My Review of AWOL Academy – Hope You Have Deep Pockets!

Updated September 14, 2020

I have been trying to see what has happened with this company, AWOL Academy.  It looks like they may have been shut down as I cannot find their website anywhere.  I did find this comment on the BBB website which tells me this company probably no longer exists.  They may come back with the same two guys that started it under a different name in the future, so I will keep you posted.

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I certainly hope you did not invest any money in AWOL Academy!

If you would like to see what a legitimate Affiliate Marketing platform can offer you, without the ridiculous pricing that AWOL Academy had, please read Philip’s review of Wealthy Affiliate here.  It is our #1 recommendation for creating an online income.

It’s great that you are here and I hope you can take the time to read my review of AWOL Academy.  It is so important to do your research before committing to any online courses.  If you decide that this program is the one for you, all I can say is, I sure hope you have deep pockets!

What Is AWOL Academy?

AWOL Academy is an online course that teaches you how to become an internet entrepreneur.  The main focus is to teach people how to make money doing affiliate marketing.

They offer in-depth training, tools, and a coaching program with lifetime support as well as their own affiliate program for those who qualify.

Who Is AWOL Academy For?

It’s for anyone who is interested in a comprehensive course on how to become successful in doing affiliate marketing.  It is also for people who would like to work online from home.  Affiliate Marketing is a 100% work-from-home opportunity, but before you get too excited, you need to see what this course will cost you.

Brief Description And Price


owners/founders:  Keala Kanae & Kameron George

Price:  $99.00 for the basic course

upsells:  there are many, totaling thousands of dollars – you will see this below

What’s included: Five modules designed for beginners to learn the basics of building and designing a sales funnel to sell products/services online

rating (out of 10): 4

My Review of AWOL Academy:

The acronym AWOL stands for “Another Way of Life” and this is what the owners of this program are trying to sell you.  The program was founded in 2015 by Keala Kanae and Kameron George.

The first thing you see in their sales pitch is the luxury mansion gimmick which always looks so phony and cheezy.

phony luxury mansion

However, this is a real company, based in Las Vegas.  They have had experience developing other similar programs, with varying degrees of success.

Let me get straight into the products that are offered in this course, what they contain, and how much they cost.


Pro Academy ($99.00)

This is the foundation course for AWOL.  Before you can access the information, however, you must view their welcome video and set up your profile.  Then, you will answer questions about yourself such as your financial goals.  You are then required to watch another video featuring the owners of AWOL and how they got started in affiliate marketing.

After this, you will schedule a coaching call.  Of course, this is also a sales call and you will be asked questions based on the profile you filled out.

However, there is a lot of useful information in this starter package.  One of the owners, Keala Kanae,  takes you on a step-by-step training that covers things like setting up your own website, domain email, web hosting, understanding a sales funnel, landing pages, split testing programs (this is a method of testing individual or multiple elements of a website against each other to see what works best), email responders, etc.  You will have a clear grasp of what affiliate marketing is by the end of this module.

Upsells within this foundation course that you will be prompted to purchase:

  • email autoresponder at $15.00 per month
  • landing page program at a cost of $48.00 to $78.00 per month
  • split-testing program at a cost of $12.00 to $17.00 per month

But now get ready to dig deep into those pockets.  There are more modules to follow and the investment you will be prompted to make is really going to start adding up.

Internet Income Explained ($49.00)

This contains 4 modules that discuss AWOL’s marketing and business mindmap including their fast track formula and how to scale your business.

This will teach you the fundamental knowledge base of how digital marketing actually works and the processes involved.

Inbox Academy ($447.00)

Having an email list is very important in digital marketing and here you will learn their secret system to magnify the number of subscribers to your content, enabling you to maximize your potential with minimum effort.

Conversion Academy ($1,797.00)

Here you will learn how to convert your visitors to customers with tactics such as storytelling, persuasive copy and hypnotic language.  They say that once you have mastered these techniques you will create an irresistible desire in your audience that will compel them to purchase your products or services.

Traffic Academy ($2,997.00)

Well, of course, it is a fact that nothing will happen in your business until you get traffic to your website.  This is fundamental to affiliate marketing.

In this module, you will be taught how to attract laser-targeted,  high converting traffic that is ready to purchase from you immediately along with more secrets to bring in quality visitors who are ready to buy.

By the way, the original cost of this module was $997.00.  That is a huge price hike.  I told you that you would need deep pockets for this course.

But wait!  There’s more…

Masters Academy ($5,497.00)

This module covers the business side of things such as money management, tax planning, investing and so on so that you can continue to expand on your success.

AWOL Elite Lite ($11,997.00)

This is an ongoing mentorship and training program whereby the customer is entitled to one year of weekly training webinars.  They can bring all of their sales funnels, upsell and downsell pages, ads and sales funnels along with all of their analytics.  This data will be interpreted by the owners and the customer will receive advice and actionable techniques to increase profit in their campaigns.

AWOL Elite ($17,997.00)

This highest peak of the program includes everything in the AWOL Elite Lite, plus tickets to their big sales events which are called the “Awaken” event and the “Elite Summit” event.

These events feature experts in both business and personal development.

They should be really great at that price!

Grand total with AWOL Elite Lite: $22,883.00

Grand total with AWOL Elite: $28, 883.00

Wow! My pockets were emptied out a long time ago!

The AWOL Affiliate Program

Of course, you would assume that this company has an affiliate program since that is what they are promoting, however, you must purchase the Traffic Academy ($2.997.00) in order to be eligible to participate and earn commissions on the various courses.

They will also do all of the emailing on your behalf within their affiliate funnels as well as provide you with ad copy and ads.

The affiliate commission structure is as follows:

Pro Academy:  60%

Inbox Academy:  30%

Conversion Academy:  30%

Traffic Academy:  30%

Master’s Academy:  30%

AWOL Elite Lite:  30%

AWOL Elite:  30%

If you can get people to purchase these courses, you could make some high commissions, looking at the figures.

AWOL is not a scam.   However, I think it is a ridiculously over-priced and highly hyped product, so I can’t recommend it for those looking to create retirement income online, like us.   I can’t blame these two guys for marketing themselves and trying to make as much money as possible.  But I do object to high-pressure sales tactics that try to bamboozle people into paying exorbitant prices for something that they can get elsewhere for a whole lot less.

Thankfully, I did not get seduced by the fancy mansion and lavish lifestyle baloney portrayed on their videos.  I did my due diligence and found a much cheaper and better option, to learn affiliate marketing.



  • Authentic owners
  • Genuine products


  • Very high ticket price
  • High-pressure sales pitch to get you to purchase

My Final Take on AWOL Academy

One of the things you could tell yourself if you had the kind of money necessary to purchase this entire course and all of its support, is that it still would cost you less than a college education.  And that would be true.

But hell, at our ages, do we really need to fork over this kind of dough to learn affiliate marketing? NO WAY!

What if there was a cheaper way to learn how to become an affiliate marketer that has tons of great step-by-step training, authentic helpful owners and a supportive community?  What if I told you that you could try it for FREE? Would you check it out?

I am not using ‘hypnotic language’ when I tell you that the program we use has all the features you need to set up your own, 100% home-based affiliate marketing business.  Sure, you’ll need to take your time to learn this stuff if it’s all new to you, as it was to us, but the membership fees are a fraction of what you pay with AWOL.  I don’t know about you, but generating some income in our retirement did not include investing over $22,000.00 in an online business.

If you would like to learn more, you can read all about it from Philip here.  Then,  you can decide for yourself if you would like to come in and try it for FREE.

So, what do you think?  Would you pay this much, at this stage of your life, to learn affiliate marketing when you have a chance to try a different program that has been around for 14 years for absolutely free?  Have you been involved with AWOL yourself?  Maybe you have had great success with it.  Maybe not.  Perhaps you could share your experience in the comments section.  I would welcome any feedback you have.

Thanks for reading my review!  All the best to you, till next time,


AWOL Academy

$99.00 Basic Course



User experience




Value for money


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