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Becoming a work from home travel agent is very appealing to a lot of people, including those of us in the boomer generation.   Not only are you able to work online from the comfort of home, but you can get great deals on all kinds of trips as a side benefit.

Just be warned that the travel business is not as straightforward as you might think and all opportunities are not created equal.  The multi-level marketing business model has found its way to this profession as well.  I have written about MLM’s and how to tell the difference between a legitimate MLM and a Pyramid scheme which is why I wanted to write this review so that you can determine for yourself whether this particular MLM company, Evolution Travel, is legit or if you should you turn and run in the opposite direction.

What is Evolution Travel

Evolution Travel claims that it is the “best home-based travel business available in the industry, providing you with true value and excellent products.”  Additionally, they offer training and support if you join them.

What you can’t tell right away from their website, however, is that Evolution Travel is another multi-level marketing company.  Uh-oh.  Red flags.

Who is Evolution Travel Good For?

If it is good for anyone, I would say it is best for travel agents who already have an established business, because it could be an opportunity for them to create a side income by recruiting others into their ‘downline’ as is typical in the MLM format.

Other than that, I would say it is definitely something you would need to think about very carefully before deciding to join if you are new to the travel industry.

Brief Description and Price


founder:   David McCovy

price:  $49.00 to join right now, usually $299.00 (one-time payment), then $69.95 per month (this is called the PTA package – Professional Travel Agent)

what’s included:

  • online training and support
  • discount directory
  • access to wholesale condos and resorts
  • replicated website (this is a template that is the same for everyone but customized with the individual distributor’s contact information)
  • personal booking engine
  • EVO rewards
  • direct access to vendors, tour operators, and suppliers
  • commission tracking center

guarantee:  none

rating: (out of 10): 4

My Review of Evolution Travel

Evolution Travel, based in Las Vegas,  was founded in 2015 by David McCovy.  He does have experience in the MLM world, having served as senior vice-president for a company called 5linx.  However, he also became involved, albeit briefly,  in another MLM which turned out to be a pyramid scheme that has since collapsed.

When he founded Evolution Travel, he affiliated with a large, well-known company called Archer Travel Services.  Archer Travel is the third party company through which Evolution Travel offers its services.    Together, they partner with vendors such as:

  • Sandals
  • Princess Cruises
  • Carnival
  • Hertz
  • Disney
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • Funjet Vacations

They offer discounts on:

  • flights
  • hotels
  • vacation packages
  • concessions
  • tickets (concerts, sports, movies, amusement parks)
  • dining
  • auto care and maintenance


There are 6 affiliate levels at Evolution Travel.  You must recruit more affiliates to move up to the next level.  Each person you recruit that purchases the IBO package is an affiliate as well.

  • Consultant – this is a person who enrolls with the company and is an IBO or Independent Contractor (in other words, this person has purchased the PTA package)
  • Executive Consultant – someone who has sold 3 IBO packages
  • Bronze Consultant – someone who has sold 6 IBO packages
  • Silver Consultant – has to sell 9 IBO packages to qualify
  • Gold Consultant – to reach this level, you must have sold 15 IBO packages, and have 3 Silver Consultants in at least 3 separate legs (or downline) of business
  • Platinum Consultant – At this highest level you must have 300 active IBO packages


As with all MLM’s you find out there, this company has two main income streams which are:

  1. commissions from selling the travel product to customers
  2. commissions from recruiting other members into the organization

Sales made through Evolution Travel are shared at a rate of 90% through the Archer Travel Group.  Thus, when an affiliate member or a customer uses the service, the referring member will earn an 80% commission.  Being that this is an MLM model, there is an upline and the upline affiliate member will receive a 10% commission from that sale.

Here is a detailed description of their quite complicated commission structure.

How much can you earn?

Well, since there is no income disclosure available, it is impossible to tell you that.  Their website is selling you a ‘lifestyle’.  We see the typical featured image of a beautiful sandy beach in a tropical environment and happy people wearing matching shirts plus videos of exotic locations, but there is no indication of income potential.  Unfortunately, a large percentage of people involved in travel MLM’s make little to nothing in their first year, despite paying monthly fees and working hard.  The dropout rate is very high.

About Travel MLM’s

In travel MLM’s the main income stream to the company is derived from recruiting other affiliates to join the company and not the commissions earned from selling actual travel.  This means that the people actually making the money are those above you (the upline) in the pyramid because they are earning residual income from you, at the bottom of that pyramid (the downline).

Unlike other MLM’s such as this one, there is no true product, per se, that you have to purchase in order to make sales, which makes the concept a little bit less risky for you, but still not a good choice.

Income Disclosure

A red flag for me with Evolution Travel was that nowhere could I find their company income disclosure.  If you can find one, I would love to see it!  They are not required to do so, but many other MLM’s do, so this is another warning signal.  Lack of transparency.

This, coupled with the fact that this company has an MLM business model leads me to not recommend it to you as an option to generate income in your retirement from home.  In fact, the way this company operates it sounds more like a pyramid scheme, which is even scarier.  I encourage you to read what the FTC has to say about pyramid schemes.

I am not saying that Evolution Travel is a pyramid scheme (though it does raise red flags) or a scam.  Until that has been proven, it would not be correct for me to do so.  In fact, there are people who seem to be very happy with this company:

positive review of Evolution Travel

positive review of Evolution Travel

Then, there are others who have this to say:


negative review of Evolution Travel

negative review of Evolution Travel

I don’t know about you but the “lots of work no sales no income” doesn’t give me much encouragement to sign up with this company!  And the super positive review (shouting in all caps) makes me wonder if they are not just trying to recruit me so I can be in their downline, at the bottom of the pyramid, making almost nothing for myself but helping increase their bank balance.

Pros and Cons


  • Affiliated with Legit Travel Company
  • Authentic owner/creator
  • Could be an income stream if you already know this business


  • MLM format
  • Need to recruit others
  • High monthly fee
  • High failure rate

Final Thoughts

The sad fact is, travel MLM’s share a similarity to all other MLM’s in that the failure rate is very high. In addition to a joining fee and monthly payments, you could put in months of hard work and have very little to show for it.   Not only that, you will right away have to start selling your travel services to family, friends and your immediate social circle and this can lead to alienating yourself from the people you care about the most.  This is termed the NFL club (No Friends Left).

Therefore, I cannot recommend Evolution Travel.  Not if you are a new and aspiring travel agent who would like to make some money working from home.  Remember, if you are ever considering joining any Multi-Level Marketing company I strongly advise you to do this checklist first to see if you really are the kind of person who could succeed in an MLM environment.

Now, if you are already an experienced travel agent, and you have found that Evolution Travel, or any other travel MLM, has created a side income for you by recruiting others, I would love to hear about that in the comments below.  It may well work for you!

However, if you are brand new to the travel business and want to learn how to do it, I would suggest you do your research on what is termed “Host Agencies” which often provide you with the training, tools, and support you need to truly create your own business from home without having to be at the bottom of a pyramid.  It is a whole different animal than an MLM.  The fundamental difference is that a host agency doesn’t make money unless you sell travel.  It does not make money from you recruiting others.

Other Options

If the travel business is not for you, don’t worry!  There are other ways you can work from home and they can be found in my article Money Making Ideas for Retirees.

What We Do

Philip and I really enjoy researching and writing and ultimately helping people who, like ourselves, may find that they need to supplement their social security. We took a long time to find a program that was legitimate, authentic and transparent and didn’t cost a fortune to join.  In fact, it’s free to check it out.

You can read Philip’s article here if you are curious about what we do.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, and please know that we are here to help.  Life threw us some curveballs, and we have had to pick ourselves up and move forward.  We continue to work hard and we hope we can at least give you some options and hope for the future.

Best to you always,



Evolution Travel

$49.00 - $299.00 (joining fee) then $69.95 per month



User experience




Value for money



  • affiliated With legit travel company
  • authentic owner/creator
  • could be an income stream if you already know this business


  • MLM format
  • need to recruit others
  • high monthly fee
  • high failure rate

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