Lifebrook MLM Review | Can Aronia Berries Make You Money?

Greetings to you and I thank you for finding your way to my Lifebrook MLM review.  It is always a good idea to do your research before investing in any online company, especially those utilizing the multi-level marketing business model.  Perhaps a family member or friend has already approached you about Lifebrook and the amazing health benefits of the Aronia berry.  Well, can Aronia berries make you money?

As you know, my mission in life is to research companies and see if the business opportunity they have is a viable option for us to generate some income in retirement.  I am not a distributor, or ‘Advocate’ as they term it, for Lifebrook but rather your watchdog for scams or ripoffs online.  Some companies may not be either of these but may also just not be a viable option.  I will present here my report for you based on all the data I could find and you can make the decision as to whether you think Lifebrook is something you would like to invest in, or not.

Let’s get started.

What Is Lifebrook?

Lifebrook is a multi-level marketing company in the health/wellness space.  Their products feature and extoll the virtues of, what they call the ‘All American Superfruit’ that has been virtually unknown in the United States, until now.  This is the Aronia (or Chokefruit) berry.  The Lifebrook product line includes:

  • juice
  • crystallized powder
  • multi-vitamin
  • aronia muscle and joint rub
  • aronia berry soap

Who Is Lifebrook For?

On their website, Lifebrook says that the business opportunity they offer is for those wishing to make a side income, or a full-time, long term residual income.  Most multi-level marketing companies target stay at home moms or dads, military spouses, students, and, those of us in retirement who may be looking to add to our monthly bottom line.

What I always find interesting, and Lifebrook is no exception, is that there are never any people in our age group featured on the website.  Is this because they don’t think their products would benefit us or is it because they know we are smart and won’t get duped into a program that won’t make us any money?

Brief Details and Price


owner(s)/founder(s): Tony and Jennifer Heisterkamp

price to join and what’s included:

$49.95 for the Lifebrook Advocate Website and Electronic Business Kit  this includes:

  • a one year access to the Lifebrook business center
  • a replicated website
  • training tools
  • the ‘Try Purple’ marketing system which is a done-for-you platform that has all the tools necessary to enroll, present, share and educate your downline team

There are more expensive, optional business kits that range in price from $120 to $320.  These include product samples which the basic business kit does not.

guarantee:  there is no income guarantee

CRIO rating (out of 10): 2.8

My Review Of Lifebrook

The owners and founders of Lifebrook are Tony and Jennifer Heisterkamp.  The company launched in 2017 and headquarters are in Vermillion, South Dakota.  Their daughter, Katie Morgan Heisterkamp, is the company Director of Operations and Technology.

When the Heisterkamp’s retired from the furniture business, they bought some land and started an apple orchard.  Tony developed inflammation in his hands and joints working in the orchard, so he turned to a friend who recommended Aronia berry juice.  He experienced relief and decided to enlist the help of local farmers to grow these berries.  It was then decided that the best way to market their products was through the direct selling method, which is network marketing.

what is the Aronia berry?

The Aronia berry is a dark, purple berry that grows on shrubs.  It is found commonly in swamps and wet woodlands in Eastern North America.  The Aronia berry is known in Europe and has been used to make Lifebrook review aronia berry imagewine and jams however it is largely unheard of in the United States.  It is also called the Chokeberry as it has an astringent quality that makes the mouth pucker if you eat the raw berry.  This berry is said to be rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants and that it may have, amongst other things,  immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

There is indeed interest in the Aronia berry in the scientific world and the benefits it may provide.  Studies and clinical trials are still underway.  Right now, the Lifebrook products have not yet been approved by the FDA.  If they should ever be approved, though, I think it would lend this company a great deal of credibility.


The Lifebrook product line consists of:

  • Puronia Aronia supplement – this is an antioxidant juice that also contains lemon juice.  The retail price is $40 for 25.3 oz or 750mls.  The recommended dosage is 1.75 ounces x 2 per day
  • Puronia On The Go – essentially the same product but in a powder form for easier transportation. The retail price is $80 for a box of 24 sachets.  Each sachet = 12 servings
  • Vitronia Aronia multi-vitamin – contains vitamins, minerals, and Aronia berry powder.  The retail price is $40 for 60 tablets.  The recommended dosage is 2 tablets a day
  • 10 To 2 Hydration Drink (comes in blackberry and citrus flavors) – which delivers Aronia berry antioxidants in a patent-pending structured water molecule called ‘Hydra Zorb’ and whose technology purportedly helps you absorb the other nutrients more efficiently.  Retail price is $40 for 1 case of 12, 16 oz or 473 ml, bottles.  No actual recommendation as to how much to consume daily.
  • Aronia Muscle and Joint Rub with Hydra Zorb – contains the power of the Aronia berry mixed with essential oils (and lanolin).  The retail price is $50 for a 1 oz. jar.  Recommended to apply topically to the sore area and repeat as necessary
  • Aronia Berry Soap (6 bars in the box) – Retail price $40.  Use in place of regular soap and they say it is also moisturizing.

Lifebrook review product image

All the Lifebrook products bear the same disclaimer:

Lifebrook review product disclaimer

how to join

You need to join through a Lifebrook Advocate and you can join as a ‘preferred customer’, in which case you will have products auto- shipped monthly to you.  You will receive preferred customer 20% discount on the products but will not be able to participate in the business opportunity.

Or, you can join and become eligible for commissions by becoming an Advocate.  You sign up, fill out your online application, and choose the business kit that you would like to get started.  $49.95 for the basic kit with no product samples and three more kits ranging in price from $120 to $320 which include an increasing amount of product samples.  You will be encouraged to purchase one of the kits with products I am sure because they will suggest you have samples on hand to give to people to help get your business rolling.  Once you have completed the sign up process, you can start selling Lifebrook products from your replicated website.

All the kits include the important ‘Try Purple’ platform that will teach you how to recruit people, starting with your ‘warm’ market.  This is your family, friends, and inner circle which is the foundation for all network marketing companies that I have researched (which is a lot).  Just remember that you may find these people helping you get your business started because they care about you, but they won’t necessarily want to become an ‘Advocate’ and have to start recruiting others.

Network marketing is tough to do and unless you are an excellent salesperson, thick-skinned, and have some funds behind you while you wait for your business to grow, it may not be such a good idea for you.  In fact, I have created a checklist that details what you need to consider and questions you should ask yourself before joining any multi-level marketing company.

Lifebrook review unilevel plan imagethe Lifebrook compensation plan

Lifebrook utilizes what is called a Unilevel Compensation Plan.  Its easier to explain with the illustration I have placed on the right.

With this plan, you, the blue dot, are the first person and everyone you recruit, or sponsor,  below you, is your frontline. Commissions flow upwards and you can earn from every red dot below you up to whatever depth is specified by the particular MLM company you work with.

Network marketing compensation plans are notoriously complex, though I have to say that Lifebrook is not as bad as some.  I have broken it down to the most important facts.

There are 6 ways to earn income with Lifebrook

  1. 20% retail commission.
  2. 20% BV or Bonus Value on the preferred customers you have personally enrolled.
  3. 25% bonus on the FSP, or Fast Start Pack. These are packs that range in price from $140 to $340 and you will receive a one time bonus on these if you can get people to purchase them.
  4. you will be paid up to 5 levels deep (remember the unilevel illustration above), 10% BV on your Advocate Team Bonus. Your team will be the family and friends you have recruited to join you in your business.
  5. you will be paid up to 5 levels deep a 5% BV on your preferred customers
  6. here you can earn up to 3% on what is called your Executive Bonuses.  These bonuses are awarded to you for mentoring other emerging leaders in the company.

This is the basics of the Lifebrook compensation plan.  Of course, there are requirements to achieving higher ranks and you must stay ‘active’ to be eligible to earn commissions.  Active means that to receive commissions from your Advocate Team you must have $32 PBV or Personal Bonus Value each month and an additional $32  PBV monthly to receive preferred customer commissions.  You must also recruit more people as you move up the ranks, to qualify for leadership commissions.

To earn at the leadership levels, in addition to your PBV, you will need to hit those Total Group Bonus Volume, or TGBV requirements in order to qualify for Executive Bonuses.  This is why you must be comfortable recruiting others and training them to sell so that all of you can benefit and move upwards.  This is simply the name of the game in multi-level marketing.

You can see the entire compensation plan here if you would like more information.

income disclosure statement

I was unable to find an income disclosure statement which is always a little bit frustrating.  If we can’t see what the Lifebrook Advocates have been earning, how can we make a decision on whether it is worth joining or not?  This is a red flag.

lawsuits and complaints

I have found no lawsuits or complaints about this company at the time of writing.

Pros and Cons


  • promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • authentic products


  • products are not FDA approved
  • the flawed MLM business model
  • have to recruit family and friends

Final Thoughts About Lifebrook

Is Lifebrook a scam?  No, absolutely not!  They have products and a developed business model.  In fact, I like what they are trying to achieve with the Aronia berry.  I just wish the Hesterkamp’s had not chosen the multi-level marketing business model to launch their products.  No matter how wonderful something is that you are selling, when you use this model, only the people in the top tier are making money.  It is a fact that 97% of people that join an MLM make very little money, or actually end up out of pocket.  Don’t take my word for it though, you can read the dismal figures yourself in this document from the Consumer Awareness Institute.

I always advise that, if you really want to try the products, buy a couple and see if they benefit you.  Then you can decide if you would like to continue as a preferred customer.  But as far as the business opportunity goes, I don’t see anything at Lifebrook that is going to help your bottom line in retirement.  There is no income disclosure so how can we possibly know what people are earning?   Not only that, but there is a huge amount of energy and effort required to recruit people that you know, train them how to sell, then stay on top of them to make sure they are selling so that you can earn your commissions.  Just a lot of hassle, in my opinion.

Therefore, I have to say that I do not recommend Lifebrook as a business opportunity for you and I do not think that Aronia berries will make you money.  At least, not if you are selling them through Lifebrook.

But, don’t worry.  If you enjoy health-related products, there is another way to sell and it is 100% online from home, without having to hassle anybody or meet sales quotas.  You can do what Philip and I do…

A Better Alternative – Our Recommendation

Philip and I do Affiliate Marketing.  This is totally different from multi-level marketing.  It also means that we are truly self-employed and not tied to a company that only allows us to sell their products.  We can also run our entire business from home, or wherever there is an internet connection.  We don’t have to go out and talk up products or recruit family.

When we retired, we knew we would have to keep generating income, and doing so online seemed the best idea for us.  After much research, and discarding the MLM business model immediately, we found that affiliate marketing was easier and made much more sense.  Plus, it put us completely in control of our business.

As an affiliate, you can promote products or services based on the things that YOU enjoy.  This could be health drinks and supplements, cooking, pets, golf, yoga, whatever you have an interest in.  You then contact merchants that sell products based on your interest and join their affiliate program. Then, write articles and reviews, such as this one you are reading.  Your articles will help people and give them information because you have a shared interest, which is why they came to your website.  Then, when someone clicks on a link because they like a product you have talked about or use yourself, they are taken to the merchant’s website.  If they buy a product, you receive a commission!  as simple as that.

Easy as that sounds, we had to learn how to be affiliate marketers, so we took the time to see where we could find a solid training platform.  We found a friendly Canadian company that has been in business since 2005 and it is called Wealthy Affiliate.  Here we discovered:

  • a platform with all the tools, training and resources to learn affiliate marketing
  • a place to teach us how to set up our own website, based on our interest, which is helping retirees like us generate online income
  • a place to host that website
  • 24/7 technical support
  • a friendly global community that shares their knowledge and experience
  • the opportunity to come in and see the platform for FREE

If you are excited about having your very own online business that you can run completely from home, why not click on the pink link and see what I am talking about.  Wealthy Affiliate is an authentic platform and doesn’t cost a fortune.  Affiliate marketing is not an overnight get rich quick scheme, but it sure beats network marketing.  We are enjoying it and it is helping our bottom line…maybe it can do the same for you?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Lifebrook review, and I wish you health, happiness, and success.

Your friend,







Business opportunity




Value for money



  • promotes a healthy lifestyle
  • authentic products


  • products are not FDA approved
  • the flawed MLM business model
  • have to recruit family and friends

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