Is Valentus a Scam? Can You Prevail With This MLM?

Hello and welcome!  The word ‘Valentus’ means ‘prevail’ in Latin and it is defined as being superior in strength, power, and influence.   Let’s find out if you can prevail with this MLM or will we discover that Valentus is a scam?

I am not affiliated with, nor an Independent Representative of, Valentus.  My quest is to research companies such as this one and report to you on my findings.  It is important to me that if you find yourself in need of generating some income online in your retirement (as we do), that you invest your hard-earned money in something that does not live up to all the hype and could leave you financially worse off than when you started.

What is Valentus?

Valentus is a multi-level marketing company, founded in 2014,  in the coffee/weight loss niche.  The signature product is  Slim Roast Optimum Dark Roast Coffee which is supposed to give you greater focus and energy as well as reducing appetite to aid in weight loss.

Who is Valentus For?

According to their promotional video, Valentus claims to be one of the fastest-growing home-based businesses in the world.  Therefore, it is for anyone who would like to make a part or full-time income working out of their house.

Brief Description and Price


owners/founders:  Dave and Joyce Jordan

price: there are 5 business starter kits to choose from:

  1. Basic
  2. Starter
  3. Advanced
  4. Business Builder A
  5. Business Builder B

what’s included:

Here is a screenshot of what is included in each business starter kit:

Additional kit not shown below is the Career Success kit which costs $1199.95

Valentus Business Builder Starter Kits

Also included when you join as a Distributor:

  • replicated website/back office for a one time fee of $20.00

guarantee:  no income guarantee

rating (out of 10): 1

My Review of Valentus

Company history

Valentus was founded by Dave and Joyce Jordan.  Dave came from a family of 14 and worked hard all his life.  He is the former owner of a multi-million dollar eBay sports business.  He started Valentus in 2014 and has recruited many people into Valentus with his charisma and enthusiasm.  No doubt he is a stellar salesman and well-known in the network marketing arena.


In addition to the signature Slim Roast Coffee product (which is available in Italian and Brazilian flavors), there are other energy-boosting beverages such as:

  • Prevail Immune Boost – appetite suppressant
  • Prevail Trim – appetite suppressant
  • Prevail Energy – boosts energy
  • Prevail Immune – supports immune health
  • Prevail 24/7 Carb Burner – maximizes the body’s potential to burn fat and lose weight during a 24-hour cycle
  • Prevail Max – provides cellular support and nutrition and gives you energy and focus
  • Keto Creamer – for those who like a little cream in their Prevail coffee of choice.  Provides healthy fats for brain nutrition, supports ketosis (which takes fat and moves it into your bloodstream as energy)
  • Prevail K-9 – they haven’t forgotten about your dog.  This product provides cellular support and nutrition to your pet and increases energy
  • Prevail M.O.R.E. plus Detox – supports healthy digestion, detoxification of the body and electrolyte delivery
  • Prevail eMulin – this product is designed to reduce the negative effects of carbohydrates and give you sustained energy throughout the day as well as reducing inflammation in your system

How do you get started?

To get started as an ‘Independent Representative’, you will need to purchase one of the starter packs as shown above.

Compensation plan

We are told that the compensation plan for Valentus is unparalleled in the network marketing industry. I like the way the narrator on their promotional video explains that the compensation plan “is fair and rewards the correct behavior.”  Very smooth wording there.  By correct behavior, I guarantee you will be encouraged to sell to family and friends as well as your inner circle and outwards from there to expand your network to generate any kind of income.

The compensation plan is, as always with these network marketing companies, complex and difficult to understand, but I will break it down to its basics.  If you would like to view the entire compensation plan pdf you can do so here.

How much can you earn?

If you sell one box of Valentus products, you earn $20.00.  When you sell a 3 box order, you earn $40.00.  A six box sale will earn you $60.00 and the two biggest packages earn you $100.00 and $200.00 respectively.

This is how it looks:  Note – BV = Business Volume which is points assigned to each product

Valentus Compensation Plan Figures

You must sell a certain amount of product each month to qualify for commissions.  All orders from your replicated website link count as personal BV towards that monthly requirement.

To advance through the ranks at Valentus, you must purchase the more expensive Business Builder or Career Success Package.  At this point, you will need to recruit 3 other people in your downline to qualify for the next step up.

From there, you will need to start building ‘legs’ in your business and those in your downline will be starting out and recruiting the first 3 people they need and so on and so on.  It gets very complicated from here so if you would really like to know more, I suggest you click on the compensation plan PDF above.

There are, of course, bonuses and rewards for going up in rank, of which there are 14, starting with you as the entry-level  Independent Representative through to Crown Ambassador.

Valentus utilizes the uni-level pay structure which basically works like this:

  • Level 1 – with this first level you will only have your personally referred members in your downline
  • Level 2 – you will only have your team members that your level 1 member personally sponsored in their downline
  • Level 3 – this level will only have the team members that your level 2 members personally sponsored and so on…

Your rank will determine what percentage you earn from the levels below you.

Income disclosure

There is no available income disclosure that I could find in my research for Valentus which is another red flag.

Income disclaimer

Valentus Income Disclaimer

‘Nuff said!


There are red flags with this company that give me great pause.  For example, there have been complaints about the Slim Roast Coffee product in that it simply does not work and has no research behind it.  Only testimonials.

Here is an interesting article that was written by a Dietician on the Valentus Slim Roast coffee. 

In addition, there is a Facebook page that is dedicated to people who feel they have been treated unfairly by Valentus.  Here is the link to Victims of Valentus.

I won’t say anymore other than you can read between the lines and understand that there are lots of question marks regarding the integrity of this company.

Be warned.

Pros and Cons


  • real owners
  • actual products


  • the high failure rate for the MLM business model
  • concerns about products
  • have to hassle family and friends

Final Thoughts on Valentus

Valentus is not a scam.  They do have products and they have been in business for a long time, especially for an MLM.  However, I am very concerned about the red flags regarding this company.

Unfortunately, no matter what amazing products any MLM is trying to get you to sell for them, and recruit others to do the same, the business model never varies and your chance for success is very low.

Even if you are led to believe that the products will ‘sell themselves’, this is not true.  To be successful in Valentus, or any other network marketing company,  you need to have certain characteristics such as being a very thick-skinned super salesperson and also some capital behind you, if you hope to generate any kind of income with this model.  I urge you to read my checklist to see if you have the kind of steely grit, limitless ambition and the ability to recruit hundreds of others in your downline, to succeed as a network marketer.

The bottom line is, I don’t believe you or I would prevail with Valentus and therefore I do not recommend it as a viable way for you to generate some online income from home.

Perhaps you are a distributor for Valentus? Would you be willing to share with us your experience in the comment section below?

A Better Alternative

No online or brick and mortar business are ever going to be an overnight success and make you rich.  Working for yourself takes dedication, perseverance, and patience.

Philip and I discovered shortly into our so-called retirement that we would not be able to live the lifestyle we like with the income we had.  We spent months surfing the internet and really researched every type of opportunity that was out there.  It was overwhelming because we knew absolutely nothing about generating income online.

Finally, one day we came upon the term Affiliate Marketing, which by the way is absolutely nothing like Network Marketing.  There is no need to hassle family and friends or recruit hundreds of other people in a downline to become successful.

What a relief! 

Affiliate marketing is easy to understand and is actually fun.  The problem was, though, that we needed to find somewhere to learn how to do this type of business and we needed to find a company that wasn’t going to require an investment of thousands of dollars that we just didn’t have.  Our research led us to a friendly, welcoming platform based in Canada called Wealthy Affiliate.  We were able to check the company out for FREE and were under no obligation to move forward.

If you would like to find out if affiliate marketing is something that might be of interest to you, I suggest you read Philip’s review of Wealthy Affiliate. 

We are working hard but enjoying the process and the system is fun.  Ultimately, it is your decision of course, but you have nothing to lose by just checking it out.  No pressure.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review.  In all your endeavors, I wish you happiness and success,




$59.95 to $575.95



User experience




Value for money



  • real owners
  • actual products


  • high failure rate for the MLM business model
  • concerns about products
  • have to hassle family and friends

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