My Review of Writer Help Wanted

I continue to research products on the internet to help you generate some income from home.  Some are good, some are bad and some are, truly, downright ugly.

I took a long look at this product and in my review of Writer Help Wanted I will tell you what the program is all about, who has created it and how it may or may not be of benefit to you.

What Is Writer Help Wanted?

This program is designed to take aspiring writers from earning good money doing freelance writing work and starting their own business, to earning a passive income from their writing efforts over and over again.

They teach you how to avoid the mistakes that many other writers make, how to avoid content mills, scams, and the other pitfalls of freelance writers.

Who Is It For?

This program is designed to be of benefit to the novice writer, aspiring to greater success, through to the more experienced writer who may already have seen some success but is looking to learn more and leverage that knowledge into higher income.

The creators of the program tell us that their product is ideal for:

  • home job seekers
  • freelancers
  • bloggers
  • authors

Let’s take a look at the basics…

The Basics

Name Writer Help Wanted
Owner Alice Seba and Ron Douglas
Price $27.00
What you get Digital format modular training program (5 modules), videos, access to the
private Facebook group
Guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee from Clickbank
CRIO rating (0-10) 8.5


My Review of Writer Help Wanted

Alice Seba and Ron Douglas, authors

The first thing that caught my eye and gave me some confidence in this product is that the creators, Alice Seba, and Ron Douglas are verifiable, real people with some impressive credentials.

Alice Seba is a work-from-home mom who has been running her own successful online business since 2002.  She is a guru of content writing.

Ron Douglas is a New York Times best-selling author who has sold over a million books and has been featured in People Magazine, on Fox News and Good Morning America.

They combined their knowledge, experience, and expertise and created this program Writer Help Wanted.

Here is a synopsis of their course:

  • 5 Training modules
  • Daily job listings
  • Video lessons/case studies featuring professional writers
  • Checklists

5 Training Modules

Module 1 – The Writing Market.  Here you will discover a variety of writing markets and how to specifically write for them.  They will teach you how to make money providing your writing services in a particular market and how to turn that business into a more passive income producer.

Each writing market contains:

  • an overview and how you can make money from it
  • the average earnings you can expect
  • success tips to give you an edge over the competition

Module 2 – Get Paid Now, Finding Online Jobs.  This module is especially for writers who are looking to generate income immediately.  They will show you how to find jobs and how to qualify for them.

In this module you will learn about:

  • finding the best jobs on freelance writing sites
  • exploring job ads and learning how not to get scammed or follow bad leads
  • how to grow your contacts and keep a stream of work flowing your way
  • creative and imaginative ways to secure writing jobs

Module 3 – From Jobs to a Business – Scaling up to get Long Term Work.  Here you will learn how to scale yourself up to become a professional writing service and have clients come to you.  You will establish yourself as the go-to person in your niche.

This module includes:

  • finding your specialty niche and giving yourself an edge over the competition
  • pricing your writing services correctly so that you can generate the most income in the least amount of time
  • obtaining your first clients and adding to your client base
  • how to avoid the most common mistakes of working with clients and how to avoid the “clients from hell”
  • how to scale your business and build a team to help you

Module 4 – Creating a Passive Income Stream.  You will learn about strategies to help you create income while you sleep.  You will also find how to inexpensively outsource writing to others, enabling you to increase your earnings but work less yourself.

In this module, you will:

  • find a niche that you feel passionate writing about and that has an unlimited earning potential
  • 5 ways to turn your writing into continuous profits
  • how to create efficiency in all the systems you are using in your business

Module 5 – Improving Your Skills-Building Authority and Writing Persuasively.  In this module, you will learn how to build your authority within a given niche and establish yourself as an expert.

You will:

  • Increase your confidence level so that you will be perceived as an expert in your niche
  • Engage with your reading audience with your own unique style so that they can’t wait to read you again
  • Learn the art of persuasive writing so that your current clients and prospective clients will hire you without hesitation

By the end of these 5 modules, you will have all the information you need to build and grow a successful writing business.

Daily job listings

These can be found in the Writer Help Wanted members’ area and they are updated frequently.  There is also a closed Facebook group for members only.

Video case studies/lessons featuring 8 professional writers

Featured, successful writers will share their secrets with you including:

  • Alice Seba – Co-creator of Writer Help Wanted.  She is the primary breadwinner for her family and will share with you how she acquired more than 20,000 customers to pay for the rights to publish her content
  • Brian G. Johnson – A Kindle Publishing expert.  He will share with you the secrets of selling thousands of your book on Amazon and how to earn a passive income
  • Annette Elton – A Successful Ghostwriter.  Annette owns a ghostwriting business that specializes in content for online business owners.  She will share with you the one skill that pays you up to 10 times more than writing articles or books
  • Derek P. Writer – World Traveling Freelancer.  You can learn tips on how to live an exotic globe-trotting lifestyle wherever you wish to go, supported by your writing
  • Garnet Miller – Freelance Writer. In her training video, Garnet will reveal to you how she paid for her kids’ college tuition and then went on to create a second income writing about subjects she felt passionate about such as fitness, family, healthy eating and current events
  • Fred Stroppel – Professional Playwright and Screen Writer.  Fred is in high demand as a playwright, screenwriter, and writer for children’s television shows.  He will teach you how to turn your writing into a prestigious career, as he has done
  • Lynn Terry – Super Affiliate and Blogger.  Social media expert Lynn shows you some simple yet effective ways to build a large audience of readers and earn commissions from companies for referring their products
  • Ron Douglas – Co-creator of Writer Help Wanted.  Ron is an expert at building email lists and has used his writing skills to build an enormous following and he has sold over 1.4 million books and ebooks.  In his video training, he will reveal to you how you can achieve success equal to his own


  • finding your writing market-brainstorming sheet to help you discover the right market for you
  • working with clients-pricing and invoicing
  • content creation-handy for finding your own writing style, how to self-edit and how to write persuasively
  • marketing -handy checklists for marketing your products

Authentic Testimonials

Authentic Testimonial for Writer Help Wanted
Authentic Testimonial for Writer Help Wanted
Authentic Testimonial for Writer Help Wanted

Pros and Cons


  • Authentic, well-known and successful creators
  • Low price  point
  • Ongoing support with private Facebook group
  • Easy to follow
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Will require hard work
  • No overnight success

Final Thoughts on Writer Help Wanted

This product is not for someone who wants to learn how to write, but rather for someone who is already doing so and would like to get some information and techniques for increasing their client base and leveraging additional skills.

I really think this product is excellent value.  At a price of $27, I can’t see that you have anything to lose, considering you also have a money-back guarantee.


So often, we see these online products that have phony pen-names of the owners, stock photo models, and fake testimonials.  Not so with Writer Help Wanted.  The authors are successful, verifiable writers with years of experience.  I checked them both out and they are legit!

The 5 modules build upon one other to make it easy to follow and you then get the additional training videos by the authors and other successful writers in their fields.  There is also the private Facebook community which will offer you additional tips and support.

However, it should be said that you will still not become a famous writer overnight, making thousands of dollars.  The developers of this writing program didn’t either, but if you have a blueprint to follow, and you make the effort to put in the work yourself, then you are well on your way to achieving success as a freelance writer.

For the value you get at such a reasonable price, and especially in view of the money-back guarantee, I heartily recommend Writer Help Wanted. 


Thank you for taking the time to read my review.  Are you an aspiring writer yourself?  Have you already been published?   Please share with the readers any advice or experiences you may have had as a writer in the comments section.  We all learn from each other.

How We Create Income From Writing

If you like to write but feel that writing for others is not what you want to do then perhaps consider affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you would be writing articles for your own website and then earn sales commissions on products that you promote on that website.

You can learn more and read about our # 1 recommendation here.

To your writing success,


Writer Help Wanted




User experience




Value for money



  • Authentic, well known and successful creators
  • Low price point
  • Ongoing support with private Facebook group
  • Easy to follow
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Will require hard work
  • No overnight success

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