It is Possible to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

Is it possible to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?  The simple answer is “yes, definitely”. Read on to see the proof.

How much money can be made is down to you and the amount of time and effort you are prepared to put into your business but there are many members at Wealthy Affiliate earning six-figure incomes or more.

In this article, I am going to give you examples of earnings ranging from beginners who have just made their very first commission right through to more established and experienced members, one of whom recently had his first $6,000.00+ day!

But first, what is Wealthy Affiliate?

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that provides training in affiliate marketing.  You likely know what affiliate marketing is about but, for anyone who is not too sure please read my post,

Affiliate Marketing for Retirees.

In addition to training, Wealthy Affiliate also offers domain registration and hosting, website construction and development tools, keyword and content writing tools and excellent 24/7 technical support.  It also has a huge and very supportive community of members.

It was established in 2005 and currently has around 1.5 million members.

It operates on a monthly subscription basis ($49.00) although there is a 12-month option that offers substantial savings.  There is also a free membership which includes some training and the hosting of one website, but this is really designed to just let you get a feel for the system and determine if it’s going to work for you.  The owners want you to start with the free membership and, in fact, it is not even possible to go straight into the paid (Premium) membership.  You have to start as a free member and then convert to Premium.

You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

I could write a book about the success stories at Wealthy Affiliate but here is a small selection.

First Sale

Nancy became a member in June 2018 and in January 2019 she made her very first sale.  Needless to say, she was very excited about it.

So it took Nancy a little over six months before she earned her first commission.  By her own admission, she was a complete beginner and, because she had a full-time job at the time she wasn’t able to get through the training as quickly as she would have liked.  But she stuck with it and got her reward.

First Amazon Commission

Because Amazon has by far the largest affiliate program in the world, it is not surprising that a hugeIt is Possible to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate - a few pennies in a hand number of affiliate marketers make a large part of their income by promoting Amazon products.  Some even work with just Amazon.  So it should not come as a surprise to learn that many Wealthy Affiliate members also work with the largest retailer in the world.  That first Amazon commission is an important milestone, even if it’s only 52 pence.

Adrian had been a member at Wealthy Affiliate for just three months.

First Non-Amazon Sale

Even though it’s the biggest, Amazon is not the only fish in the pond and there are thousands and thousands of affiliate programs available.  Many are networks and, like Amazon, sell a wide range of products from various suppliers.  Getting that first non-Amazon sale from such a network is a common goal for many affiliate marketers.

Steve had been a member since August 2016.

$1,000.00 Profit for the Year – You are on Your Way

When income does start to come in it is likely to be erratic at first and that initial excitement caused by that first commission check may start to wain when you go two or three weeks without another sale.  But this is when you need to remember that this is what you were told in the training to expect at the beginning and that nearly every successful member at Wealthy Affiliate has gone through this stage and likely experienced the same feelings as you.  But they stuck with it, followed the program, wrote more great content and then slowly but surely they saw their commissions starting to stabilize into a steady flow.

I don’t know about you but I believe that it’s a pretty significant achievement when you can look back and see that, for the first time, your business has made $1,000.00 profit for the year.  Now you are starting to rock.  Jennifer for sure was happy.

First $1,000.00 Month

So, you’ve passed the $1,000.00 in a year mark, what should your next monetary goal be?  What about your first $1,000.00 month?

That was Kenny’s goal for February 2019 and he seemed pretty confident he was going to make it.  Kenny has been with Wealthy Affiliate since January 2016.

December 2018 – $1738.00

Once you have achieved $1,000.00 a month you likely will start to come to the realization that you are heading towards an income you can actually live on.  You’re not there yet but now you see it is certainly achievable.  That could well be what Craig was thinking when his Amazon earnings for December 2018 reached $1,738.00.  He is now confident his earnings for 2019 will be in five figures.  Craig has been a member since April 2017.


2018 in Review – $40K

Grace (aka littlemama) is one of the better-known members at Wealthy Affiliate and, after a relatively slow start, her success in 2018 landed her an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas along with a number of other top performers at Wealthy Affiliate.  Her regular contributions to the Wealthy Affiliate community have also earned her the status of ‘Ambassador’, of which there are only 25 out of a total membership of over 1.5M.

With a total income of over $40,000.00 in 2018, and especially with her monthly income rising progressively throughout that year, Grace has arguably now reached the most significant goal of earning enough to live on.  Grace has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since September 2016.

Officially a Six-Figure Business

So, with Wealthy Affiliate, you are now earning enough to support yourself and your family.  Apart from giving up that day job you hate, where do you go from here?  What about a six-figure income?

Ralph joined Wealthy Affiliate in September 2016 and in January 2019 he was able to announce that he is now officially a six-figure business.

Now, I am not saying everyone who joins Wealthy Affiliate is going to be earning over $100,000.00 a year in a little over two years, far from it!  But it is clearly possible.  If Ralph can do it then so can others.

Ecstatic Income Goal

So, your income is now in the $100K per annum bracket.  What would be a realistic goal for you now?

All new members at Wealthy Affiliate are encouraged (not required) to state their income goals.  When he joined in March 2014, Simon stated that he would be “so happy” to earn $100 a day, but also that he would be “ecstatic” to earn $1,000.00 a day.  In February 2019 he was able to announce that he had made his ecstatic income goal not just once but twice in the same month.

New Record Today – $6,582.00

And, finally, there is John, who joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015.  In March 2019 he posted that he had just achieved another record (for him) by earning $6,582.00 in a single day.  He is likely still celebrating, don’t you think?

Source of Income

As you might expect, most affiliate marketers make most of their income directly from affiliate marketing, namely commissions on products they have promoted.  But this is not the only potential source of income, particularly as you become more established and your website acquires greater authority and more traffic.  At that point, you can begin to earn a significant amount of money from advertising.

You will likely start with a program like Google AdSense, where Google places clickable ads on your website and then pays you a commission every time someone clicks on them.  From there, and as your website’s authority grows even more, you will find advertisers actually contacting you and asking if they can pay you to place permanent or semi-permanent ads on your site.  Now you’re talking.

Another, and potentially very lucrative income source that many successful affiliate marketers tap into is the sale of e-books and e-courses which they themselves have created from their own extensive knowledge of affiliate marketing.  Jerry, a Wealthy Affiliate member since May 2016, and an extremely resourceful young man, recently announced that he had just made $40,000.00 in four hours by selling an affiliate marketing course he had created in Chinese.

Yet another way to make money from affiliate marketing is the sale of successful affiliate marketing websites.  Dylan, A Wealthy Affiliate member since August 2015, announced in March 2019 that he had just sold a website for $30,000.00, and that is after having sold an earlier website for $40,000.00 in 2018.

There is a healthy market for successful websites, by which I mean an established website that has started to bring in a steady income.  That income could be as little as $500.00 but provided it is steady there will always be a potential purchaser.

A Common Thread

You may have noticed one common thread from the various success stories outlined above, namely that not one of the Wealthy Affiliate members achieved instant success.  In fact far from it.  The fastest a beginner made a commission was three months and that commission was just 52 pence.  Most of the members earning in the $1,000.00 a month range had been members for around eighteen months and the really big earners joined Wealthy Affiliate up to five years ago!


dachshund lying patiently on ground with alarm clock and leash waiting to go out for a walk
Patience is required!

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme that claims to make you a millionaire overnight.  Far from it.  But, if you follow the training, put in the sweat equity and have patience then you have a very good chance of making a steady and ongoing income with the Wealthy Affiliate program.  The size of that income and the amount of time it will take you to achieve it will be determined largely by the financial goals you set for yourself and the amount of time and effort you are prepared to put in to reach those goals.

Final Thoughts

So, just to reiterate, yes, you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate.  It is not, however, guaranteed and if you do make money it will be because you have:

  • followed the training
  • put in the time and effort
  • been patient

If you think you can meet those three requirements then you are likely ready to start your free membership now.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.  If you prefer o keep your question private you can email me from our Contact Us page.

If you remain unsure whether affiliate marketing is for you but would like to check out some other ideas for making money online then please read Colette’s post Money Making Ideas for Retirees.

I look forward to your joining Colette and me as members of Wealthy Affiliate.

If that is not to be then I truly wish you financial success wherever your road takes you.



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