Total Life Changes Review | Opportunity Or Scam?

Greetings to you and thank you for finding your way to my Total Life Changes Review.  Have you ever heard of this company?  Perhaps you have been approached by a family member or friend extolling the virtues of the TLC product line.  In this review, I would like to take a look at what Total Life Changes offers those who wish to become their sales representatives, or ‘Life Changers’ as they are called.

I am not affiliated with Total Life Changes nor have I ever been.  My mission is to research these multi-level marketing companies and see if what they offer you in terms of being able to generate an income is really viable, particularly for those of us looking to increase our retirement income.  Is the Total Life Changes program an opportunity or scam?  I invite you to continue reading because I don’t want you to throw money at one of these companies only to find out that it doesn’t live up to the hype and you end up worse off than when you started.

Let’s check it out.

What Is Total Life Changes?

Total Life Changes is a multi-level marketing company that features products for:

  • weight loss
  • energy and fitness
  • nutrition
  • relaxation and relief
  • hair and skin

Who Is total Life Changes For?

They are looking for you to come into the company and recruit your family and friends, so essentially, TLC is for everyone!  Usually, these network marketing companies target the younger stay at home moms, students, and military spouses.  There are no images of boomer-aged people on their website because I guess they think we are not interested in health and beauty.  Either that or they know we have too much life experience and won’t fall for an MLM trap.

Brief Details and Price


founder and CEO: Jack Fallon

price to join and what’s included:

Purchase a minimum of $40 worth of product that must be on monthly auto-ship

Purchase the digital starter kit at $49.95 and which includes:

  • the top 5 product guide
  • the product catalog
  • TLC brand and culture book
  • $50 worth of sample credits
  • a replicated website with access to its back office

Other kits that contain products range in price up to $1209.95

guarantee: there is no income guarantee

CRIO rating (out of 10): 2

My Review Of Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes was founded in 1999 by Jack Fallon, who had previously been working in an assembly line at the Ford Motor Company.  He worked long and hard and teamed up with other experienced network marketing leaders and eventually created Total Life Changes.  TLC headquarters are based in Fair Haven, Michigan.  There are also office locations in Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, France, Ghana, Peru, the Philippines, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and California.

Total Life Changes has an annual revenue of $88 million dollars and 49,800 salespeople, or ‘Life Changers’, globally.


With a focus on health and nutrition, one of the biggest selling products at Total Life Changes is their Laso Tea.  This tea is meant to detox the body as well as be a weight loss aid.  It also improves blood flow and promotes a healthy digestive tract.  Of course, it is highly recommended that, for optimal results, you consume the tea with three other products they sell and these are:

  1. Resolution Drops – this is referred to as a “gastric bypass in a bottle” and is meant to help curb your cravings as you follow the 1200 calorie a day recommended meal plan (we would all lose weight on 1200 calories, let’s face it, whether we consumed the tea and took the drops or not).
  2. Nutra Burst – this is a dietary supplement in liquid form that replenishes minerals in the body.
  3. NRG – these are capsules that will burn fat, improve mental clarity, and reduce your appetite.

Total Life Changes Product Iimage and pricesNone of their products are FDA approved and they have the usual disclaimer that results will vary based on your commitment to diet and exercise.  In other words, they support a healthy lifestyle.  So, really nothing new here that we haven’t heard before in my opinion.  Sure, these products may assist you in your weight loss program but they are not magic solutions and if you do not follow a  healthy diet and exercise plan, you still won’t lose weight no matter how much tea you drink or resolution drops you consume.

Pricey – There are no product prices on the Total Life Changes website.  Many of these products I found being sold on Amazon and they certainly are pricey.  That combo of 3 products I mentioned above is $174.95.

This also highlights the point that trying to sell these expensive products to people and have them commit to an auto-shipment each month could be very challenging.  This is yet another one of the difficulties of network marketing.  People like to shop around and find the best deal they can and there is a gigantic amount of competition in the nutrition/weight loss arena.

Overall, consumers seem to be happy enough with the quality of the products, although none of them are FDA approved.   I have not seen complaints about them in my research.  I just think they are expensive and you are highly recommended to use multiple products for optimal results which brings the price up even further.

how to join

When you are recruited by someone you know, most likely a family member or friend who has made a list of their ‘warm market’ (that is you and other family members, close friends, and inner circle), you will need to purchase a starter kit.  The digital starter kit is $49.95 and it has the very basic product catalog and guides, but I assure you that you will be under pressure to purchase one of the more expensive kits that contain lots of products.  I spent a long time viewing promotional videos created by the top-earners at TLC detailing how to get customers and the recurring theme is you must have lots of products on hand so that you can give people samples and sell them right away.

the binary plan commission structure

Multi-level marketing compensation plans are always very complex and difficult to understand.  This is deliberate of course to deflect you from the reality that most people don’t make any money in this business total life changes review binary plan illustrationmodel.  Total Life Change’s plan is even more complicated than most, so I have broken it down to the ways to earn to simplify it a bit.  First, though, I would like to show you what the compensation plan structure looks like.

Total Life Changes utilizes the Binary Plan commission structure.  In multi-level marketing, a Binary Plan employs a two-legged structure and these are termed your left leg, or Leg 1 and right leg or Leg 2.  When you recruit someone, you place one of them in each of these legs.  They, in turn, recruit one person in each of their legs and so on.  The people you recruited are your downline and you are the upline.  Commissions flow upwards.  Here on the right is an illustration of the Binary Plan.

the Total Life Changes compensation plan

Terms to know:

QV: Qualifying Volume – each product is assigned a certain number of points and when you sell the product, you accrue these points which become your qualifying volume and this determines your commission.

GCV: Group Commissionable Volume.  This is the collection of CV or Commissionable Volume on someone’s left leg or Leg 1 or right team which is Leg 2.

There are two ways for you to qualify for commissions with TLC.

  1. Maintaining a monthly purchase of 40 QV (Qualifying Volume). QV is the volume that is credited to your account when you purchase a TLC product.
  2. If you decide that you don’t want to purchase a product or enroll in the auto-shipping program (monthly recurring order), you can still be eligible for commissions by selling a minimum of 40QV to 8 customers.

There are 6 ways to get paid at Total Life Changes

  1. Retail Bonus – you earn 50% of a products QV. You will start to develop your customer base and try to get them to sign up for the monthly auto-shipping program.  For example, a month supply of the Iaso Tea product is $49.95.  It has a QV of 40.  Thus, 50% of the QV is $20.  Note, each product has a certain number of QV points and this does not relate directly to how much the product costs.  There is no cap on the amount you can earn with retail commissions.
  2. Fast Start Bonus –  for every newly recruited Life Changer ‘s first purchase that you personally brought to the business, you earn 50% of that first product purchase.  This bonus is essentially a one-time payout for the first order from every person you recruited in your ‘organization’.  You must remain active yourself though with a QV of 40.
  3. Binary Pay – this is where you had better start recruiting everyone you can because this is the foundation of multi-level marketing: recruitment.  When you bring in new people, you encourage them to bring in new people below them so that you can earn a commission from the people you originally recruited and also a commission from the people that they recruited.   You can earn 10-25% based on your weaker ‘leg”s GCV.   Note: In order to earn this Binary Pay, you must be qualified to do so and this means that you must have a QVof 40 on your account and two Life Changers that you personally recruited who must also be currently active with a minimum of 40QV.  One of them must be on your right team or leg, and the other on your left team or leg.  You will earn commissions only from the team which has less GCV.
  4. Matching Bonus –  you must obtain the rank of Director in order to qualify for this bonus, which is a high rank.  At this level, you will have recruited many people in your binary tree and they will also have lots of recruits because this is the lifeblood of network marketing.  A matching bonus is an extension of the binary pay.  Here you can earn 50% of the binary pay from an unlimited amount of people that you have personally recruited.  They, in turn, will have people they have recruited and you will earn 10%-50% commission paid on those recruits as well.  You can earn this bonus on those in your first and second level.
  5. Life Changer Bonus – this bonus is awarded to qualified life changers and is paid monthly.  This is a $1500 a month bonus to spend however you want (i.e. business expenses and so on).  To qualify for this bonus you must be active, maintain 20,000 CV in your weaker leg and have achieved the level of National Director.  This will be the top 1% to 2% of the MLM pyramid because these are the people really making all the money.
  6. “Feeling It” – this is not a monetary bonus but rather a call to action to share how wonderful this opportunity is, to be grateful for it, to participate in the conventions and be enthused by them and immerse yourself in the company vibe.  Yeah, okay.

Here is the rank chart and what you need to qualify at each level:

Total life changes review rank chart overview

If it looks complicated, that is because it is meant to! So often with these network marketing companies, they make the compensation plan so difficult to understand that even their own salespeople struggle to get it.  You will see what I mean when you get to the comment I posted below, written by a Life Changer.

income disclosure statement

There is no income disclosure statement to be found which is a red flag.  Why won’t they be transparent and show us what the Life Changers are earning? What I can tell you is that you, at the bottom this pyramid, will not be making much, if anything, at all.

It is a well-documented fact that over 97% of people who enter a network marketing company fail to make any money, or even lose money.  The whole nature of the business model is inherently flawed.  Those at the very top 1% to 2% are the ones making lots of money.  Don’t just take my word for it, you can read this document from the Consumer Awareness Institute that details the grim reality that most participants encounter when they join a multi-level marketing business.


I found this comment and it really touched me because this person is clearly sincere and motivated but feels frustrated.  This is a typical experience for those who become involved with multi-level marketing.

Total Life Changes compensation plan comment

There are many other complaints about this company and they seem to center on the poor customer service and incorrect billing.  These can be found on the Better Business Bureau website here.

Pros and Cons


  • actual products
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • company longevity


  • the flawed MLM business model
  • products are very expensive
  • hassling family and friends to join your team
  • lots of complaints about customer service

Final Thoughts About Total Life Changes

Is Total Life Changes a scam?  No, this company has been around for some time and they sell genuine products that many people seem to think are okay.

Is this a good opportunity for you to generate some income in retirement?  Absolutely not.  Not unless you have a lot of time to invest, as well as money for the products you will need to keep on hand.  To succeed in network marketing (and there are those that do succeed), you will need to be an excellent salesperson and have a wide circle of family, friends, and acquaintances that you can recruit on your team so that you can earn commissions from them.  You must also be a great motivator because you will have to stay on top of those in your downline to make sure they are selling and meeting their quotas.  This is simply the nature of the beast.  In fact, I have created a checklist that you may find interesting that details the qualities you need to really succeed as a multi-level-marketer.

I always suggest that, if you find that a family member is trying to pressure you to join them in a business ‘opportunity’ such as Total Life Changes or Youngevity, a similar type of MLM, don’t be swayed and join immediately but take your time and ask the questions I put in my checklist.  If you don’t get clear and detailed answers, just turn around and walk the other way, please.  You can always just purchase a couple of products and see if you like them, but don’t commit your time, money and energy to something that is more than likely just going to frustrate and anger you and worse still, alienate you from the family member or friend who tried to recruit you.

I just don’t think that multi-level marketing is a good business model for anyone.  You are limited to just one product line that you can sell, you have to harass family and friends and recruit them in your ‘business’.  There are sales quotas to meet and the whole compensation plan is so structured.

But, perhaps you have had great success with Total Life Changes?  If you have, it would be helpful to others if you could tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

My advice is if you truly want to create retirement income online, 100% from your home without having to approach people at the gym or community center or church or wherever you frequent, you may want to consider what Philip and I do…

What We Do

Philip and I do Affiliate Marketing which is light years away from multi-level marketing.

We found ourselves absolutely needing to supplement our retirement income and we no longer had the funds or energy to set up another bricks and mortar business.  The internet was daunting but seemed like the only solution.  We had zero experience of working online.

Well, after many weeks of research (and discarding the MLM business model as soon as we educated ourselves about it), we found a friendly Canadian company that has been around since 2005.  This company is legit and it has everything you need to learn how to become an online entrepreneur.  The company is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read Philip’s review about it here.

As an affiliate marketer, you create a website based on things that interest YOU and not some anonymous executives in a corporate office.  Let’s say you like baking or sewing, golf, or cats. Well, you contact the merchant that sells products that interest you, for example, a company that sells bakeware or golf clubs, and apply for their affiliate program.  You can then sell those products on your own website and you will receive a commission every time someone clicks through on the link you create and purchases a product from that merchant.  It is really as simple as that at its foundation. No complex compensation plans here.  Whatever you have a passion for is called your ‘niche’ and, when you join Wealthy Affiliate you will discover:

  • a comprehensive training course with all the lesson plans, tools, and resources to become an affiliate marketer
  • a place to be taught how to create your very own website based on your interests
  • a place to host that website so that it is protected and maintained for you
  • 24/7 technical support
  • a welcoming global community of other affiliates that are ready to share their knowledge and help you along the way
  • a FREE trial visit.  Come on in and see if you like what we do, no credit card, no commitment, no products to buy, no family to harass

No, it is not an overnight money-maker or get-rich-quick scheme.  But you will be taught how to do it from the ground up and it is all done in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else in the world, as long as you have an internet connection!  So much more fun and flexible, based on what you feel passionate about.

If you come on in to check it out, you will see us ready to welcome you.  Just click on that pink link.

Ultimately, of course, it is your decision but I can tell you that affiliate marketing is helping us to improve our bottom line and we are here for the long run.

I wish you health, happiness, and success,

Your friend,



Total Life Changes




Business opportunity




Value for money



  • actual products
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • company longevity


  • the flawed MLM business model
  • products are very expensive
  • hassling family and friends to join your team
  • lots of complaints about customer service

2 thoughts on “Total Life Changes Review | Opportunity Or Scam?”

  1. I have been with total life changes for just over 2 months now and I have to say I disagree with your review. First the digital or standard starter kit also comes with a back office and a website link that you forgot to mention. As well as drop shipping. But other than that my personal review is that it is not hard to make money at all. You have to be consistent yes but isn’t that with anything we do? Also there are many groups with tons of training you just have to research your sponsor first. My first few weeks was hard but I’ve made over 1000 dollars in one month without even leaving my house during a pandemic.. so it’s very possible

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Thank you for pointing out my omission of the back office and replicated website. These are more or less standard with most MLM companies but I will amend my review to reflect this.

      I am glad to hear you are making some money, albeit after a difficult start. It sounds like you have what it takes to be successful in multi-level marketing and I am happy for you. Unfortunately, you are in a very small minority as it is clear from the statistics which I posted a link to in my review, that the vast majority of people either make no money or actually lose money.

      I wish you continued success for 2021.



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