Review of Write a Cookbook and Make it Sell by Ron Douglas

Did your grandmother keep a little box full of her favorite recipes?  Maybe your mom did.  Or, you might consider yourself to be a pretty good home cook and have all kinds of yummy ideas that you concocted over the years.

Well, have you ever thought about putting that collection of recipes together and making them create some income for you?  In my review of Write a Cookbook and Make it Sell by Ron Douglas, we will find out if this is something you may like to try.

What is “Write a Cookbook and Make it Sell”?

This is a digital training course, in a modular format, that the author claims will teach you, step by step, how to inexpensively design and create your own cookbook and sell it on Barnes and Noble and Amazon so that you can make a passive income.

He claims he can teach you this even if you have had no prior experience as a writer or cookbook author and that advanced computer skills are not required.

That sounds pretty good so far, but what is more important to me is who is the author and what makes him qualified to teach us how to do this.

Who is Ron Douglas?

Definitely, someone who has had huge success in the cookbook publishing sector.

I have checked his authority in this field and he is authentic.  He was a finance director at JP Morgan years ago and is a New York Times bestselling author.  He has been featured in the media such as the Wendy Williams Show, Good Morning America, People Magazine and the Home Shopping Network, to name a few.

Ron Douglas has built a marketing empire and his strategies are used by millions to create a better lifestyle for themselves.

He is legit.

Who is it For?

This training course is for anyone who has some ideas for recipes that they have created, or maybe family recipes, and would like to turn these into a cookbook, sell it online and create passive income.

Ron tells us that you do not need to be a great chef or home cook to write a cookbook and you don’t even need to have a bunch of recipes yourself.  He will show you where to find royalty free recipes to create your own cookbook.

You could create a baking cookbook!
If you enjoy cooking and baking you could write a book!

Brief Details and Price

Name: Write a Cookbook and Make it Sell


Owner/Creator:  Ron Douglas

What’s Included: Digital format product with 9 training modules

Free Bonuses:  There are 3

Bonus 1:  The resale rights to 27 uncopyrighted cookbooks in PDF format

Bonus 2:  Professional Open Source Website Templates

Bonus 3: “How To” Online Business Videos

Price: $27.00

Upsells: None that I saw

Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee from Clickbank

Overall rating: (out of 10): 8.8

My Review of Write a Cookbook and Make it Sell

Ron Douglas is the founder of several online cooking communities and has sold over 1.4 million cookbooks.

Therefore, his course on how to write a cookbook holds great credibility in my opinion.

Step by step instructions include:

  • How to assess the current market and choose a winning theme and price for your cookbook
  • Where to find non-copyrighted, and royalty-free recipes
  • How to inexpensively get your cookbook created and designed
  • How to get hold of free software to organize your book
  • How to utilize a risk-free method to fund your cookbook project
  • Tactics to get your book selling on Barnes & Noble and Amazon
  • How to find Agents who will get you a book deal
  • How to avoid getting scammed and wasting money on your project
  • A marketing system that will get your readers to anticipate your cookbook before it’s published

Course Content

Module 1- Planning your marketing strategy.  Here you will be taught what the market wants so that you can develop an effective strategy that will help you succeed going forward

Module 2 – Choosing your topic. You will be shown how to pick a winning theme to ensure that people will purchase it

Module 3 – Copyright law regarding recipes.  You will be informed on how to obtain your own ISBN number and copyright protection for your cookbook.  You will also learn how to avoid legal issues.

Module 4- Creating your content.  You will learn where to obtain royalty-free recipes, photos, and images for your cookbook and how to add other content to make it stand out from the competition.

Module 5- Cookbook design. You will learn everything needed to create a professional-looking cookbook. You will be given resources such as free software so that you can do editing, cookbook layout, cover design, and binding.  If you don’t want to write the book yourself, resources such as how to find inexpensive freelancers will be available to you.

Module 6- Price and Profit Analysis.  This lesson details how to publish in an ebook format, or how to get your book printed very inexpensively, for under $3.  You will also learn how to increase the perceived value of your cookbook so that you can increase your price point.   This module is all about maximizing profits.

Module 7-Promotion online and offline of your project.  Promotion of your cookbook will include techniques for building up excitement in your target market and how to find an agent to position your book to secure a publishing deal.  You will learn how to get listed on Barnes & Noble and Amazon and how to ensure long term sales of your book.

Module 8-Fulfilling Orders, Inventory and Automation.  Ron Douglas will share with you the resources he uses himself to manage his business including how to handle unlimited orders in an automated fashion without having to store inventory in your garage or carry boxes to the post office.

Module 9- The Author’s quick-start success system. Using his experience, Ron Douglas will tell you how to use the system he developed to launch a successful cookbook in 60 days.  You will learn how to create your own publishing empire with a starting investment of as little as $125.

This training course is a blueprint for achieving success as a cookbook author.

3 Free Bonuses

27 cookbooks in a PDF format that you can download and resell.  They are uncopyrighted so you can use them to help sell your own cookbook.  You have full rights to them.

Website Templates. You can download these professional templates and customize them to fit your project.  They are compatible with any HTML editor.

Online Business Videos.  Topics include:

  • How to create your own professional ebook for free
  • 5 easy ways to get free website traffic
  • 10 easy steps to mastering web graphics
  • Insider secrets on how to get your site listed in Google and ranking well

Pros and Cons


  • A well-known and successful author
  • Affordable price
  • Free bonus
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Requires hard work
  • Some investment needed to start

Final Thoughts

I like this product and the fact that this author is also the co-creator of another program that I have researched and recommend called Writer Help Wanted.

I am always pleased when I see that there is a money-back guarantee with a product and this one ticks that box as well.

It is refreshing to find a legitimate course written by an authentic, verifiable author who has achieved success.  However, this is not going to be something you can just throw together and hope to make a lot of money.  You will need to follow the step-by-step instructions and adhere to the advice and be patient in order to see results.  It also helps if you are genuinely interested in cooking or you won’t enjoy the process.

Therefore, I recommend this course and I think that if you use the resources and follow Ron’s advice and tips, you could make a name for yourself as a cookbook author.

To learn more about Write a Cookbook and Make it Sell by Ron Douglas use this link.

Have you ever thought about writing a cookbook?  Have you already written one?  Please tell us in the comments section below.  I think this is such a fun idea and you would be helping other readers if you shared your experience.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope you found it helpful.

“Usually, one’s cooking is better than one think’s it is” – Julia Childs

Happy cooking!



Write a Cookbook and Make it Sell




User experience




Value for money



  • A well known and successful author
  • Affordable price
  • Free bonuses
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Requires hard work
  • Some investment needed to start

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