Online Data Entry Jobs Review – a Scam?

For many of us, particularly as we get older, the prospect of working from home, whether because of need or choice, is an enticing one.  There is a huge variety of jobs that can be done from home but one that particularly lends itself to the home environment is data entry.  But how do you go about finding the work Its creators say Online Data Entry Jobs can help you.

In this Online Data Entry Jobs review, I will let you know if this a useful tool that will help you to find this kind of work or a scam.

What is Online Data Entry Jobs?

Online Data Entry Jobs is a downloadable directory which purports to provide contact information on over 2,500 companies who regularly have available data entry jobs that can be done from home.

It also includes sections on how to successfully work from home (setting up a home office) and apply for jobs (resume tips).

Who is it For?

It is intended for anyone who wants to work from home in the field of data entry.  For more general information on doing data entry from home see Colette’s article Data Entry Jobs From Home.

Online Data Entry Jobs at a Glance

Name:  Online Data Entry Jobs


Owner:  Jay Harris

What’s included: Digital download

Price:  $17.00

Upsells:  None

Guarantee: 60 days (from Clickbank)

Rating (out of 10):  1

Online Data Entry Jobs Review – the Website

I am always concerned when the website promoting a product is confusing and/or misleading and/or downright untruthful.  It gives me serious concerns about the product being promoted before I have even looked at the product itself.

For me, this website has a lot of red flags:

Are There or Are There Not Actual Data Entry Jobs Included in the Directory?

One of the opening statements on the website is as follows:

Website notice saying pre-screened data entry jobs

Now, doesn’t this lead you to think that the directory includes actual jobs that they, the preparers of the directory, have actually viewed and prescreened?  That’s what I would assume.  But there are no actual jobs listed in the directory, at least not any real ones.

We are also told that:

website statement that companies are hiring right this very secondHowever, one of the opening statements in the Directory itself is the following disclaimer:

online data entry jobs disclaimer

So, not only are there no actual jobs listed in the directory but we are now told that the companies that are mentioned may or may not have jobs available “right this very second”.  Also, please note the reference in the disclaimer to the companies listed being “reported” to have expressed interest in “telecommuters and independent contractors”.  There is no mention of those companies being involved with data entry, just in hiring people to work from home.  As you will see later in this review, this is a theme that repeats itself throughout the directory.  Also, the use of the word “reported” implies the preparers of the directory have not even sought to verify that these companies do in fact offer any kind of work from home.

Positions Open Right Now

We are presented with a list of positions that are “open right now”.  But just take a careful look at the list:

list of online data entry jobs available right now

The first six jobs listed may or may not exist and may or may not involve data entry (it doesn’t say) but the Assembly, Packaging, Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design and Article Writing jobs, even if they exist, manifestly have nothing to do with data entry.

Also, take a look at this:

website statement that over 800 computer jobs are available right now

We are being told the directory has all these computer jobs listed.  That’s great if you are looking for a job in computers but isn’t this supposed to a directory of data entry jobs?

Complete Contact Information

We are promised that we will be supplied with complete contact information for each listed company:

website statement that complete contact information for all listed companies will be supplied

In the directory, I did not find a single company where all that information was supplied.  Instead, there is a hodgepodge of contact information with some companies having just their physical address shown, some just their website address while others have just a link.  I comment later on the accuracy of this information.

What has This to do With Anything?

Part way down the website sales page we are, somewhat bizarrely, presented with the following information:

jay harris clickbank earnings

If anyone reading this review can explain to me the relevance to data entry jobs of Jay Harris’ Clickbank earnings then I would love to hear from you!

There is, of course, no relevance and I am at a complete loss to understand the reason for including these details.  Yet another example of how this website contains nothing but confusing, misleading and inaccurate information!

Online Data Entry Jobs Review – the Directory

If my comments on the Online Data Entry Jobs website haven’t already caused you to pass on this product, I assure you there is worse to come when we look at the directory itself.  For this part of the review, I am going to focus mainly on a selection of the topics mentioned in the opening Index from the directory.

Data Entry Telecommuting Jobs

Note: “Telecommuting” means working from home.

So this looks promising, does it not?

The corresponding section in the directory is, effectively, in four parts.

The first part is simply a list of links (12 in all) to various companies with a very brief description of what the company does.  Of the twelve, and based on the given description, only six could conceivably offer data entry work, the rest are looking for such people as healthcare experts, telesales specialists, and sales reps.  In addition, four of the links took me to totally different and unrelated websites and for another two I got a ‘website not found’ message.

The second part, and which runs to some 26 pages in total, comprises an alphabetical list of jobs with a brief description of the job itself and the purported contact information of the company.  Simply based on the job titles (‘adult family care provider’, ‘advertising reps’, ‘artists’, business writers’, ‘career planning manager’, to name but a few) it is clear that at least 75% of these jobs have absolutely nothing to do with data entry.  In fact, in the first 10 pages, I found only two jobs that even mentioned data entry.  In addition, no websites are given so it is impossible for me to verify if these companies even exist let alone have the described jobs available.

The third part is simply a list of job agencies with their contact information.  Wait a minute, isn’t this directory supposed to be about actual companies that themselves have actual jobs available?  If you want to check out job agencies, a simple google search will give you an endless list so why would you need this directory?  Besides, of the twelve links I clicked on only 4 took me to the named agency, the rest were either broken links or took me to totally unrelated businesses.

The fourth part is another seemingly endless (18 pages) list of jobs almost all of which have nothing to do with data entry.  Job titles included accountants (bachelor’s degree in accounting/finance required), artists, calligraphers, computer programmers, and cartoonists.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Over 2500 Job Search Links

This section of the directory comprises 90 pages (YES 90, nearly a third of the entire directory) of links to job agencies. Isn’t the purpose of this directory to take the work out of finding data entry jobs?  How does simply providing links to over 2,500 job agencies do that?  Besides, I clicked on the first ten links and only one took me to a functioning website.  I gave up after that.

Data Entry Companies that Hire Homeworkers

Now, I don’t believe you can get more explicit than that.  Finally, the real deal.  We are at last going to get some useful information.

This section includes a list of companies together with brief details of a data entry job they purportedly currently have available.

I clicked randomly on 10 links with the following results:

  • WordPress login page
  • domain for sale
  • job finder website
  • telemarketing company
  • page not found (2)
  • call center
  • partially constructed website
  • a single page with no information
  • website in Chinese (in fairness this might have been about data entry but, as I don’t speak Chinese, I couldn’t say)

So, no, this wasn’t the real deal!

Data Entry Work at Home Companies

Again, sounds promising, doesn’t it?  But just take a look at some of the topics/links contained in this section:

list of topics in section on data entry work at home companies


Do you see anything there that even remotely resembles data entry?  Just out of morbid curiosity, I tried clicking on some of the links but after discovering the first three were broken and then getting a virus warning I decided to stop.  And, no, you are not going to earn $400,000+ a year doing data entry from home!   

It’s likely that by now you will have sadly come to the conclusion that this product is not going to offer you any real assistance in finding data entry from home jobs, but if you are still wavering, please read on.

Data Entry Home Jobs

Maybe this time?

This is a list of companies organized by job title.  While some of the job titles could conceivably involve data entry most could not.   Here is a random selection:

  • commission circulars/mailing letters (definitely not)
  • envelope stuffing (what do you think?)
  • mystery shoppers (maybe, after you have gone shopping)
  • caligraphers (no)
  • illustrators (this is getting silly)

Various contact information for each company is supplied.  Not having learned my lesson from the last time, I tried clicking on some of the links that were supplied but not one (out of five that I tried) took me to the named company’s website.  What do you think are the chances that the physical addresses supplied are correct?

Cost Effective Franchise Opportunities???

What the….?  I felt I just had to include this simply to show the ridiculousness of this directory.  And, no, there is no earthly connection between a data entry job (from home) and buying a franchise.

But Wait There’s More!

But seriously, I could write on virtually every single section in the directory but it would just be more of the same.  There may indeed be some genuine data entry jobs (from home) mentioned in this directory, and/or companies that do offer that kind of work, but they are few and far between and largely coincidental.  And even if you do, miraculously, find something that interests you, the chances are the contact information will be incorrect.

Pros and Cons


  • Includes a helpful section on writing a resume
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Fails to meet it’s stated purpose (supplying information on data entry jobs from home jobs/employers)
  • Endless lists of job agencies
  • A huge number of broken links
  • Lots of irrelevant information

Is Online Data Entry Jobs a Scam?

I am not going to call Online Data Entry Jobs a scam because I cannot say with absolute certainty that none of the jobs mentioned relate to data entry or that none of the employers mentioned have data entry jobs available.

Do I recommend Online Data Entry Jobs?  Absolutely not!

Final Thoughts

Online Data Entry Jobs comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee (from ClickBank, a reputable online retailer) and if, because of this, you want to take a look at the directory for yourself you can do so here.  If you do, I strongly advise you to clearly mark the expiration date of the guarantee in your calendar.

If you are not dead set on data entry and would like some ideas for other work that you can do from home read Colette’s post Money Making Ideas for Retirees.

If you would like to see how Colette and I make money, check this out.

Thank you for reading this review on Online Data Entry Jobs.  If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Have you checked out Online Data Entry Jobs?  If you have then I would love to hear from you with your thoughts.

Best wishes,




Online Data Entry Jobs




User experience




Value for money



  • Includes helpful section on writing a resume
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Fails to meet its stated purpose
  • Endless list of job agencies
  • Huge number of broken links
  • Lots of irrelevant information

6 thoughts on “Online Data Entry Jobs Review – a Scam?”

  1. Working from home is a Dream come to true for so many people, particularly in this day and age! unfortunately the scams are also in a rise, which makes it more difficult for real & honest programs that provide real opportunities, Some Scams had well enough that are a little difficult to identify, Online Data entry does sound Fishy and i probably wouldn’t use it, let me guess, no free version or free trail either?

    Thanks for the article!

    • Thanks for your comments, Mark. Yes, it’s very sad that we have to be constantly on our guard against scams and otherwise worthless products like this one. And, yes, you are also correct in assuming there is no free version or free trial.
      All the best,

  2. Thanks for the info! Being more of a creative type, I would drive myself crazy with data entry. It’s crazy how many broken links and unfinished sites there were. I’ll definitely stay away.

    • Thanks for your comments, Casey. I agree data entry is not for everyone and would probably best suit those with an office or clerical background. As to the broken links and unfinished sites in the Online Data Entry Jobs directory, these and other similar errors turn a product that already had little intrinsic value into a worthless one.
      All the best,

  3. It is amazing how more and more people are desiring to work from home. These types of jobs have so many benefits and are really rewarding. Times have really changed no more do you have to leave home as some jobs require when you can now make a good income from the comforts of your home. These jobs are simply amazing.

    • Thank you, Norman, for your comment.
      Yes indeed, these kinds of jobs can be very beneficial and provide a decent income. They are particularly useful for anyone approaching retirement who may be looking to generate some income from home. But we need to be careful because there are so many products out there that promise so much but deliver nothing, much like Online Data Entry Jobs.
      Colette and Philip


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