschool.  This review is about the individual version only.

It is available through digital download (around 9 minutes at 10 Mbps) with all data being stored in the Cloud.

It will run on any computer that runs Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, or Chrome OS.

Each purchase includes accounts for up to five users and each user can download the software onto as many different computers as they choose, all with the same activation code.  Because everything is stored in the cloud you can work on multiple computers and everything you do is automatically synched.

Who is it For?

Typsey is designed for absolute beginners but it also includes advanced typing skills that would benefit those who are already competent typists but want/need to improve their speed and/or accuracy.  There are also modules on typing from dictation which would benefit anyone thinking of getting into, for example, transcription.

Brief Details and Price

Name: Typesy, 2019 Edition (for individuals)

Website: Typesy.com

What’s included: Cloud-based, digital download for up to five users.  Activation code sent by separate email.  Three-year license.

Price: $29.95

Upsells?: No

Guarantee/Warranty?: Yes, 12-month money back guarantee

Owner: eReflect, a tech company, founded in 2006, by Christian Slater, which provides education and self-improvement software

Overall rating (out of 10): 9.4

Review of Typsey 2019 Edition

After you have downloaded and activated the software you are immediately prompted to set your words per minute goal.  If you are a beginner, as I was, I recommend you take the offered typing test.  It only takes a few minutes and at the end, Typesy will suggest an appropriate goal.  If you are already a competent typist and are just looking to increase your speed and/or accuracy, then you likely already have an idea of the speed you would like to reach so you can either just type that number in or take the test anyway and see what the program recommends, it might surprise you.

You can also set your goal later if you wish, or change your goal.

Within Typesy you can also change the font, font size and background color for the exercises and drills, great for anyone with eyesight issues.

Now let’s take a look at the program itself.

Home Page

The program opens on the Home Page.

Typesy product box

The information contained here is a snapshot of your progress to date, including your current typing speed and your accuracy.


This is the heart of the program.  There are nine courses;

  • Beginner
  • Build accuracy
  • Build speed
  • Power speed and accuracy
  • Mega speed and accuracy
  • Fast dictation typing
  • Master the keypad
  • Quick revision
  • Bonus lessons

Each course is divided into multiple lessons.  There are a total of 48 lessons in all,  each of which is customized to your current skill level.  Each lesson contains many scientifically designed exercises and drills.

As a beginner, you will naturally start with that course.  If you already know your way around the keyboard you can jump to ‘Build accuracy’, or ‘Build speed’, or anywhere else you choose.  The courses do not have to be completed in any particular order although a beginner would be well advised to complete the courses in sequence.  Within any particular course, the individual lessons have to be completed in sequence.

Typesy beginner course screenshot

You can break off at any point in any course and the program will take you right back to that point when you are ready to resume.

Actual tutoring is done either by video or voiceover.  The videos are beautifully produced and easy to understand.  The voiceovers are clear and concise.

Following the tutoring, you are given a series of typing drills to complete.

Typesy typing drill screen

As you complete each drill your typing speed and accuracy is assessed and if you are short of the required scores you are advised to do the drill again.  You don’t have to redo the drill but I advise that you do.


This comprises a series of games and additional drills designed to enhance the skills you have learned in the Courses.  They are divided into five categories:

  • Accuracy building games
  • Speed boosting games
  • Keyboard skills
  • Typing fun
  • Standard activities

The games are fun to play and provide a nice change from the typing drills contained in the courses.  They adapt automatically to wherever you are in the program, which means you can play any game no matter what course or lesson you are actually on. Each game is designed to eliminate specific weaknesses or hone certain skills.

Typesy typing game Word Man

Many of the typing exercises connect to articles on Wikipedia and other websites. Not only does this keep the exercises more interesting you can be learning something new at the same time.


This is where you go check on your learning progress.  It contains graphs showing your progress since joining the program.

How Quickly Will You Learn with Typesy?

Typesy claims that with as little as seven minutes of practice each day you will see a significant improvement in your typing skills within fourteen days.  Obviously, this will not apply to everyone and some will take longer to learn while others could whiz through the entire course within that time, we are all different and learn at different rates.

Based on my experience of the program so far, my advice, particularly for a beginner, would be to buckle down and make the time to complete the Beginner course as quickly as possible.  At that point, you will have learned the keyboard sufficiently well that you can then start typing in real life and which will of itself aid in the learning process.  Then complete the rest of the program at your own comfortable pace.

Typesy Pros and Cons


  • Great price
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Clean, modern and visually attractive interface
  • Well researched, scientifically designed exercises
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn to type with a commitment of only 7 minutes each day
  • Over 500 exercises, activities, and drills
  • Exercises adapt to the user’s  learning level
  • Ability to change the font, font size, and background color
  • Money back guarantee (for the first twelve months)


  • Being cloud-based, an internet connection is required
  • The instructions for several of the exercises were a little confusing

Final Thoughts

I have been working with Typesy for a couple of weeks now and I love it.  My overall typing skill has improved dramatically and I am now working on my speed and accuracy.  I am not normally a ‘gamesy’ person but I am enjoying the games in the program.  Not only do they provide a respite from the typing drills, but they are also actually helping in my learning process.  I fully recommend Typesy, particularly for beginners, like me.

Thank you for reading this review.  If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the Comments box below.

If you are ready to start improving your typing skills you can get started here.

Happy typing!



Typesy 2019




User experience


Value for money





  • Great price
  • Clean, modern and visually attractive interface
  • Well researched, scientifically designed exercises
  • Over 500 exercises, activities, and drills
  • Money back guarantee


  • Internet connection is required
  • Instructions for several of the exercises are a little confusing

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