Relationship Hero – Use Your Life Experience To Coach Others

I am happy you found your way to this review because once you have read it you might just be interested in becoming a part of this growing business that has found an innovative way to help people who have issues with their personal lives.  At the same time, you could be supplementing your monthly income, from the comfort of your own home.  This is a 100% remote job opportunity.

Think about this.  We have seen so much of life at our ages, haven’t we?   Careers, kids, grandkids, problems with co-workers, caregivers to parents or siblings, heartaches, and heartbreaks.  We have been there and done that.  What if you could find a job that paid you to help people and one whereby you could use your life experience to coach others?

This is it: Relationship Hero!

What is Relationship Hero?

Relationship Hero is an online platform that operates 24/7 which was created to help people work through complicated personal issues.  These issues could be professional, romantic, social or familial.

As a coach, you work from home and make yourself available in set shifts so that you can give advice when called upon to do so.  Clients are pre-screened to see what their needs are and assigned a particular coach to help them.

Who Can Become a Relationship Hero Coach?

Anyone who passes the intake questions and gets through the paid trial can become a coach, however, it is a rigorous selection process.  This type of work is not for everyone.  But for those who do qualify, it can be a tremendous opportunity to help others as well as generate a good income from home.

I think we Boomers are excellent potential Relationship Hero coaches based on our extensive life experiences.

Brief Details and Price


Owners/Founders: Liron Shapira & Lior Gotesman

Price: No fee to join as a Coach – you are the one getting paid

What’s Included:  30 days paid training, ongoing support as a coach

Rating (out of 10):  9.6

My Review of Relationship Hero

Relationship Hero is a technology company based in the San Francisco Bay area that was founded by Liron Shapira and Lior Gotesman in October of 2016.  It is an online service that operates 24/7 and it connects people with relationship coaches via a chatroom or over the phone and helps them with a wide variety of issues.   Their mission statement is to ’empower people to build and maintain healthy relationships’.

How it all started

Liron Shapira found that, as often happens in life, he was needing some advice regarding his personal life and he turned to his friend, Lior Gotesman, on more than one occasion, to get some quality input and strategies for improving his relationships.  As time passed, they realized that so many other people just need ‘someone to talk to’ and maybe give them some useful input with family issues, romance, and co-workers.  This was the spark that ignited their ambition to found Relationship Hero.

How it works

The way it works is that people in need of counseling, for whatever reason, go to the homepage of the website and immediately they can click on the ‘continue chatting’ icon.  This takes them to a friendly coaching assistant who will ask a few questions to find out which coach would be the most suitable candidate to help with that particular problem.

Every new customer can have a free 10-minute conversation either using the Live Chat feature or on the phone.  After this, they can decide if they want to receive paid counseling from one of the experts at which point they are directed to a secure online payment page to enter their information.   At this point, they are charged per minute.  If for any reason, the customer is not happy with the counseling they receive, they are entitled to a money-back guarantee on up to 30 minutes of service.

Qualities/qualifications needed to become a Relationship Hero Coach

There are specific qualities that Liron and Lior are looking for in their coaches.  These are:

  • compassion and empathy
  • people who are energized by helping others
  • typing speed of 50 wpm+
  • fast learner
  • good writer
  • excellent English, both written and verbal
  • tech-savvy
  • access to fast reliable internet when working
  • a quiet working environment for phone conversations

Additional qualities and skills needed:

  • Insight – the ability to ‘connect the dots’ and make big-picture connections.  Lacking insight is typified by generalizations and platitudes that are not helpful to the client.
  • Actionable advice – you must be able to break down your suggestions into a step-by-step plan that the client can understand and implement.
  • Clarity – you must not allow your personal opinion to cloud the issues. You must be able to draw your conclusions from a non-judgemental viewpoint.
  • Compassion – of course being able to empathize with the client is crucial.  Being compassionate on an intellectual level is necessary to help you coach and advise in a positive direction.
  • Detachment – balanced detachment will assist you in processing information with compassion and objectivity.


Having a background in social work, nursing, teaching, psychology, business, and administration or lifestyle coaching is a plus but definitely not required to become a Relationship Hero coach.

What training do you receive to become a coach?

During the 30 day training period, the company will teach you how to provide effective, practical relationship coaching to anyone, on a global scale.  You will learn how to conduct an exploratory session to a client and offer step-by-step, actionable advice to help those clients maximize their own potential.

Ideally, they are looking for applicants that understand the dynamics of relationships and someone who can take initiative and work as a team with other coaches.

Other topics include:

  • How to coach with the right mix of reason and empathy
  • Training on the various scenarios that are common to their clients
  • How to use their own unique software program to perform the coaching job
  • Training on how to run the coaching programs the company has in place

How much does Relationship Hero coaching pay?

The first thing you need to know is that this is a 40 hour a week, full-time job.  Presently, they do not have any part-time positions, though this could change in the future.

The starting pay is $6 an hour which equates to $1040 a month.  That figure alone could really help your bottom line, couldn’t it?  It goes up from there.  The company offers a 5-10% increase at around the 6-month point, based on your performance.  Additionally, there are other opportunities such as being promoted to the ‘Coaching Quality Team’ whereby you help supervise other coaches.

I think these figures are very attractive, especially if you are needing to supplement your social security.  Plus, you have that added bonus of really doing something positive and beneficial by utilizing all those life skills and experience you have accumulated.

Win-win for all concerned!

In my book, this company has a lot to offer both clients seeking advice and coaches who have a genuine interest in helping others.  I recommend Relationship Hero.

If you would like to apply to join Relationship Hero, you can do so here.  If you do apply, kindly mention that you read about it here at (CRIO).

Pros and Cons


  • authentic owners/founders
  • true work-from-home opportunity
  • great flexibility with scheduling work hours
  • defined pay structure
  • opportunities for advancement in the company


  • potentially stressful
  • a tough selection process for coaches

My final thoughts on Relationship Hero

One of the reasons I believe that Relationship Hero is potentially a great opportunity for us Boomers is because we have that all-important life experience.  We have already been through so many of the same issues that people are facing now and hopefully, can offer some insight and advice to help them along the path of life, with all its ups and downs.  We can empathize.

We grew up connected to others face-to-face, not on social media.  When the phone rang, we used to answer it.  When someone came to the door, we opened it.  We knew our neighbors, and our friends actually came over to the house.  We didn’t text them, we hung out together and talked.  We socialized in real-time, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company in person, not via Facebook shares.  Tell me you don’t remember this?

If our friends were having problems, we sat down with them and talked it through, remember?  We are the last generation to have grown up this way.  I’m not putting down the way it is today because the digital world has transformed our lives in many positive ways, including the creation of companies such as Relationship Hero.

But I believe with all the technology and social media platforms around today, many people have become more isolated and disconnected from one another.  The experience of growing up with lots of human interaction, the way we did, in my opinion, makes us perfect candidates for coaching others.

How great would it be to know you were really helping people in difficulty and also helping yourself to supplement your retirement income?

Now, it’s not for everyone, relationship coaching.   Not every candidate is suitable for this kind of work.   In fact, they accept only about 10% of the candidates that apply.  The downside of this kind of work is that it can be very stressful on you emotionally.  Also, you may not be interested in working a full-time 40-hour week.

If you feel you qualify in all other areas but think your typing is a little rusty, you may be interested in this useful tool.

You can test your current typing speed here.

Relationship coaching maybe not quite your cup of tea?  If so, you might be interested to read about what we do.

Thank you so much for reading my review of Relationship Hero.  Have you ever done this kind of work yourself?  Maybe you have done some other kind of lifestyle coaching?  I would be delighted if you would share a bit of your experience with us in the comments section below.

Please read this if you would like to learn more about online life coaching.

Your friend in cyberspace,



Relationship Hero

No fee to become a coach



User experience




Value for money



  • authentic owners/founders
  • true work-from-home opportunity
  • great flexibility with scheduling work hours
  • defined pay structure
  • opportunities for advancement in the company


  • potentially stressful
  • a tough selection process for coaches

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