Is Youngevity A Scam? Healthy Or Harmful To Your Bottom Line?

Hello and I welcome you to my review of Youngevity!  I am so happy you have decided to research this multi-level marketing company before deciding to join.  Due diligence is crucial these days when it comes to investing in so-called ‘business opportunities’.  There are so darn many of these nutritional supplement/ health and wellness companies, but how can you know if they are legit?  Is Youngevity a scam?  Will it be healthy or harmful to your bottom line?

You should know that I am in no way affiliated with Youngevity.  My mission in life is to be your watchdog and give you a report, based on my research, on companies such as this one.  I don’t want you to join any network marketing company and invest your hard-earned cash only to find out that it isn’t really worth it and you find yourself worse off financially than when you started.

So please, read on.

What is Youngevity?

Youngevity is a multi-level marketing company that sells nutritional supplements, vitamins, beauty/personal care products, essential oils, travel and business services and pet products.

You can join as a ‘preferred customer’ to receive discounts on the products, or as a Youngevity Distributor which enables you to start earning points and making commissions from products you sell and those that you recruit into the business in your downline.

Who is Youngevity For?

Those who are interested in improving their health and perhaps generating some income.  This could be anyone from college students to those from our generation, seeking to improve their bottom line and everyone in between.

Brief Details and Price


owner/founder:  Dr. Joel D. Wallach

price to join and what’s included:

Preferred Customer:  $19.95 membership fee which gives you a 20% discount on the products provided you set up an auto-ship of $99.00 a month

Youngevity Distributor:  $49.95 annual membership fee plus you have to purchase an enrollment kit (prices range from $30.00 to $499.95) to begin selling the products.  Also included:

  • Replicated website
  • Youngevity University Training
  • Youngevity Go2App
  • Product catalogs, brochures, and flyers
  • Facebook Forum
  • Webinars

guarantee: there is no income guarantee

rating (out of 10):  3

My Review of Youngevity

Company Founder and back story

Dr. Joel D. Wallach founded Youngevity in 1997 and the company is based in Chula Vista California.  Dr. Wallach is a qualified veterinarian and did many years of research on the effects of nutrients in animals.  He subsequently became a Naturopath, turned his interest to humans, and eventually founded Youngevity.  He is, in fact, quite a controversial figure.

In any case, Youngevity grew rapidly and within 5 years it had grown to an international network of distributors in countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and Japan.

Youngevity Products

Youngevity really offers a plethora of products in different categories such as:

  • nutritional supplements
  • weight management products
  • nutritional shakes
  • personal care
  • mineral makeup
  • essential oils
  • pet products
  • home products
  • fashion
  • business service
  • travel services

There are over 2000 products in the Youngevity range.  I find it kind of different and interesting, the business and travel services that you can sell as a Distributor.  This is offered through DAC Services, a third party and you can earn residual income through them.  They also utilize a multi-level business model format.

Is Youngevity a Scam Healthy Body Start Pack ProductHowever, the primary focus is on health and their signature product is “90 For Life”.  This term was coined by the founder, Dr. Wallach because he believes that there are 90 essential nutrients needed for optimal health.

These products contain 60 minerals, 12 amino acids,  16 vitamins, and essential fatty acids.  This is called the ‘Healthy Body Start Pak’.  $155.99 retail $124.95 wholesale

Health Evaluation

Something a little different from Youngevity is that they offer a free online health evaluation.  Once you have completed it and submitted, you will receive a link whereby you can schedule a free telephone conversation.  This helps you and your customers to better identify their nutritional gaps and needs.

I am certain that this phone conversation also is a way for Youngevity to try to recruit you to become one of their Distributors and sell their products.

Compensation/Ways to Earn

As is always the case with the multi-level marketing business model, the compensation plan is extremely difficult to understand and this is deliberate because as with all these companies, the only way to really make an income is to recruit family, friends and inner circle to join you and sell so that you can earn commissions from them.

There are really only two ways to earn:

  • purchase products at a discount and sell retail to your customers
  • to recruit others in your downline and earn commissions through them.  When you do this as a Distributor, you are termed an ‘Enroller’

There are 13 rank levels at Youngevity and with each succeeding rank, you have the potential to earn more but then your PQV, or Personal Qualifying Volume, goes up as well which means that you have to purchase more and more yourself in order to remain active at the level you are at or aspire to.

This becomes very frustrating and complex and if you do not sell the product you have, you must still purchase more and more to meet your goals which can become very expensive very fast.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the entire compensation plan in all of its complexity:

Is Youngevity a Scam Compensation Plan

There are bonuses as you climb up the ranks and incentives to sell and recruit more people on your team.  However, be in no doubt that you will need to be moving a lot of product as will those in your downline, to see any real monetary result from all your efforts.  This is the income disclaimer:

Is Youngevity a scam income disclosure

Pros and Cons


  • authentic products
  • huge inventory
  • health evaluation


  • no FDA approval of products
  • high price point
  • have to recruit family and friends
  • The MLM business model is flawed

Final Thoughts on Youngevity

I must say that the Youngevity website is very detailed.  There is also an entire section on becoming a Distributor which includes scripts on how to sell the products, goal setting and how to create your ‘warm’ market contact list of people in your inner circle.

I sure hope you don’t mind harassing these people because this is what you will be needing to do to get people to purchase Youngevity products and join your team to generate commissions for yourself.  This type of business model is not for everyone, certainly not for me!  In fact, I have created a checklist of what you should be aware of before you even consider joining a multi-level marketing company.

It is well-documented that the multi-level marketing business model is flawed when it comes to generating income for those at the bottom, who are new.

I don’t believe that Youngevity is a scam.  They offer a huge variety of products and services that you can sell, but do I recommend joining as a way to generate income in your retirement?  I say no, and that Youngevity would not be healthy, but rather harmful to your bottom line.

At the very least, I would suggest trying some of their products for yourself before committing to any kind of long-term relationship and auto-ship situation.  These products are expensive and it could add up.  As always, never be afraid to ask detailed questions and do not be seduced by lifestyle images that are cleverly created to lure you into joining network marketing companies.  Please, be careful.

Are you currently or have you ever been, a Youngevity Distributor?  If so, would you share a little bit of your experience in the comment section below?  Perhaps you have had a great experience.

A Better Way To Generate An Online Income

There is a much easier way to create an online income for yourself.  It is not a get-rich-quick scheme but it is legit and fun.  It is called Affiliate Marketing and it is what Philip and I do.

It was clear to us when we ‘retired’ that we just were not going to have enough income going forward and we really went into a panic.  After researching many ‘opportunities’, including the multi-level marketing business model, we finally came upon a friendly Canadian company that has been around for over 14 years.  It is an authentic and affordable program that takes you by the hand and teaches you how to become an online entrepreneur without a bunch of hype and false promises.

Best of all, you can try it for FREE, with no obligation.  If you would like to learn how to create some retirement income online, I suggest you read Philip’s review of Wealthy Affiliate.

It has been a game-changer for us!

Wishing you every success,




$49.95 annual fee + enrollment kit $30-$499.95



User experience




Value for money



  • authentic products
  • health evaluation
  • huge inventory


  • no FDA approval of products
  • high price point
  • have to recruit family and friends
  • the MLM business model is flawed

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