Transcribe Anywhere Review

Updated March 15, 2021

What is a Transcriptionist?

Simply put, a Transcriptionist is someone who takes video and audio files and transforms them into written documents. In this Transcribe Anywhere Review I will let you know about an online training course that I have found and researched that might give you another option for working from home.

Transcription is in high demand in many industries such as market research and consulting firms, businesses and corporations, entertainment companies, media and real estate, educational institutions, and law firms, to name only a few.

If this is something that interests you, it is essential to obtain quality, authentic and focused education on the subject to obtain the skills you need to succeed.

What is Transcribe Anywhere?

Transcribe Anywhere is an online learning platform owned by Janet Shaughnessy, who has been a professional transcriptionist since 2007 and has her own Transcription company called Zoom Transcription Services.

Two courses are offered which are:

  • General Transcription: Theory and Practice
  • Legal Transcription: Theory and Practice

Who is it For?

The courses are designed for anyone who wants to enter this exciting, in-demand, and growing profession and who would like to generate an income from home.

Before writing this review, I reached out to Janet personally and asked her if she recommended transcription as a viable opportunity for retirees and those planning to retire soon. I was thrilled when she responded to me immediately with an emphatic “yes”! Janet shared with me that transcription is ideal for the mature student and that she has many people taking her classes in our age group!

Janet added that “ageism” doesn’t enter into the picture in the transcription world because all work is obtained and delivered via the internet. The clients don’t care what age you are, all they care about is the quality of your work.

So, transcription work is definitely a possibility for us boomers!

The Basics

NameTranscribe Anywhere 
OwnerJanet Shaughnessy
PriceGeneral Transcription course $597.00
Legal Transcription course $697.00
General and Legal Transcription courses $1097 (save $197.00)
There is a pay-as-you-go option that allows you to pay for a few modules,
complete them, and then purchase the next group of modules.
What you getLifetime online access to the course content, the support forum, and all
course curriculum updates
CRIO rating (0-10)9.8


Review of Transcribe Anywhere

What made me happy right away about Transcribe Anywhere was the immediate response I received from the owner, Janet Shaughnessy when I contacted her for information.

Transcribe Anywhere Review Image of Owner Janet Shaugnessy
Janet Shaugnessy

This gave me a feeling of confidence as she was open, friendly and helpful when I told her I was looking for authentic online work for my readers.

It is important to define the two types of transcription courses that are offered. They are in the two fields of Transcription that are in the highest demand right now.

General transcription :

This is transcribing video and audio into text documents for clients in a multitude of industries such as real estate, marketing, financial institutions, authors, academic institutions and many more.


Legal transcription:

This is transcribing video and audio into text documents for clients in the legal profession, such as attorneys, court reporters, insurance companies and research institutions. Therefore, specific terminology is required for this avenue. Legal transcription is a rapidly growing field and is wide open with opportunity.

The Transcribe Anywhere website is very informative and Janet is transparent about what her courses contain. You are not just taught how to learn transcription, you are taught how to become a transcriptionist that gets hired. This is a factor that sets this course apart from others.

Here is what is included:

  • A multi-media, self-paced course
  • Worksheets, video tutorials and printable cheat sheets in PDF format
  • Transcription templates, quizzes and thorough marketing videos unique to this program
  • Massive amounts of practice exercises ranging from easy to difficult to prepare you for the real world
  • Lifetime support which means access to all course materials and updates forever

Now, if you are undecided about whether transcription is for you, don’t worry.

Free mini-course for General Transcription

A free mini-course for each of these programs is offered so that you can get a feel for the industry and receive answers to those frequently asked questions.

Transcribe Anywhere Review Image of older lady sitting at a table with a laptop and wearing headphones

The General Transcription free mini-course consists of 7 lessons. Here you will learn things such as:

  • Who your instructor is and her experience in this field
  • A detailed description of the industry
  • Who uses transcriptionists and what it takes to become one
  • Whether you are a suitable candidate for this type of work
  • How much money you can make
  • What equipment you need to get started

All you have to do to enroll is press the enroll now button and your course will arrive immediately. Simple. I like that.

It is recommended that you enroll in this initial mini-course first if you have never done transcription before so that you can acquire an understanding of this profession. Then, if legal transcription is something that you are considering you can proceed to…

Free mini-course for Legal Transcription

The Legal Transcription free mini-course which consists of 4 lessons which will give you an overview of the legal transcription industry. You will be given relevant foundation information including the market for this type of transcription and earning potential so that you can decide if this path is the right one for you. This mini-course will also arrive via email once you enroll.

You are not pressured to go on to the full course if you decide that transcription work is not for you!

These free lessons are offered so that you do not commit to any money upfront and can make an informed decision about becoming a transcriber. This is very professional and credible to me.

Transcribe Anywhere General Transcription Course

The General Transcription course consists of 6 Modules:

  1. Laying the Foundation

This includes topics such as the correct equipment needed, the different types of transcription styles, general types of jobs and how to format scripts.

2.  Essential Skills for Excellent Transcription:

Focuses on spelling, punctuation and transcribing numbers as well as the critical thinking skills needed for this work.

3. Time-Saving Tools for Efficient Transcription:

This module teaches you how to gain speed and efficiency with tools such as spell check and shortcut keys. As well, it teaches you how to use transcriptionist’s notes and time coding.

4. Practice Dictations:

There are seven practice levels here, ranging from easier, such as clear audio in short, simple videos, through to more challenging such as multiple speakers and poor audio with foreign accents.

5. Building Your Business:

Here you will receive step by step instructions on how to set up your very own home-based transcription business. This module includes how to create a business plan, how to set your rates, connecting with clients, where to find contract work AND a bonus how-to marketing video exclusive to Transcribe Anywhere students.

6. Final Exam and Certification of Completion:

Upon completing the course you will be invited to take the final exam which is graded by a real person and you will receive important feedback regarding your exam. You must demonstrate proficiency in all the subject material to receive your certificate.

You can retake the test as many times as you need to in order to be awarded your certificate.

Transcribe Anywhere Legal Transcription Course

The Legal Transcription syllabus consists of 14 Modules:

scales of justice and gavel for transcribe anywhere review
  1. Introduction to Legal Transcription:

This will give you an understanding of, and appreciation for, legal transcription and the necessary skills one must master to become one.

2. Tools of the Trade:

Here you will learn the software and hardware required by legal transcriptionists and where to obtain the best equipment. This module also contains a printable transcription style guide, typing drills, and practice exercises.

3. Lawyers litigate but Transcriptionists punctuate:

Students will learn how to master the art of capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and abbreviations.

This includes terminology in both English and Latin with definitions and quizzes. You will find a downloadable and printable document of more than 80 pages of legal phrases and terms.

4. Microsoft Word for Legal Transcriptionists:

Here you will learn how to increase typing speed and accuracy, notate transcripts and use spellcheck and other tools to produce readable and accurate transcripts.

5. Legal Correspondence and Practice Dictation:

This will teach you how to transcribe legal documents used by attorneys and other legal professionals such as client-attorney consultations, EBT’s (Examination before trial) and property deeds.

6. The Legal Process and Court Procedure:

This covers how a case moves through the legal process and includes information on the types of law, the anatomy of a court transcript and the steps involved in civil and criminal cases.

7. Forms and Templates:

Students will learn about the various legal documents used in judicial proceedings. Downloadable templates are here for things such as state and federal approved legal forms, numbered line blank pleading paper and sample court templates.

8. Practice Transcription of Court Proceedings:

Here is where the student learns to master how to transcribe court proceedings with recorded audio practice files. This includes a video on transcription guidelines for a court transcript and practice trial transcriptions.

9. Depositions:

The student will learn what a deposition is and complete several deposition practice transcription files.

10. Law Enforcement:

In this module, the student receives an overview of a law enforcement transcript and gains practice transcribing these files.

11. Conferences and Legal Association Meetings:

Here the student will learn the art of transcribing legal conferences and meetings from recorded video files. There is an overview and conference practice transcription files with videos.

12. Time Coding for Legal Transcriptionists:

The student learns how to insert time codes in legal documents (this includes a video tutorial) and there are timecode practice transcription files.

13. Resources and final exam:

Image of a Diploma for Transcribe Anywhere Review

This will supply links to various tools and resources used by legal transcriptionists such as dictionaries, writing and style guides, and legal resources.

The final exam will test all of those skills you learned in the course. Upon passing the final exam, the student will be awarded the Certificate of Completion.

14.  Building your business:

After demonstrating proficiency in legal transcription and passing the final exam, the student will learn how to market their skills.   Topics include:

  • developing a business plan
  • advertising (including building a website)
  • connecting with clients
  • social media
  • where to find contract work
  • how to expand your opportunities

Clearly, the course is in-depth, detailed, thorough, and well-presented. It is also hard work, so you must be committed to the program to achieve success.

The courses are self-paced and are available online 24/7. It is recommended that you plan for at least 2 to 4 months to complete either course.

Pros and Cons


  • Clear, up-to-date information; you can view the course syllabus before purchase
  • Free mini-course in both avenues of transcription
  • Lifetime support (access to all course materials and updates forever)
  • Access to the exclusive student Facebook page that offers help and advice
  • The owner is very active in her business and will respond to you
  • Approved by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers


  • No refunds on courses (however, you have the free mini-courses to make your decision and the pay-as-you-go option)
  • Hard work and commitment required to complete either course.

Final Thoughts on Transcribe Anywhere

I loved the fact that I could communicate with the owner and actually get a response. She is very active in her business and engages with her students, encouraging questions or comments. This indicates a professional, upfront, and transparent business to me.

The website is easy to navigate and gives you lots of clear information. It is business-like and realistic without spammy claims of making thousands of dollars instantly, which, unfortunately, we see in many online opportunities these days.

There is so much value for the price you are paying for these courses, in my opinion, and I really like the fact that there is a pay-as-you-go option if you can’t deal with the whole cost upfront.

Lifetime access is offered for all the course content, the support forum, and all the curriculum updates. I think this is a huge bonus and adds value, as it allows you to stay right on top of the industry with all the latest developments without needing to pay more.

Provided you are honest with yourself and meet the criteria necessary for this type of work, I believe that Transcribe Anywhere is an authentic platform for learning everything you need and giving you the tools to succeed in this industry.


FYI: Medical Transcription – If you are considering a career in medical transcription, it is generally agreed that there is a decline in this branch of transcription due, in part, to automation (voice recognition editing) and outsourcing. My research has indicated that it is no longer advisable to enter this field.

By the way, if you are interested in transcription work but you are concerned that your typing skills are a little rusty or even if you have never typed before, don’t worry!  We have found an excellent program that is inexpensive, easy and fun to do.  You can read about Typesy here.

Thank you for reading my review and I hope that you found it useful. I will be doing lots of reviews on many online opportunities for those of us looking to make money from home and I welcome any suggestions you may have of programs you would like me to look at for you.

Are you currently working as a Transcriptionist? I would love for you to share with our readers about your experience.


Transcription work is not for everyone, of course.  For more ideas on how to make online income from home, you can read my post Money Making Ideas for Retirees. 

I want to be sure that I give you as many options as possible when making decisions about working from home. If you are curious to see what I do to create income online please look at this.

Transcribe Anywhere

General TR: $597 Legal TR: $697



User experience




Value for money



  • Clear, up-to-date information
  • Free mini-courses
  • Lifetime support
  • Owner very involved
  • Approved by the AAERT


  • No refunds on courses
  • Hard work and commitment required

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