LimeLife by Alcone Review – Will This Beauty MLM Make You Money?

Hello, and welcome! I am so happy you have found your way to my Limelife by Alcone review.  My passion is to research and report to you about the opportunities that are constantly touted on the internet.  If you are in retirement, like me, and need to supplement your income, doing so from a home-based business is a great idea.  But you have to do your due diligence because all is not as it may seem with many companies.  They want you to buy into their business opportunity and they do this by showing you beautiful photographs of attractive people using their products in gorgeous settings, but you have to see behind these images to know what is really going on. Will this makeup/beauty MLM make you money?

Let’s investigate together.

What is Limelife by Alcone?

Limelife by Alcone is a cosmetic/skincare multi-level marketing company.  They offer an opportunity for you to become a “beauty guide” by purchasing a starter kit, selling their products, and recruiting others on your team as a means of earning commissions.

LimeLife by Alcone has Beauty Guides in the USA, UK, Ireland France, Brazil, and launching in Australia.

Who is Limelife by Alcone For?

After researching much of their promotional videos, it appears they are marketing to the younger crowd, which I have found to be typical with many of these makeup MLM’s.  I guess they don’t think there are any retirees who are also interested in personal care and beauty because I never see any models older than their mid-thirties in any of these network marketing companies.

They are targeting younger, stay-at-home moms (and dads too I guess), students, and those who may be wanting to supplement day job income.

Brief Details and Price


founder:  Alvin Cohen

CEO:  Michele-Mallardi-Gay

price and what’s included:

$75.00 annual fee to remain active

  • required replicated website – $9.95 a month with one free month to start
  • training materials
  • back-office software

guarantee:  there is no income guarantee

CRIO rating (out of 10):  3.5

My Review of Limelife by Alcone

The Alcone Company was founded back in 1952 by Alvin Cohen selling eyelashes and stage makeup to  New York City’s theatrical community.  The company then went on to supply professional makeup for films and television including special-effects.  In 1982 The Alcone Company was purchased by Vincent and Barbara Mallardi.

In 2015 the company rebranded itself as LimeLight by Alcone adding skincare to their product line and then in 2017 they rebranded again as LimeLife by Alcone, implementing a multi-level marketing business model.  The company is headquartered in Times Square, New York City.

LimeLife Review midnight oil product image screenshotproducts

Overall, the range of LimeLife skincare and makeup products seem to be pretty good.  Remember though, with all skincare and makeup products, there is no ‘one size fits all.’

LimeLife products are certified organic and cruelty-free.  This is a real plus.  However, they are on the expensive side which makes them a high-end product which could be out of reach of many.  For example, a 4 oz. bottle of their ‘Midnight Oil Cleanser’ is $48.00.

In the LimeLife portfolio of products they feature:

  • cleansers
  • moisturizers
  • face oils
  • hand & body products
  • bath products
  • a men’s line of personal care items
  • makeup sets and collections
  • mirrors and makeup sponges

LifeLife by Alcone Review screenshot of starter kit #1how to get started

First, you have to be sponsored by a current Beauty Guide, or BG.  Next, you choose one of two Business Starter Kits:

Business Starter Kit – $99 includes:

  • cleanser
  • moisturizer
  • travel-size setting spray
  • travel-size priming spray
  • mini powder blush
  • perfect translucent powder
  • perfect mascara
  • perfect eyeliner pen
  • perfect lip gloss
  • training materials and catalog

Silver Business Starter Kit – $169 includes:

  • cleanser
  • moisturizer
  • face mask
  • dew date face oil
  • LimeLife by Alcone screenshot starter kit #2powder/blush trio palette
  • bamboo renew body scrub
  • perfect mascara
  • perfect eyeliner
  • enduring lip liner
  • enduring lip gloss
  • 2 perfect lipsticks
  • makeup sponge
  • 10 catalogs
  • foundation matching cards
  • training materials

You choose the skin complexion tone that you want to sell and you have the choice of light, medium, dark, and deep.

compensation plan

As is always the case with multi-level marketing companies, the compensation plan is complicated and lengthy, but I will break it down to its basics so you can get a picture of it:

When you first join Limelife by Alcone,  you are termed a “beauty guide in training”.  The description of their compensation plan is carefully worded.  They shy away from the term ‘multi-level marketing’ (which it is) and instead euphemistically call it ‘direct party plan selling’ since the primary way to make commissions is holding a beauty show in someone’s home (like the Tupperware Party if you can remember your mom maybe doing that).  You can also sell online via your replicated website or through your social media such as Facebook.

As a Beauty Guide in training, you are eligible to receive a 20% commission on your first $1000 PRV (Personal Retail Volume).  After you have reached that $1000 goal, you will now be an ‘Activated Beauty Guide’ and then become eligible to earn up to 35% of your own retail sales.

You are encouraged to host your “Grand Opening Beauty Show” and you will be helped by the person in your upline who will receive a bonus, and thus begins the classic upline/downline of the multi-level marketing business model.  This is also where you will be inviting family members, friends, and your inner circle to come and support you in this endeavor.  Your goal is to get as many as possible of these ‘warm market’ leads to your Grand Opening to buy products and to hopefully recruit into your downline so that you can start earning commissions from them.

There are 10 ranks at LimeLife by Alcone:

  1. Beauty Guide in Training
  2. Beauty Guide
  3. Lead Beauty Guide
  4. Star Beauty Guide
  5. Director
  6. Lead Director
  7. Star Director
  8. Senior Director
  9. Lead Platinum Director
  10. Star Platinum Director

There are 14 ways to get paid at Limelife:

  1. 20% base commission on sales – as a Beauty Guide in Training
  2. up to 15% on enhanced sales commissions – once you have sold $1000 in PRV (Personal Retail Volume)
  3. fast start matching – points for helping new BG’s in training to help them achieve Fast Start Bonus
  4. fast start incentives – cash and bonus points for selling products within a specified time frame and recruiting BGIT (Beauty Guides in Training) who also sell their $1000 within a specified time frame
  5. a 5% enroller bonus – you earn 5% from personal sales of a BGIT you enroll (you must be active to receive this bonus which means you have to have sold $300 per month in PRV)
  6. up to 20% commission on new recruits in your downline – until they reach that $1000 PRV goal
  7. 4 levels of leadership bonuses – when you sponsor a new BG, they are your Level 1.   When they sponsor a new BG, that new BG becomes your Level 2 and so on through 4 Levels.  You receive a 3% bonus on each Level, 4 Levels deep
  8. bonuses for leadership generation – at the Level of Lead Director, you qualify for a 2% bonus on your personal sales and the sale of those in your downline
  9. executive bonuses – these are additional bonuses when those in your downline climb up the ranks to Lead Director Level which gives you an additional 3% bonus, 3 Levels deep
  10. lifestyle and car bonuses – this equates to an additional monthly cash bonus of $500 for a Lead Director, $750 for a Star Director and $1000 for a Star Director
  11. compression – level bonuses are earned based off of active levels only, so if someone in your Level 1 is not active, the person in your Level 2 is now considered your Level 1 and so on 4 levels deep
  12. hostess rewards – when a hostess (who is not a BG) holds a party online or in her home, you, as the BG, will receive rewards (how much is not clearly stated)
  13. a paid vacation month – it is not detailed what you will get paid for this vacation month
  14. an all-inclusive vacation -all BG’s are eligible for this paid vacation in a tropical, but it is not clear what you have to do to achieve this.  I guarantee it will require lots of sales and recruitment!

Here is the entire compensation plan should you wish to review it.

income disclosure

As you can see from the image below, you won’t be making very much.

LimeLife by Alcone Income Disclosure Screenshot US

A Beauty Guide in Training makes less than $50 a month.  It could take you up to 20 months to reach the next rank of Beauty Guide.  Now, I am not saying you couldn’t do it quicker, and there are bonuses involved for doing so as I detailed above, but remember that there is a cost to running this business including the website hosting plus setting everything up at your home to have a party.

Just to get your business going, they say you will need to spend a minimum of $600.  At 20% commission, working for 12 months, you will need to sell $3000 worth of products just to recoup your initial investment. The average cost of a LimeLife product is $25, which means you have to sell 120 products to reach that $3000.


There are many complaints about LimeLife by Alcone.

LimeLife by Alcone Customer Complaint 1 screenshot

LimeLife by Alcone Customer Complaint 2 screenshot

Pros and Cons


  • genuine products
  • company in business for a long time


  • the high failure rate of the MLM model
  • many customer complaints
  • need to hassle family and friends to join

Final Thoughts About Limelife by Alcone

Whew!  I hope it is a little clearer to you about the ‘opportunity’ awaiting you at LimeLife by Alcone.

It might be worth your while to try some of the products to see if you like them, albeit they are expensive.  But no matter how good the quality is, the business opportunity, which is what we are discussing here, is just another MLM and you won’t be making very much for a whole lotta work on your end.  Not to mention that your family and friends may turn around and start walking the other way when they see you coming.

In fact, if you still think that joining this, or any other, MLM is something that appeals to you, I suggest you have a look at my checklist as a precaution.  Not everyone is cut out for this type of business model with its high failure rate and constant pressure from those in your upline.  I know it doesn’t appeal to me and I would personally never do it.  I don’t want people pressuring me to make sales nor do I want just one company in which I can choose which skincare and/or makeup I want to use or promote.  Too restrictive!

I certainly do not think that LimeLife by Alcone is a scam.  This company has been around for a very long time and they are legit.  I just wish they had not succumbed to the multi-level marketing format.  Perhaps you may want to try some of the products yourself and enjoy them that way.  But will you make money as a Beauty Guide with LifeLife by Alcone?  I say no and I caution you against joining this, or any other, MLM opportunity.  Only those in the top 1-2% will be achieving the dream lifestyle that is being sold to you here.

Have you achieved success as a Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone?  If you have, we would love to read about your experience in the comment section below.

A Better Way To Start An Online Business

Philip and I needed to generate some additional income when we reached retirement age.  We knew we had to find something that was going to be worth the time and effort and we researched for a long time to find something that we could do.  We had no previous online business experience!

We did investigate the multi-level marketing business model and discarded it immediately.  It was clear that this complicated pyramid structure of upline and downline, ranks, levels, and percentages was just way too dubious for us.  We read so many stories of how very few people actually make any money in an MLM (only those in the top 1-2%).  When we came upon this article, that really validated our decision to look elsewhere for a solution to our financial requirements.

So, we found a better way to create our own online business as Affiliate Marketers.  In this business model you:

  • don’t need to hassle and recruit family and friends
  • can enjoy a low start-up cost
  • earn commissions on every sale you make from your very own website
  • truly be your own boss
  • avoid cluttering your home and garage with products

If this appeals to you, I invite you to come in and take a look for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.  You will find within:

  • full training and tools to teach you how to become an Online Entrepreneur
  • a place to host your very own website
  • 24/7 support
  • a friendly and welcoming global community

I hope to see you on the inside.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Best wishes,



LimeLife by Alcone


Product quality


Financial opportunity


Compensation plan





  • genuine products
  • company in business a long time


  • the high failure rate of the MLM model
  • many customer complaints
  • need to hassle family and friends to join

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