Prosperity of Life Review – Opportunity Or Hype?

I have recently been bombarded on one of our ex-pat forums in Mexico, by a Facebook Ad.  Maybe you have been, too.

It features a video of this middle-aged couple talking about their amazing lifestyle, walking hand in hand along the beach smiling, drinking from coconuts, sitting on lounge chairs by a pool working on their laptops, etc.  I sat through their video, waiting for the product and finally the words “prosperity of life” slipped out and I thought okay, got it!  That’s what they are pushing!  It really got me curious and led me to write this Prosperity of Life review. Is this program they are promoting an opportunity or hype?

I highly commend you for finding your way here and doing your due diligence.   By the way, I am in no way associated with, or an affiliate of, Prosperity of Life, so my review here is based solely on my personal research and desire to review these programs in an unbiased way so that you can make your own decision on whether you would like to invest in them or not.

What is Prosperity of Life?

Prosperity of Life is a Network Marketing company in the self-help, empowerment and personal development space.

Who is Prosperity of Life For?

Well, the ad/video I have been slammed with daily, is geared towards pre-retirees and retirees (which is why it tweaked my interest), who would like to generate some income working from home, the beach, or anywhere, either part or full-time.

Who Are The Owners/Founders?

I feel it is important to research the creators of programs like this because it helps me to understand their mindset and integrity.

Well, unfortunately, Shane Krider, who founded Prosperity of Life used to have another company called Liberty League which was found to have been running an illegal Pyramid Scheme out of Scottsdale, AZ.

I can’t say this gives me a lot of confidence in his current company, Prosperity of Life.

Brief Description and Price


owners/founders: Shane and Rachel Krider

price:  $153.00 per month

what’s included: 

A training portal, marketing website, conference call system and online business manager

upsells: yes, ranging in price from $2,855 to $16,191

guarantee: none

rating (out of 10): 2

My Review of Prosperity of Life

The first thing I need to tell you about this program is that you will have to invest a lot of $’s to get started.

Prosperity of life, which is an MLM but claims not to be, is based on the selling of wealth creation and personal development products.  The two types of products they sell are:

  • digital
  • live conferences and events


Breakthrough 17-day Personal Prosperity System – this is a crash course designed to give you a ‘wake-up’ call to get you thinking pro-actively and to eliminate your current counter-productive way of perceiving the world around you.  This is your introduction after which you will move to the ‘Master of Destinies’ series.

Price for 17-day Personal Prosperity System:  $1,455

The Master of Destinies Curriculum  has 4 stages and takes 12 months to complete:

Master of Destinies 1:

  • know yourself
  • departure
  • decision
  • action

This course is designed to be your guide on your road to greater and greater success in life.  It includes recorded content from live seminars on communication, wealth creation, and advanced personal development concepts.

Price for M1 – $2,855  

Master of Destinies 2 – This is a 5-day live event that is held semi-annually.  It focuses on the following topics related to wealth creation and mindset:

  • how money is created
  • history of money
  • why and how to take the leap
  • prosperity consciousness
  • making money work for you

Price for M2 – $9,940

Master of Destinies 3 – An 8-day live event, also held semi-annually, on Advanced Personal Development.  Topics include:

  • vibration, attraction, and perception
  • epigenetics
  • the field of infinite potential
  • intention and attention
  • change your story change your role
  • delineation and confront

Price for M3 – $16,191

Master of Destinies 7 – this contains additional recorded content from 4 other events including M2 Sovereignty live wealth creation and M3 Influence live personal development seminars.

Price for M7 – $5,740

Master of Destinies 7 Fast Track – This is a discounted pack that includes products M1 and M7

Price for Fast Track – $7,820

How to join Prosperity of Life

You have to have a ‘sponsor’ and that is like the couple that has been blowing up my Facebook page with their video ad.  You need to go to their website and enter your contact details including a phone number.  You will then arrange an interview call to see if you ‘qualify’ to be accepted into the program.

If you are accepted and decide to join, you will have to pay:

  • $49.95 for their starter kit
  • $153 per month for their marketing tools which include Lead manager, Vortex pro, conference call system and

How much can you earn?

Here is the commission you could potentially make on the sale of the above products:

  • M1 – $1,828
  • M2 – $5,000
  • M3 – $8,000
  • M7 – $3,672
  • M7 Fast Track – $5,000

These commissions are very high, its true.  But, here’s a weird thing:  You cannot receive commissions on your first two sales.  The commission for your first two sales must go the person who ‘sponsored’ you to join in the first place (your upline).

You must understand that you will need to purchase each course in order to receive a commission on that particular course.   Also be aware that if you manage to sell a product which you have not purchased yourself, the commission will go to the person in your upline (provided they qualify).  So, in other words, you will have to buy all of these products to earn commissions on all of them.

This means you will have to spend over $33,000 in order to be able to sell these products (not including your monthly fees).


Now, they are a bit different than the usual MLM in that they have an upline/downline system, and it does not consist of multiple levels.  But, as usual, the only way you can really make money is by recruiting others to buy into the system themselves and become a part of the group.

So in my opinion, Prosperity of Life is more hype than an opportunity.  But, don’t just take my word for it.  If you go to this source, you will see many comments from people who have been burned or had a narrow escape from this company.

Pros and Cons


  •  might learn some life-enhancement techniques


  • the price point is ridiculously high
  • the owner has been involved in a scam before
  • strange commission structure

Final Thoughts

I would not call Prosperity of Life a scam because they do actually have some (expensive) digital products and seminars.  But, I sure don’t recommend it.

I have sat through numerous promotional videos created by members of Prosperity of Life, on YouTube (and of course the ad that couple that is bugging me on Facebook created) and they all have this same weird format.  The couple is speaking at the same time and has glassy-eyed expressions as they read in a robot-like fashion from a teleprompter.

But, I guess that can’t be held against people because not everyone is comfortable on camera.  I know that you have to promote this business aggressively on social media and this is part of the wealth creation training and self-improvement in their courses.

Motivating others to have more self-confidence and belief in themselves is a good thing, and there are people who are very well-known who are doing this, such as Tony Robbins.  But I guess, I just personally find all this ’empowerment’ and affirmation stuff just going a little too far and it starts to spill into a cult-like feeling for me.

If you do enjoy these types of self-empowerment seminars, and you choose to participate in an event held by Tony Robbins, you won’t pay as high a fee as you do for Prosperity of Life.  A 3.5 day seminar with Tony, “Unleash the Power Within”, is $2,500.  His “Date with Destiny” 6-day seminar is $5,000.  Quite a bit less than the Prosperity of Life training.

Not only that, but there are plenty of books you can purchase covering all these topics, for a fraction of the cost of going through an expensive training course and attending seminars.

What really clinches it for me, though, is the integrity (or lack of) of the creator of Prosperity of Life.   He was involved in this Liberty League fiasco which doesn’t bode well for his subsequent ventures.  Maybe he has changed, maybe not.  I am not willing to invest my money on the off chance that he is now legit.

Ultimately, it is your decision,  but I would advise you to be very wary and I encourage you to read my article Beware of MLM Opportunities-do this checklist first.

Are you or someone you know, personally involved with Prosperity of Life?  Would you be willing to share a little of your experience in the comments section below?

Other Options

There are so many other possibilities for you on the internet that do not involve this kind of investment!  I have written an article called Money Making Ideas for Retirees which will give you other options to consider, including affiliate marketing, which is our preferred method of making money online.

What We Do

Philip and I found ourselves needing to generate income in our retirement so we spent months searching for something that wasn’t too expensive and that would provide training for us as we went along.  We found what we were looking for and we were able to go into the program and check it out for FREE, without obligation, before committing to it.  If you would like more information you can read about it here.

Thanks for reading and please, be careful on the internet and know that I am always here researching for you.



Prosperity of Life

$153 a month + upsells from $2,855 to $16, 191



User experience




Value for money



  • might learn some life enhancement techniques


  • the price point is ridiculously high
  • the owner has been involved in a scam before
  • strange commission structure

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