My Home Success Plan Review

Update September 1, 2020

I am pleased to inform you that this useless product is no longer available.  It may return under a different name, though.  I will let you know.

In the meantime…


Greetings to you and thanks for coming here to read My Home Success Plan Review!

You are doing the right thing by researching this work from home program because there are so many dubious ones out there.

I don’t want you to get flimflammed by some questionable product that will not help you in your quest to find legitimate, realistic, work from home opportunities.

This will be quick because there is not a lot to say about this scheme as it is just another rehash of the same old ‘link spamming’ racket.

What is My Home Success Plan?

This is an eerily familiar work from home opportunity that involves you posting links all over social media platforms for big companies that need help with their marketing.

When people come to your link and then click on it, you will make money.

No training, skills or previous experience are required to start raking in huge sums of money by just working one hour a day.

Here is the big headline:

My Home Success Plan headline

Who is it For?

This program is geared towards people who would like to make money online from home doing affiliate marketing, but this method is not really affiliate marketing.  It is ‘link spamming’ but they call it ‘link posting’.

I say this program is not good for anyone.

Brief Details and Price

Name:  My Home Success Plan

Owner:  April Matthews


What’s Included: No actual product-just a sales letter

Price:  $97.00 – If you click away from any of the sales buttons, you will receive an additional $20.00 off of this price.  They call this a “friends and family” discount

Upsells:  One-on-one success coaching which is $150.00

Guarantee:  60-day money-back guarantee – If you can find a phone number

Overall Rating: (out of 10): 1.1

Review of My Home Success Plan

I got hit first with the usual “limited spots available” banner (I live down here in South America right now), which tries to instill that sense of urgency in you to sign up quickly before all the ‘positions’ are taken and to see if you ‘qualify’.  What positions?  There are no actual jobs.

And hey, hold up a second, I thought no previous experience, training or skills were needed to qualify for this program?

Do you see where this is going?

Limited positions available in your area

The next part of the fairy tale continues with another one of those long, drawn-out sob stories, this time with a fake name of ‘April Matthews’ and how she found herself with no money after getting a divorce.  She had 2 daughters to take care of and couldn’t make ends meet. Blah blah and so on.

Then, miraculously, she meets a man in her doctor’s office who was working part-time from home doing this ‘link posting’ and making lots of money, so she started doing it, quit her job in 3 months and is now a millionaire!  Wow!

These stories are all the same with little twists of the plot but basically telling us the old ‘rags to riches’ story and how this one program changed their lives.

I wish it were that simple and easy because we would all be doing it.  Including me!

Unfortunately, just as we have seen in this other online opportunity, Computer Oasis, which I have also reviewed, this is the same old same old but with a different “pen name” and a stock photo of someone else this time and a few minor changes to the script.

What we are being told, once again, is those big companies out there are desperate for people like you (and me), to post links to their website and/or products, independently from home because of course, this keeps their overhead down as they don’t have to create an office space for employees.

They are asking you to spam links all over the internet in online forums, on as many social media platforms as you can and anywhere else so that when people click on your link, you will be paid by these big companies.

Once again, I need to stress to you that posting links on forums and social media is called link spamming or spamdexing.   It is not something you want to be doing because you will quickly be banned or blocked for stuffing these links all over the place.  Your links will be deleted and you won’t make any money.  The search engines don’t like it!  It is also called, by the way, “search engine poisoning” so that should tell you that it is not a good thing to do.

We also see the same thing on My Home Success Plan that we see on the other versions of this grift.

They show us this:

Fake TV Network endorsement

They want you to believe that their program has been featured on these major networks when in fact all it tells you is that “work from home opportunities” have been.  Not this product!

Come on!

What this company is trying to sell you on is an over-simplified form of Affiliate Marketing, which is an authentic, proven system for making money online that takes time, effort, patience, and lots of hard work.  I know because this is what Philip and I do.

Link posting is not an effective way to make long-term income because the link has to remain in place for you to be able to make money from it.  Remember, If you are posting your links everywhere and they are regarded as spam, they will be deleted and you won’t be able to make any more money. It is just a frustrating waste of time for you.

Link posting (spamming) is not a good way to make money online so I would definitely not recommend getting involved with this program or any others like it.

They do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, but take a look at it closely:

My Home Success Plan Guarantee

They say “simply give us a call”, but, where is the telephone number to call them?

Good luck with getting your money back!

Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money-back guarantee (if you can find their telephone number)


  • No actual product
  • Re-hash of an identical product with another name
  • Fake owner
  • Exaggerated income claims

Final Thoughts on My Home Success Plan

We see this type of hustle time and time again.  It is a ‘serial scam’ in that it always has the same base, with a few differences thrown in such as a different sob story and a different name.

They are hoping to catch people who read a negative review about it under one name and then catch them with the new name the next time around.

Please don’t you be one of the people they catch with this hoax!

Thank you for taking the time to read this review and please do check back often.  Let me know in the comments area if there is a product out there you would like me to review for you.  I am here to help.

Not everything is a scam on the internet but it requires lots of research and time to really investigate the multitude of so-called opportunities available online.

We were very fortunate because we spent a long time doing our due diligence to come upon the platform we use.  It was free to join and check out, so that added great credibility to us.  We could also see who owned it and that they are real people with a proven track record.  For more information on our number one recommended program, you may want to see this.

best wishes,




My Home Success Plan




User experience


Value for money





  • 60-day money back guarantee - if you can find their number


  • No actual product
  • Rehash of Identical product with another name
  • Fake owner
  • Exaggerated income claims

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