My Review of Freelance Profit Academy

Welcome and congratulations on choosing to read my review of Freelance Profit Academy.

I believe that, like me, you are looking for legitimate ways to make some online income in your retirement.  However, there are so many programs, courses and high-pressure sales pitches costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the internet these days that it may leave you with your head spinning, wondering how you can find something authentic and realistic that will work for you (and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg).

That is my job!  To research the many options and help you decide which ones might be of value and which ones to avoid.

Please read on because I think you may be interested in the following item.

What is Freelance Profit Academy?

It is a system, created by author Maggie Linders, delivered in a membership style platform, that will teach you how to:

  • improve your writing skills
  • manage deadlines and keep yourself focused
  • approach clients and get those writing jobs
  • understand how and when to charge more for your work
  • how to transform yourself into a successful freelance writer making a good income from  home

Who is Maggie Linders?

My Review of Freelance Profit Academy Image of Owner Maggie Linders
Maggie Linders

A real, authentic, successful writer!

We have become accustomed to mysterious owners with many of these online success programs who are afraid to give you their real names for ‘privacy’ reasons, or hide behind stock model images because they don’t want you to see their faces (why not if they are legit).

Maggie Linders is easy to find.  She has a website dedicated to helping you as a freelance writer and an active Facebook page.  She teaches brand new and experienced freelance writers how to begin, grow and maintain a successful writing business.

Who is This for?

Freelance Profit Academy is for anyone who is serious about creating a good income as a freelance writer, or, ‘freelancer’, even if they only have average skills.  If you love to write and want to make good money doing so but don’t know how or where to begin, this program will show you the way.

In my opinion, this is a perfect platform for those of us who are looking to generate online income as we reach retirement and beyond because this can be done from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Basics

NameFreelance Profit Academy
OwnerMaggie Linders
Price$29.99 each month
$1.00 for a 7-day trial
What you getAn 8-week modular ‘Success Bootcamp’, member’s only job opportunity feature,
active support community, and exclusive monthly training events
Guarantee60-day, money-back guarantee from Clickbank
CRIO rating (0-10)9

My Review of Freelance Profit Academy

8-week success program banner

We are told by Maggie Linders that, if we follow her 8-week ‘Success Boot Camp’, we can launch our own successful freelance writing business from home.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at this 8-week ‘Success Boot Camp’ program:

Week 1 – The Success LaunchPad

This opening segment is designed to get your basics in place for starting your business such as creating your workspace, client agreements, taxes, and accounting.  Other items covered are:

  • goal setting tricks
  • calculating your hourly rate
  • creating a business plan
  • avoiding burnout and achieving balance in your work/home life

Week 2 – Let’s Get Visible

Here you will be introduced to some highly effective yet simple marketing tactics.  You will find:

  • The places you need to be seen online by potential clients and how to do this for free
  • A guide for creating your own website including tips for how to make it attractive to clients
  • The 3 best websites for you to attract clients right away

Week 3 –  More Visibility

In this component, the focus will be on improving writing skills and creating a name for yourself:

  • simple ways to improve your writing style, make an impression on your clients and raise your prices
  • types of writing gigs in which you will become a specialist and thus earn more money
  • correcting the most common grammatical errors quickly
  • an in-depth guide to doing online research and putting yourself ahead of the game

Week 4 – Getting Those Clients

Here you will learn how to get work and attract all the clients you will ever need plus how to be competitive and avoid scams.   You will discover:

  • free tools to automate Craigslist jobs and avoid the scams
  • secrets to finding good jobs on Craigslist that few people know about
  • how to vet clients and avoid fraudsters
  • dozens of little-known, high-quality job resources that you can access with minimal competition
  • the 7 biggest scams to avoid
  • how to determine whether to quote an hourly or fixed fee

Week 5 – How to Triple Your Income as a Specialist Freelancer

Step by step instructions on the biggest secrets to success as a freelancer including:

  • 4 simple questions and 3 golden rules to finding your specialist subject
  • A 7 step process to creating your personal brand and attracting clients on a global scale
  • how to further specialize your specific skills and to put yourself ahead of the pack
  • how to find the biggest specialist opportunity to make money as a freelancer and why it pays so well

Week 6 – Clients on Autopilot

You will learn how to ramp up your marketing skills to create a client stream that will want to hire you before you have even connected with them.  You will discover:

  • a detailed, step-by-step training session on getting clients that most freelancers ignore
  • an action plan to attract clients on Facebook for free all-day long
  • a free strategy to attract clients on Twitter
  • a free action plan to get clients on LinkedIn

Week 7 – How to Find and Keep Those Higher Paying Clients

In this section, you will learn how to create a captivating sales pitch to acquire even more clients and how to set a competitive price for yourself without getting ripped off.  Additionally, you will be taught when and how to raise your rates and the secret places to locate those higher-paying clients.  You will find:

  • 10 places where you can find those higher-paying clients that most freelancers overlook
  • a simple strategy to attract high-paying clients and win the job
  • an email template you can use to send to those potential clients
  • how to craft a professional job proposal
  • a freelance writers agreement that you can use to protect yourself from any legal issues and ensure that you get paid
  • how to create professional invoices that you send to your clients
  • tips on how to interact with your clients to gain their respect and make sure you deliver the quality they want, to their specifications
  • a couple of simple tricks to gain back old clients that may have fallen off your radar

Week 8 – Quit That Day Job and Scale Your Income to Six Figures

This last section details a proven plan to help you transition from your current employee job to your own lucrative freelance business.  You will discover here:

  • how to cement your reputation as a writer who is in demand and have clients waiting in the wings for your services
  • a quick review of all the information covered in the previous weeks
  • how to eliminate any lingering self-doubt you may have and set in motion an action plan
  • 7 additional ways to earn even more money, including through a passive income stream
  • how to ensure your continued success as you move forward after you have removed your ‘training wheels’

Additional Resources

  • Video transcriptions – videos are also transcribed into writing if you prefer that format
  • Worksheets – fill-in-the-blanks type worksheets to help give structure to the information you are learning and enhance your ability to execute the study materials
  • Ready-made templates – cut and paste type email templates that you can use for corresponding with clients
  • Action plans – specific action steps to take after each module so you know exactly what to do next and avoid confusion
  • Graduation packet – at the end of your training you will receive a special ‘Graduation Packet’ that will guide you on using your new skills and help you grow your income and your business in the future

More Features

Job Opportunities

job feature for Freelance Profit Academy

With this feature, Maggie Linder’s team will scour the internet, hand-pick the best opportunities for you and post them to your account, saving you valuable time.

Support Community

support community for Freelance Profit Academy

Here you will find a supportive community of other writers at all levels that can give you practical advice as well as moral support, should you need it.

The author herself, Maggie Linders, is also available in this private forum, as well as other successful writers and they can help you with things such as:

  • helping to inspire you
  • assisting you with tax advice
  • giving feedback on your own work

Monthly Training Events Feature

Monthly training events feature

Monthly training events are included in the membership to help keep you updated on the latest technology and tools in the industry.  Events are recorded and transcribed so you can listen, watch or read them even when you are on the go.

Added Bonus

You will receive 3 bonus interviews with 3 top freelance writers who make a 6-figure income.

I have researched these writers and they are the real deal, authentic successful people who will share their stories and experiences with you to help inspire you on the road to this lucrative profession.

These authors are:

Image of Kelly James-Enger, author

Kelly James-Enger: A freelancer with nearly two decades of experience who specializes in the health and wellness industry.  Kelly has published over 900 articles in national magazines such as Woman’s Day, Health and Family Circle. She has also authored more than a dozen books and co-authored/ghostwritten 12 more.

Image of Don Sadler, author

Don Sadler: As a self-employed freelancer in the financial services realm for nearly 30  years, Don has written and edited content for all types of financial institutions.  His clients include Janus Capital Group, PNC Bank and Ernst & Young.  Don specializes in writing marketing communications materials including website copy, white papers, blogs, case studies and brochures.

Image of Brian Honigman, author

Brian Honigman: Brian has written for big names such as the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Dell, Inc., and Entrepreneur.

Within these interviews,  you will discover:

  • the single biggest thing you can do to land a writing gig over the competition, even if your skills are not the best
  • the secret to getting those high-paying clients to approach and hire you
  • how writing is not the most important skill of a six-figure freelancer
  • how to handle clients that may be having issues with your work so that you don’t lose them or burn bridges
  • how to create a personal brand for yourself (and how important this really is), with a real-life example
  • 3 places to find portfolio building tools to create a portfolio for yourself that looks trustworthy and gets you noticed
  • how to know exactly what to charge your clients and keep more of them coming in
  • big picture strategies to generate a flow of clients so that you need never worry about where your next paycheck is coming from

Finally, a 7 day trial for $1

7 day trial for $1

This is very transparent to me, the $1 trial, because it shows that the author, Maggie Linders, believes in her product and is giving you a chance to come in and do a ‘test drive’ to see if the program has value to you.

After the 7 day trial period, you are free to opt-out of the program or continue with the monthly membership of $29.95 a month (which works out to 96 cents a day).

Of course, if after 60 days you are not completely happy with Freelance Profit Academy, you can receive a full refund through Clickbank.

Freelance Profit Academy Pros and Cons


  • Authentic author
  • Step-by-step training
  • Ongoing support
  • 7 day trial for $1
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Hard work and discipline required
  • Will take time to generate a large income

Final Thoughts

I believe you would be hard-pressed to find a more authentic product on the market to help you realize your goal of becoming a successful freelance writer.

This course provides you with a step-by-step, 8 week, modular program that encompasses the entire business from setting yourself up in your home office, to creating what could, potentially, be a six-figure income for yourself.

Now, will that happen overnight?  Of course not!  Nor does Maggie Linders tell you that it will.  There is a lot of hard work involved in branding yourself and getting your name out there.  But I think that this program, featuring the wealth of experience of the author, the monthly training events, job opportunities, and support community, could give you a huge head start and set you on course to become a successful and well-to-do freelance writer.

The 7 day trial for $1 and the 60-day money-back guarantee means that you have nothing to lose when it comes to just checking it out to see for yourself.

What We Do

I so much appreciate your having taken the time to read my article here.  We love writing and we especially love helping people who, like ourselves, may need to generate some income from home, or anywhere in the world, on the internet.

To learn about how Philip and I apply our writing skills please read Philip’s article here.

Have you ever dreamed about being a successful writer and working from home or even being a digital nomad that travels the globe? I would love to hear about your experience or your dreams in the comments area below.

Just remember, “what one person can do, another can do.”

Happy writing from your friend,


Freelance Profit Academy

$29.95 a month membership



User experience




Value for money



  • authentic author
  • step-by-step training
  • ongoing support
  • 7- day trial for $1
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • hard work and discipline required
  • will take time to generate a large income

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