Shaklee Review | Can This MLM Boost Your Bottom Line?

A warm welcome to you and thank you for finding your way to my Shaklee review!  Chances are, you have heard about Shaklee since it started way back in 1956.  Have you been approached by anyone asking you to join the business opportunity with this company?  I certainly have, which is why I wanted to investigate further to see what is behind all the attractive images on their website.

I am not a distributor of Shaklee products myself, nor have I ever been so don’t worry, I won’t be trying to recruit you onto my team!  My quest is to crawl the internet and research money-making ideas for those of us in retirement, or soon to be, and find legitimate ways to generate income.  In this review, I will be looking at the business opportunity offered by Shaklee to see if it is something that can boost your bottom line.

Let’s get to it.

What Is Shaklee?

Shaklee is a multi-level marketing company that sells nutritional and anti-aging supplements.  They also sell beauty products, sports shakes, and household cleaning products.

As an Independent Contractor for Shaklee, you have the ability to earn commissions from personal sales and those you have recruited into your downline, or team.

Who Is Shaklee For?

If you are looking to generate some online income from home, Shaklee offers that for their Distributors.  So, this is potentially a possibility for retirees as well as stay-at-home moms and dads.

Brief Details and Price


founder:  Forrest C. Shaklee

price and what’s included:

$49.95 to join plus you need to purchase a basic starter kit which is $185.00 or a Gold Pak at $299.00 or a Gold Pak Plus at $599

  • replicated website (3-month free trial)
  • signature nutritional shakes
  • business tools
  • training
  • promotional materials
  • ability to earn higher commissions if you purchase a Gold Pak or Gold Pak Plus

guarantee:  there is no income guarantee

CRIO rating (out of 10):  5

My Review of Shaklee

Shaklee was founded in 1956 by Forrest C. Shaklee, a chiropractor, and nutritionist.  He and his two sons started manufacturing nutritional supplements then added biodegradable, organic cleaning products to their line in 1960.  Company headquarters are located in Pleasanton, California.  There are global operations in Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan.  The company suspended operations in Mexico, where they had been for 26 years, in November of 2018.


Here is a list of some of the Shaklee products:

  • multivitamins
  • protein shakes
  • Shaklee review product image screenshotweight loss kits
  • meal-in-a-bar
  • Shaklee 180 metabolic boost
  • anti-aging skincare line
  • makeup
  • whey protein powder
  • performance endurance electrolyte drinks
  • water filtration system
  • earth-friendly laundry detergent
  • commercial cleaning product
  • apparel and totes

One of their best-sellers and most popular products is called Vitalizer Gold which is meant to support healthy aging and aid in physical energy.  It is $103 for 30 strips.

I have read some good things about their products.  They are of quite a high standard and there is a lot of research behind them.   I am not disputing the fact that they may be very beneficial to some people.  Of course, there is the usual disclaimer on all of their products that the claims made about them are not been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

A fun fact about Shaklee is that they were chosen by NASA to provide a customized version of their hydration beverage, called ‘Performance’ for the astronauts in the space shuttle program which began in 1993.

Anyway, my purpose is to explore the business opportunity that Shaklee has to offer, so let us proceed with the compensation plan.


The basic entry-level is the ‘Distributor.’  At this level, you are able to earn some bonuses but this level has limitations, so you are strongly encouraged to get to the next level which is termed ‘Qualified Distributor’ (this used to be called Gold Ambassador).  At this level, you will be qualified to earn the additional bonuses of Gold, Power, and FastTrack listed below, but you must purchase one of the two Success Paks.  Gold Pak at $299 or Gold Pak Plus at $599.

The next level is Associate and to achieve this rank you must have 1000 Personal Group Volume (PGV).

The next level is Director, and to qualify for this level, you must have a PGV of 2000.

Shaklee has 9 income streams:

  1. Gold Bonuses – For each Gold Pak that you sell personally, you earn a $100 Gold Bonus.  For each Gold Pak you sell, you earn $50.
  2. Power Bonuses – You can earn points towards your Power Bonus each time you recruit someone into your Shaklee group that has a specified product purchase level in the month you recruited them and in the following three months.  Each time you accrue 15 sponsoring points (recruiting points), during that first 3 month period, you earn a $150 power bonus.
  3. Price Differential – You buy the product at a discounted price and sell it for a retail price and keep the difference.
  4. Personal Group Bonus – When all the people in your downline sell a specified volume of product sales each month, you earn a monthly bonus.
  5. FastTrack Bonus – This is a bonus earned when you have reached a specified Business Leader rank in a specified timeframe.
  6. Incentives – This is where you can earn points towards trips and other rewards sponsored by Shaklee each year.  It is similar in nature to the Power Bonus Point System.
  7. Car Bonus – When you reach 3000 Personal Group Volume and promote a First Generation Director, you can begin to qualify for a monthly car bonus.
  8. Leadership Bonus – When you reach the level of Director, and you begin to develop other Directors in your downline, you earn a monthly bonus on each Director in that downline, up to 6 generations, depending upon your current rank.
  9. Infinity Bonus – This is a monthly bonus of 8% on the volume of all the leaders in your downline team, to infinity, based upon your rank and theirs.  They must be at the rank of Senior Coordinator or higher.

I would say that the Shaklee compensation plan is better than many of the other MLM plans that I have researched, but I still don’t think that this business model is a viable one, especially for those of us who are looking to generate some additional income in retirement and don’t want to spend a lot of time selling, recruiting and training recruits and going to global conventions, etc.  Too much expense and hassle!

Here is the Shaklee compensation plan should you wish to have a look.

income disclosure

The only income disclosure chart that I could find in my research shows what Distributors are making from the leadership rank of Director and up.  There is no indication of what those in the lowest ranks, which will be most people, are making.  This is an obvious indication to me that those at the Distributor and Associate levels are making almost nothing.  But please don’t just take my word for it.  You can read this authority article that details for you the abysmal failure rate of those at the bottom of the MLM strata.  I am not making this stuff up!

I did, however, find the Canadian Income Disclosure statement for 2018 which shows us that the typical participant in Shaklee in Canada earns $250 a year which = $178 US dollars.

Shaklee review income disclosure Canada

Okay, so I know that no business has an income guarantee.  But there is a tremendous amount of work involved in recruiting family and friends in your downline (and make no mistake, these are the first people you will be instructed to approach.  They are termed your ‘warm market’).   You will also have to train these people to sell and recruit others and so on and so on because there is such a high drop-out rate with this kind of business model.

There are those that can be very successful in the multi-level marketing arena.  They are in the top 1%-2% and have a huge social network online and in-person and they have usually been involved in several MLM’s over years.  But I guarantee you that not everyone is suited to this type of selling and I have created a checklist for you so you can see what it truly takes and what you should be wary of before joining any multi-level marketing business.


I could not find recent complaints about this company.  They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  There are some skeletons in the closet.   Those go back to 1974 and 1976.  There was also a huge scandal with one of their most successful distributors who was charged for implementing a Ponzi Scheme on his family and customers.  As horrendous as that sounds, Shaklee disassociated themselves from him immediately.  You can read all about that here.

Pros and Cons


  • company in business since 1956
  • can work online from home
  • not required to store inventory


  • the low-income potential at entry level
  • the MLM business model is flawed
  • have to hassle family and friends to join your team

Final Thought On Shaklee

Thank you for taking the time to read my Shaklee review.  I would have to say that, as far as MLM’s go, Shaklee really isn’t too bad.  Their compensation plan isn’t as ridiculously complicated as so many I have seen and their products, especially their supplements and shakes, have a good reputation.  You might be interested in just joining as a member to try some of their line-ups and get a discount if you find they work for you.

Is Shaklee a scam?  No way!  They have been in business for a very long time and they have an authentic line of products and, overall, a good reputation.  Would I become a Distributor for Shaklee myself?  Never! The multi-level business model is designed to make money for those at the very tip of the pyramid.  The top 1% to 2%.  That is just the way it is.

There is no way I could hassle people I know, whether face to face or online and try to recruit them to be on my ‘team’.  This requires so much work because the drop out rate is so high in network marketing.  So, can this MLM boost your bottom line?  I say no.

But don’t worry because there is another way to generate online income without ever having to leave your home…

A Better Way To Earn An Online Income

Philip and I looked at the MLM business model as well as many other ways to generate some online income.  We had to because we realized very quickly that our retirement funds were just not going to be enough.

If you enjoy products in the health and wellness category yourself, you don’t need to join Shaklee or Plexus, or Youngevity or Isagenix or any other supplement/nutrition MLM company.  You don’t have to be tied down to just one company’s products.  You can sell whatever you want on your very own website (not replicated with someone else’s corporate logo on it).

You can do this as an Affiliate Marketer.  There is no complicated commission structure, no upline to report to, no downline to recruit, and no hassling of friends and family with this business model.  We know this because this is what we do!  And believe me, we knew absolutely nothing about how to work online before we became affiliate marketers.  Zero previous experience.

When we were scouring the internet, trying to find something authentic, we came upon a friendly Canadian company that has been around since 2005, and that had everything we needed to learn affiliate marketing.  At Wealthy Affiliate you will discover:

  • all the training, tools and resources need to become an online entrepreneur affiliate marketer
  • a place to create and have hosted your very own website (like we have).
  • 24/7 technical support
  • a global community of like-minded people who are always ready to help  you
  • a chance to try the platform for FREE, no-obligation, no credit card

I am not saying you will get-rich-quick with affiliate marketing but it is a lot more fun and less complicated than joining an MLM and you will NOT need to harass your family and friends because we don’t do that with this business model.

What have you got to lose?  If you click this Free link, you will see us, Colette and Philip, waiting to welcome you.  Hope to see you there!

All the best,




Product quality


Financial opportunity


Compensation plan





  • company in business since 1956
  • can work online from home
  • not required to store inventory


  • the low income potential at entry level
  • the MLM business model is flawed
  • have to hassle family and friends to join your team

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