Pure MLM Review | Genesis Pure Rebrands But Is It Worth It?

Greetings and welcome to my Pure MLM Review.  Have you ever heard of Genesis Pure?  They changed their name to just “PURE” sometime in 2017.  You may have been told by a family member or friend that this company has an amazing business opportunity for you and you may be wondering if this is legit or just another pyramid scheme with you at the very bottom.

My goal is to research this company and many others and find out if this can really help you generate some income in retirement or not.  I am not an ‘Independent Business Owner’ as they term it, with Pure, nor have I ever been.

Let’s find out more.

What is Pure?

Pure, which stands for People United Reaching Everyone is a multi-level marketing (or network marketing which is another term) company that sells products in the health/beauty/wellness space such as:

  • skincare
  • immunity support
  • weight loss
  • nutrition

Apart from its home base in Texas, Pure has offices in Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Who Is Pure For?

For those who just want to generate a little extra cash or to replace a full-time income.  That could mean those of us in retirement who are looking to boost our bottom line, students, stay-at-home moms or dads, and military spouses.  Ideally, you would be interested in a healthy lifestyle and have a large network of family and friends so that you can recruit them into your business and earn commissions from them, for this is the basis of the multi-level marketing business model.

Brief Details and Price

website:  livepure.com

founder: Dae Geun Jung

CEO:  Daren Hogge

price and what’s included:

$25 to join as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) which includes:

  • replicated website
  • online training tools
  • marketing materials
  • access to your back office
  • the Pure App

however, to be eligible for all the commissions, you will need to purchase an enrollment pack which can cost from $449 up to $2549

guarantee:  there is no income guarantee

CRIO rating (out of 10): 2.8

My Review of Pure

Genesis Pure was first launched back in 2009 and the CEO back then was Lindsey Duncan.  Mr. Duncan had problems with the FTC who went after him for fraud.  He settled with them for 9 million dollars in 2015.  Genesis Pure then dissociated itself from him.  Now, Daren Hogge is CEO and he has over 31 years of experience in the network marketing industry.  Company headquarters are in Frisco, Texas.

As of the summer of 2019, Nerium Biotechnology Inc. aligned itself with Pure and are selling 8 of their skincare line products through the network marketing company.

pure products

The core principles of the Pure product line is what they term the ‘CORE 4’ which refers to:

  1. cleansing the body
  2. balancing the body
  3. building the body
  4. providing focus for the body

Here are some of their best-sellers and the PV, or Personal Volume points (more on this in the compensation plan) assigned to it as well as the price.

PURE MLM review best selling products image

Pure does have an impressive range of products.  I have found both positive and negative reviews about them.  Just remember that none of their products are approved by the FDA, so, as with all health/nutritional products and supplements, each experience can be very different.  It is the same with other nutritional and health-oriented MLM’s such as Isagenix and Shaklee.

Buyer beware.  It is always a good idea to buy one or two products and test them yourself to see what they do for you and if they live up to your expectations.

But, we are here to look at the Pure business opportunity so let us move on.

compensation plan

Terms to know:

IBO Independent Business Owner

Preferred Customer – this is a customer who enrolls in the 28-day auto-ship program to receive a 20% discount on the Pure products

Pure MLM Review Binary tree screenshotPV – Personal Volume – this is the weekly commissionable volume that your retail customers, preferred customers and you, purchase from the company.  Each product has a designated number of points that go towards your PV.

GV – Group, or Team Volume, is sales volume generated by an IBO and they’re downline

Leg –  when you start to recruit others in the binary multi-level marketing business model, you place your recruits in either your left or right leg.   This is what the binary tree looks like in its basic form with you, Mary  at the top and your two ‘legs’ which are Sam (left leg) and Brad (right leg)

There are 6 ways to earn with the Pure opportunity:

  1. Retail Bonus –  paid weekly. Purchase at wholesale, sell at retail price and keep the difference.  Up to a 25% profit on all of your sales from either a retail customer or a ‘preferred customer’.  A preferred customer creates an auto-ship order that ships every 28 days directly to them.  A preferred customer enrolls for free and may receive a 20% discount on products (must be on auto-ship to receive discount). The IBO will earn 5% on all preferred customer orders.  Can sell in person or on your replicated website.
  2. Sponsor Bonus – paid weekly.  Here is where you have to start recruiting your family and friends to join you on your team so that you can earn commissions from their sales as well.  To qualify for this bonus, you must be in ‘active’ status which means you must maintain a minimum of 100 PV (Personal Volume), every 28 days.  This bonus = 10% of the PV of all orders submitted by your new, personally sponsored  IBO’s in their first 90 days.  How much you earn in commission depends upon how much the people you recruited are selling.
  3. Team Bonus – paid out weekly.  To qualify you must be at the level of ‘Bronze Director’ or above, and you must personally sponsor an active IBO on each leg and you must have a minimum of 500 PV on the lesser leg.  Everyone on the same team can benefit from the sales volume and be paid 10% based on the volume of their individual team tree.  The Sponsor and Team bonuses are the foundation to building your business within this MLM business model. Hopefully, you are excellent at recruiting and motivating others because this is crucial for any kind of success.
  4. Generation Bonus – paid out weekly. To qualify for this bonus, you must be an active ‘Gold Director’ or above.  This bonus is calculated as 7% of the total team bonuses paid to your IBO’s in your downline, or your ‘sponsor tree’.  Your rank will determine how many generations deep you can receive payment.
  5. Lifestyle Bonus – paid monthly.  To be eligible for this bonus, you must be at the rank of ‘Gold Director’ through to ‘Emerald Executive’ and achieve that rank for two weeks or more in the current month.  Here, you can use your earnings for things such as a car, vacation, or a college fund.
  6. Leadership Bonus – paid weekly.  To qualify for this bonus, you must be at the rank of ‘Diamond’ or above.  Here, the commissions are based on overall company volume. 3% of Pure total volume is put into a global pool and is shared among the top 6 ranks of leadership.

There are also limited-time incentive bonuses which are basically getting you, the IBO to sell the higher-priced product packages during a certain time frame.  Remember, to be eligible to receive any commissions at all, you must remain in ‘active’ status at all times.  This means that you must have and maintain a PV of 100 every 28 days and have two active IBO’s in your right and left legs that you personally sponsored.

If it all sounds very confusing, don’t worry. It is meant to be.  To achieve any kind of financial success, you must attend trade shows, events, and workshops to find clients.  This is once you have bombarded and drained your family, friends and inner circle to join you in your binary tree.

If you would like to view the entire PURE compensation plan here it is.

income disclosure/how much can you make with Pure?

The income you see is the gross, not the net.  You must still take into account the cost of running your ‘business’ including keeping up that PV of 100, attending trade shows and events and of course you will be under great pressure to attend conventions, because all of these MLM’s hold them.

Here is the income disclosure statement for 2018:

Pure MLM review income disclosure statement

I have circled in red what you can expect to make at the bottom of the pile as an IBO.  Note that the low is $30 (gross, remember) and the average is $117.  These are weekly figures, but also note below in the three shades of green how long it takes, on average, to even achieve this.  11 months as an active IBO.

I don’t know about you, but for me, this just doesn’t work as far as generating some kind of income from home.  Not with all the recruiting involved, keeping up that PV, going out to direct sell to people at the gym, church, community center, wherever.  Not to mention harassing your family and friends to get involved.

Now, you may be someone with a strong background in sales and you enjoy recruiting people and you have enough income to sustain yourself while you wait to climb the ranks and start earning lots of commission from the people in your team.  In fact, I have created a checklist just for this purpose so that you can see what it takes and what you should know before joining any network marketing company.


I could not find a lot of complaints about the products.  When I looked at reviews on Amazon, a lot of people seem to be satisfied with what they purchased.

Pros and Cons


  • authentic products
  • customer satisfaction


  • the flawed MLM business model
  • no FDA approval for products
  • have to recruit family and friends

Final Thoughts On The Pure Opportunity

So, is Pure a scam?  No, absolutely not.  They do have a genuine product line and from my research, a lot of people seem to think it is okay.  Maybe not all that different from other similar products out there.  Certainly more expensive, but a scam, no.  Do I think it is worth it for you to participate in the Pure business opportunity?   No, I don’t.

No matter how it is sold to you by a family member or friend, the MLM business model is inherently flawed and the people making money are those in the top 1% to 2%.  You don’t have to take my word for it.  You can read this document from the Consumer Awareness Institute.  The days of making a lot of money from direct sales for the average person are long gone.  Sure, if you had gotten in when Tupperware first started, in 1942, you would have made a fortune!

The simple fact is that most people make no money or lose money when they participate in any network marketing company.   There are a few that succeed and those are the ones at the very top that speak at conventions and talk about how you can achieve your dream lifestyle, just like they did.  Well, if you are a super salesperson with experience in network marketing and you have a thick skin and the funds to keep yourself going and a lot of time, then I wish you every success.

I don’t have that kind of time and I hate harassing people to purchase products and I dislike even more the idea of recruiting others to join me so that I can earn commissions from them.

What if I told you about another way to generate income that is completely online that you can do from home?

What If There Is A Better Way To Generate Online Income?

Philip and I were pretty scared, I can tell you when we realized our retirement funds just weren’t going to cut it for us.  We had to think about a way to create some income so we started researching on the internet for a long time.  We did look at the multi-level marketing business model and discarded it.  I mean, who wants to have only one product line to sell, have to meet sales quotas to stay ‘active’, have to harass friends and family to purchase from you, and then try to pull them into your team?

Instead, we found another business model that was far less complicated to understand and didn’t involve any of those things I just mentioned.  It is called Affiliate Marketing and it is perfect for us retirees.   Or for anyone, for that matter.  This is not a get rich quick scheme, but it has far less pressure than being in an MLM and you are truly your own boss without having to report to some corporate headquarters or the people above you in your upline.

If you have a favorite hobby or pastime or just something you love such as cooking, golf, books, or pets, you can create your own website and sell whatever you want on it as an affiliate marketer.  We had zero experience working online and here we now have our own website helping people, like you and like us, who may need to generate some income in retirement.

The platform we found that has taught us everything is called Wealthy Affiliate.  It is a friendly Canadian company that has been around since 2005  and you can read Philip’s review about it here.  At Wealthy Affiliate you will discover:

  • a place to have access to all the training, tools and resources you need to learn affiliate marketing
  • a place to build your own website quickly and easily based on something YOU love
  • the ability to have that website hosted
  • 24/7 tech support
  • a  support network of other affiliates located around the world who are helpful and supportive
  • the opportunity to check the platform out for FREE, no credit card needed.

Hey, if it’s not for you, no big deal.  It won’t cost you a cent to come in and see the platform. All I can tell you is that it has made all the difference for us and is helping us improve our bottom line as we go forward in life.  Now, more than ever is a good time to work online and we are so glad that we do.

Whatever you decide, I thank you for taking the time to read my Pure MLM review and I wish you health,  happiness, and success.

Your friend,







Financial opportunity




Value for money



  • authentic products
  • customer satisfaction


  • the flawed MLM business model
  • no FDA approval for products
  • have to recruit family and friends

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