The Best Jobs for Retirees – 5 Legitimate No-Cost Online Ideas

Do you feel uncomfortable, if not a little stressed out, at the thought of no longer having that regular paycheck?  Are you concerned about your future?

Let me assure you that this is a common feeling among people from our generation and you can include me in that.

Don’t stress out!  I am always looking for the best jobs for us retirees and I will reveal here 5, legitimate, no-cost online ideas to help you find a path to a more secure, relaxed future.

Embrace the Opportunity

I know I keep saying it, but I am so proud of us!

We are the disco-dancing, marathon running, platform shoe wearing, skateboard riding, adventure-seeking, coolest generation that has ever lived!

Don’t you agree?

There has never been a bigger population of retirees, nor a more engaged, energetic and vibrant one.  The last thing we are going to do is sit on a rocking chair on the porch for the next 20 or 30 years reminiscing about Saturday Night Fever, roller disco, and 8-tracks.

We were born to be wild folks, and we need to embrace the opportunity to keep on keeping on and for many of us, that means we need (or want) to stay busy and continue to make money.

smiling older lady in pool wavingBut, also birthing and growing up right alongside us during our lifetimes has come this wonderful, revolutionary phenomenon called the internet and we are free to use it to our advantage and create some income in our retirement so we can still go out and enjoy the things we love.

Granted, that may now be water aerobics, yoga, spinning or golf (doing Aerobics barefoot on concrete in the early ’80s didn’t do my knees much good), but we have the technology to create a part-time or full-time income now from home and I just think this is the best of all worlds for us.

Embrace it.

You Are Not Alone

Even if you had saved hard for your ‘golden years’, the after-effects of what is called the Great Recession, which officially lasted from December 2007 to  June 2009, were devastating to the economy and changed the financial future for many, including Philip and I.  Maybe you as well?

So, what to do now?

Well, thanks to the technology that has advanced so rapidly, we are now in a position to work online from home, thus creating a more stable future for ourselves.

I am not saying it is going to be easy.  Unfortunately, there are absolutely no legitimate “get rich quick” solutions out there.  We are going to have to work harder and smarter maybe than we did before, but at least we can do it from the comfort of our homes, without a boss looming over our shoulders and with a much more flexible schedule.

Even if you have no major concerns about your retirement, these are still good possibilities for you to keep yourself engaged, alert and having some fun while making a side income for yourself.

Below, I have detailed some options for you.  Some may be jobs and others are opportunities to build your own business and run it from home, or anywhere else you choose to be that has an internet connection.

5 Ideas


Freelance writing has huge potential for you as far as income goes.  A freelance writer is a person who creates content for other people’s businesses and there is a wide scope of

hand sprinkling cheese on a dish
Food blogs are popular!

opportunities such as:

  • blogging (food, garden and travel blogs for example)
  • content/copywriting
  • article/feature writing
  • script writing (yes, for tv, films and online games)
  • social media content creation
  • editing other people’s work
  • writing ebooks

What you can earn will be based on how much experience you have or what specialty you may be able to write about.

You might start out as little as $5 an hour if you are very new to writing, but this could go up if you invest some time in yourself to improve your writing.  It is crucial to network in this field and the more connections you make, the more you practice your craft, and educate yourself on any given subject, the higher your income will go up.  Reliability and consistency will attract and retain clients.

Top freelance writers can earn $100 and up an hour!  No reasons why you couldn’t get to that level with some perseverance and practice.

Here are a few companies that you can check out that you can sign up for free to join as a writer.

Customer Service/Live Chat

Online customer service encompasses many things but one thing is for sure and this is that it is in high demand these days.  Giants such as Amazon hire home-based workers.  They need people to work as Virtual Call Center Agents to handle inbound and outbound calls.

Depending upon the employer, the job could just be one function or many.  Companies hire both employees and independent contractors for this type of work.

Have you seen those little windows that pop up when you click on a website these days that ask if you need help?  That is Live Chat and it is everywhere now.  This too can cover a wide array of different topics from answering basic customer questions to technical support.

Philip has written an in-depth article on the topic of live chat which you can read here.

Typically, for all these jobs, the pay is around $9-$11 an hour and you could be working part or full-time.

Places to look for virtual customer service jobs (with no start-up fees) are:

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assisting is in very high demand.

laptop with notebook and penThink of it as a virtual administrative assistant.  You can start your own business from home or work for an employer wearing many different hats such as scheduling appointments and meetings,  answering emails, posting Facebook messages and doing research.

This is a demanding profession but again, once your network is in place and you build up a good client base you can make a good income.  Many virtual assistants set up their own business from home and do very well.

If you would like a detailed explanation of what VA work is all about, including salary ranges, please read my article Work as a Virtual Assistant.

Here are some other resources for you where you can find work in the virtual assistant world.


When it comes to flexibility in your work from home search, transcription offers some great opportunities.

Transcription involves transferring the spoken word into a written document format.  A partial list of the transcription platform is:

  • visual or audio transcription
  • time-stamped transcription  (this refers to aligning a transcript text to a recording by the insertion of a timestamp at designated intervals)
  • transcribing podcasts
  • captioning tv shows

What is needed here is accurate and fast typing skills and a quiet work environment.

Transcriptionists are needed in many industries such as law enforcement,  academia, medical, and entertainment.

Transcription is well-paying at around $15 an hour to start.  Someone who has been in the business for a while and has regular clients can be making $25-$30 an hour.  This is another business where you can work as an employee or start your own, home-based empire.

Resources for Transcription work include:

Data Entry

happy senior couple in kitchen on laptopData entry involves you manually entering information into a database,  usually by typing it, for pay.   This raw data, which can be hand-written documents or spreadsheets, must be accurately entered into a company database.

Although you do not necessarily need a college degree,  you do need to be a detail oriented person with strong organizational skills to succeed in this profession.

Data entry professionals play an important role in managing information for companies and these jobs are highly-sought in our digital age.  Please read my article on Data Entry Jobs if you would like a more in-depth view of this type of work.

The average pay is around $12.00 an hour that could go up to $17 an hour or more, depending on the type of work you are doing.

Remember, you should never pay to do data entry work.  There are legitimate companies that you can sign up with such as:

So, there you have it!  These are 5 legitimate no-cost ideas for you for working online from home.

However…there is still another way to make money from home.  It gives you all the advantages of a flexible schedule and being your own boss with the added benefit of creating a passive income which none of these other jobs can offer.

What is it?

Online Entrepreneur – Affiliate Marketing

This is what Philip and I do to create an online income from home.  It does involve a start-up cost, but it works out to less than $50 a month and the best part is, you can come in and look around the platform for free. No credit card needed, no worries.

Here is an in-depth review of our number one recommended method of creating income online.

Once you enter the site, you will learn how you could be the owner of your own income-generating online business that could potentially be earning revenue in as short a time as 6 to 12 months.

And hey, you wouldn’t need a Mood Ring to tell you that you are happy if that happened, right?

Thank you for taking the time to read my article here today and I hope it has given you some ideas for creating income from home.

Are you currently doing any of these things above?  It would be great if you could share your stories with all our readers.  We need to learn from and help, each other.

smiling pet rock in a handNow, please excuse me because I have to go feed my pet rock.

Stay cool and keep it real!




6 thoughts on “The Best Jobs for Retirees – 5 Legitimate No-Cost Online Ideas”

  1. Hi Colette, I really enjoyed reading your article and found all your ideas very useful.
    I think affiliate marketing is a great way to start an online business and anybody can start their online affiliate business at any age.
    Affiliate marketing allows you to start up with no investment and offers you the ability to make money while you sleep. In this business model, the only investment is your time. Thanks for sharing a very informative article.

    • Your comment is appreciated, thank you!

      I am so glad you understand the benefits of affiliate marketing because it really can create a passive income for all of us who are looking to generate income in our retirement or any stage of life for that matter.

      With the internet, we are now free to work from home, lose the boss and take charge of our financial future!

      All the best to you,


  2. It is so good to know that there are jobs out there even for those that have retired. Retiring does not mean the end of a career but the beginning of new opportunities and jobs that pays well and the good part is that you are your own boss.

    Thanks so much for sharing and giving does who have retired hope and something exciting to look forward to.

    • Thank you for your comment!

      You are so right. Retiring does not mean the end of a career at all. We can have new careers. Nowadays we have many other options available to us online to continue to be creative, active and even make some income along the way.
      For those who had to work for someone else for years, there is now the opportunity to be your own boss and work to your own schedule.

      I wish you every success,


  3. Hi Colette
    Reading your article is such a pleasure – your style of writing just pulled me right in! Never mind that I am also interested in the topic at hand. There are so many scams online so it’s great to find your site and learn about legitimate opportunities. I have a friend in her late 60’s who relocated to the States from South Africa 2 years ago and due to some health challenges, she is unable to go out and work – but like so many of us, she needs to work. I shall be sharing your article with her.
    I love all the ideas you have shared here and am tempted to look at them myself, do you know if these companies employ people from all over the world or only those based in the USA? (Asking because the numbers are in USD).
    Thank you so much again.

    • Hi Louise,

      Thank you so very much for your engaging comment and I appreciate your remarks about my writing.

      It is so important to me that we all help each other in our quest to find legitimate online work because there are so many scams on the internet that can trip us up.

      Based on my research, all of these companies, with the exception of, hire workers on a global level.

      However, I do believe that even if a company tells you that they are not hiring from a particular geographical location, reach out to them anyway because if you have additional experience or skills, such as a foreign language, they may have jobs that are not advertised but that still need to be filled. There is nothing to lose by trying.

      I never take ‘no’ for an answer because it may be ‘yes’ if you tell them something about yourself and your abilities that they may not have even thought of!

      Thank you again and I hope your friend finds some online work that she is happy with.

      We are all on this journey together,



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