Review of Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteContent Tool

Updated October 24, 2020

For many of us writing content (blogs, posts) for our website is not the most exciting part of our online business. It takes up a lot of our precious time and, even if we are really good at it, we are always looking for ways to do it faster and more efficiently but without detracting from the quality of the finished product.

Word processing has been with us for decades and today there is a huge selection of product options available to us, including many that are orientated towards SEO (search engine optimization). In this review of Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteContent tool, I will be looking at all the features it offers and whether it provides sufficient value for you to consider incorporating it into your online business.

What is SiteContent?

SiteContent is a word processing application with SEO in mind and is designed to assist in the creation and publishing of content to your website. It is a part of Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing training and web hosting platform and is available, without restriction, to both Starter (free) and Premium (paid) members of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Who is SiteContent For?

SiteContent is designed to help both beginner and experienced writers in producing and publishing content to their website.

Beginners will appreciate it’s simple and intuitive interface while experienced writers will benefit from the many features and tools which make the entire writing and publishing process faster and more efficient.

How Much Does SiteContent Cost?

$0.00. There is no additional charge for Wealthy Affiliate members to use the SiteContent tool and so Starter (free) members literally get to use it for free.

Features and Benefits of SiteContent

Templates – pre-installed

When writing, it is so important to have a plan of what you intend to say and the message you are trying to get across to your reader. This helps ensure that the article is structured correctly and minimizes the risk of missing out important information. Working from a template is a great way of creating that plan and can benefit both beginner and experienced writers alike.

writing templates in SiteContent

The template you will be using most frequently, and likely multiple times each week is the ‘Keyword Rich Content Page’ and which is perfect for general posts. Other templates include an ‘About Me’ page, a ‘Privacy Policy’, and an ‘Affiliate Disclosure’.

Templates – create your own

Creating your own templates is extremely easy within SiteContent, involving just a few clicks. You can create from scratch or copy and paste if you find the perfect template elsewhere.

Heading, paragraph, and word-count feature

While there may be some debate over the ideal number, as a general rule the search engines love well-structured posts with lots of words so it’s always a good idea, when planning your article, to decide, approximately, how many words you are going to write.

All the pre-installed templates have predetermined goals for the number of headings, paragraphs, and words to be contained in the article and when creating your own templates you are encouraged to set similar goals for those templates also. As you write, SiteContent tallies your progress towards those goals and shows this, both as a hard count and as a percentage, at the foot of the page.

Spelling and grammar check

For many people, trying to read a post that is full of spelling and grammatical errors can be very off-putting.

Even if we are generally really good at spelling and grammar, mistakes do happen and so having a spelling and grammar check can be really beneficial.

Within SiteContent this is done at the click of a button, typically after the article has been completed. The process takes seconds and the results are presented clearly and with appropriate alternatives offered.

sitecontent spell checker doing its thing

Although the spelling and grammar check works well, I personally would prefer to see notification of an error when the offending word(s) is/are first typed, thus allowing for immediate correction. Such an addition would make this otherwise really good feature an excellent one.

Free images

A few good images can transform an otherwise good article into a great one. The question is, where to find them?

There are many online stock photography sites out there that offer images (both paid and free) in every conceivable category but when you are in the middle of your article, and the creative juices are flowing, who wants to break off and spend hours searching the web for a suitable image?

Within SiteContent, and at the click of a button, you have access to over one million, totally free, images. Just enter the category and make your choice. You are immediately given the option to crop the image and then you decide if you want it aligned to the left, right or center of your article. Give your image a name, if you wish, then hit ‘Save and Insert’ and you are done.

some of the images available in sitecontent image gallery

What could have taken you hours using external sources has taken you minutes within SiteContent.

Unique content feature

The search engines do not like content that they consider to be too similar to already published material and they will penalize you for any infractions.

When you have made all your last minute checks and adjustments, and your post is otherwise ready for publishing to your website, as you tap the ‘Publish’ button, SiteContent searches the web to establish the uniqueness of your article. In the vast majority of cases, and on the assumption you have written the entirety of your article yourself from scratch, nothing will show up and your post is published to your website.

If SiteContent does find existing content that it considers too similar to something in your article then usually all it takes is a few tweaks to your article to correct the problem. The great benefit to you is that the few minutes you spend making those tweaks could save you months of wondering why your post has never been indexed by the search engines.

Automated publishing direct to your website

As soon as you hit the ‘Publish’ button, and provided your article passes the unique content test, your article is posted directly from within SiteContent to your website. It couldn’t be more simple.


Once published there is technically no reason to keep your article in SiteContent and it can be deleted at the click of a button. If you are reluctant to do this you can just leave it there for possible further reference or use. However, if you do this, then, over time, and as you write more and more articles, locating the one you need becomes more difficult and time-consuming. This is where Buckets come in.

Buckets are folders that allow you to group your articles into different categories. They are simple to create and make searching for past articles much faster.

Unfortunately, there is currently only one tier of Buckets available, which means you cannot create sub-categories. This would be particularly helpful once your articles number in the hundreds.

Running total of words and articles

Visible immediately as you enter SiteContent is the running total of all the words you have written to date. As well as self-satisfaction, this can be a useful statistic for future articles.

Likely of more value to most of us are the totals of articles published and unpublished which appear right next to the word count. For a variety of reasons, we may not want to publish a completed article right away, but we don’t want to forget about it either. The unpublished total is a helpful reminder.

Notification of indexing in Google

We all like to see our articles indexed in the search engines and, in particular, in Google. We can check this ourselves but this can be time-consuming particularly if, for reasons known only to itself, Google is taking longer than usual to index a particular post.

As soon as any post, written and published through SiteContent, is indexed an email is generated to the writer notifying them of the indexing. Within SiteContent itself the indexing is indicated on the summary of the article.

sitecontent notification that a post has been indexed in google

Pros and Cons of SiteContent


  • One-stop publishing to your website for a seamless, time-saving, experience.
  • Templates, both pre-installed and self-created, provide a great starting point for every article you write, aid in planning your article, and guide you through the writing process.
  • Spelling and grammar check helps create a more professional appearance to each article and a more enjoyable experience for your readers.
  • Over a million free images, right there at the click of a button, avoid distracting and time-consuming searches on other platforms AND save you money.
  • Unique content feature avoids the risk of being penalized by the search engines for having content that is too similar to existing content on the web.
  • Buckets allow you to organize your articles within categories.
  • Notification of indexing within Google saves you having to constantly check with Google itself.


  • Bucket feature is a little limited and really needs to allow for sub-categories.
  • The spelling and grammar check feature could use some improvement by indicating errors as they are actually typed.

Final Thoughts on SiteContent

In my opinion, SiteContent is an extremely useful and easy to use tool that guides you through the entire writing progress and then seamlessly allows you to add images and publish your posts to your website. The fact that all members of Wealthy Affiliate (including the free members) have free and unlimited access makes it a great value.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I hope you have found this review helpful and of value to you. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Happy writing!


Wealthy Affiliate's Site Content




User experience




Value for money



  • One-stop publishing
  • Writing templates available
  • Free images
  • Unique content feature
  • Google indexing notification


  • Bucket feature is limited
  • Spell check needs tweaking

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