Is Plexus Worldwide a Scam? Don’t Shrink Your Bank Account

“Drink Pink and Shrink” is the marketing catchphrase used by Plexus and you have probably heard it somewhere, from somebody.  I am pleased you found your way to my review here because it is important to discover if Plexus worldwide is a scam.  My concern is the only thing that will shrink is your bank account.

What is Plexus Worldwide?

It is a multi-level marketing company that recruits individuals, called Ambassadors,  to sell their extensive product line which is health-based.

Who is Plexus For?

Well, let me just say that I don’t think it is a good idea for you (or me).  If you are looking to make an income online from home (and Plexus Worldwide purports that you can work 90% from home), this is not the company to join, simply because it is really those that are at the higher levels that are making any significant income.

Please keep reading if you would like to know more.

Brief Details and Price


owners/founders:  Tarl Robinson and Alec Clark

Price:  $34.95 annual payment + $100.00 monthly auto-ship fee for products (you also pay shipping and handling fee)

What’s included:  replicated website, website maintenance

Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee

My rating (out of 10):  4

My Review of Plexus

Plexus Worldwide, based out of Scottsdale Arizona, is indeed another multi-level marketing company that offers an extensive line of health and wellness products including weight loss, nutrition, and personal skincare.  It was founded in 2006.   The company is famous for its Plexus Slim, or “Pink Drink” (and shrink) weight loss powder that you mix with 120z of water and take 30 minutes before a meal to reduce your appetite.  The Pink Drink is also meant to:

  • regulate your blood sugar
  • help manage your weight
  • help with your blood pressure
  • promote beneficial cholesterol levels

This Pink Drink product really has no scientific evidence to back it up.  Only one study was ever done and it was not peer-reviewed nor published.  Plus, there were only 8 participants!

Some people may have lost some weight but when you are pushing a generic product that is not tailored to an individuals’s own body/lifestyle, it is difficult to obtain positive results.  There have been lots of complaints about their products and business practices.  In fairness, Plexus has responded to many of them.

I leave it up to you to ‘read between the lines’ and go to the Better Business Bureau Plexus Worldwide page to read for yourself what the complaints have been and how the company has responded.  It makes for very interesting reading.

The financial investment to join Plexus Worldwide

It is $34.95 to join as an “Associate” then, in order to stay active in the membership, you must purchase $100 worth of product yourself (plus pay shipping and handling) at wholesale and sell it at retail on your replicated website.  This is done on an auto-ship basis so you will keep getting this stuff each month whether you sell it or not!

You can also make money in the good old fashioned MLM way of course by recruiting others, so we get into that whole upline downline thing again where you are at the bottom of a huge pyramid and making almost nothing.  Sound familiar?

The Plexus compensation plan

There are 11 ways for an Ambassador to earn bonuses, points and earn a commission from Plexus.

  1. Preferred customer bonus – here is where you get the opportunity to hassle your family and friends into buying the products.  Each time one of your ‘preferred customers’ is pressured by you to buy something, you will earn a bonus
  2. Retail rewards commission – earn up to 25% commission on your customer and your own product purchase
  3. Retail rewards override commission – receive an override commission of 5 % from your level 1 downline (the Ambassador you recruited)
  4. Business Building Bonus (BBB) – if your new Ambassador purchases a ‘welcome pack’, you will earn BBB points (conditions apply)
  5. Achievement bonus – when you reach each new rank, up to senior ‘Ruby’, you earn a one time bonus
  6. Fast start achievement – if you ‘launch your business strong’ you will get a ‘generous’ fast start achievement bonus in your first 30 days
  7. Plexus points – you earn points for each Ambassador on your team up to seven levels in your downline
  8. Emerald pool bonus – if you reach this level (good luck) you will receive a share of an exclusive bonus pool which is 3% of the 50% of the company’s commissionable volume for each month
  9. Sapphire pool bonus – receive at this level 1% of the 50% of the company’s commissionable volume for each month and the Emerald bonus pool
  10. Diamond pool bonus – receive commissions from Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond pool (which is again 1% of the 50% of the company’s commissionable volume)
  11. Diamond re-entry – double leverage the earning potential by re-entering the program with a second position and start again at level 1 (must have accrued 6000 points in your primary position to qualify)

If it sounds complicated, that is because it is!  If you would like to see more details of how to qualify for the different levels of Ambassadorship and further information on their compensation plan, you can do so here.

So, how much do the Ambassadors actually make?

Here you see the way they expressed their income disclosure for 2016

plexus income disclosure 2016

As you can see, the average annual income was $301 for 82.41% of Ambassadors.

For 2018 they changed the appearance of their income disclosure:


plexus 2018 income disclosure

If you look at the above figures, you will see that only those at the very tip of the iceberg (top 1%) are making any significant money, and it took them approximately 2 years to get to that level.

Look at that second bullet point to see that even the top 10% only made an average of $13,550 annually and 50% of that group made more than $4,982.  It is interesting how they changed the way they express the figures.  They don’t give you the actual numbers for those at the bottom of the pyramid as they did in 2016 and instead express it as “earned income”.  What hasn’t changed is the low income for most Ambassadors.

So okay, you may be thinking, well, along with my social security benefits, even the lower figures would be enough, in which case,  joining Plexus Worldwide could be something for you to consider.  However, before doing so, please read the section below because, to me, this sends up red flags.


What I can tell you, from personal experience, is the cult-like atmosphere I witnessed at one of their conventions in Phoenix, close to the Plexus Worldwide headquarters in Scottsdale.

I happened to bear witness to it because I was there at the convention center, coincidentally,  for another reason, and what I saw was pure mania.  It was mainly women and they came into the convention hall in near hysteria, jumping,  whooping and hollering.   Now, I am all for enthusiasm and positivity but I find it just a little bit scary when I see this kind of extreme behavior. Some people may find it motivating, but it really seemed excessive to me.

That was my experience.  However, it appears I am not the only one who has witnessed this.

plexus employee comment 2

cult like atmosphere comment for plexus


This one too:

plexus employee cultlike comment

Pros and Cons


  • company has been in business since 2006
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • legitimate contact information and location
  • could work for some people


  • aggressive sales techniques
  • cult-like atmosphere
  • high drop-out rate
  • low income for most participants

Final Thoughts on The Plexus Worldwide MLM

I am not going to judge and critique the entire Plexus product line because, of course, I have not tried every single product they have.  All I am trying to decipher is whether joining this particular MLM is a good way for you to generate some online income from home in your retirement.

In my opinion, it is not and therefore I do not recommend it to you.  The only thing that will happen is that your bank account will shrink, and I don’t want that for you!

Before joining an MLM I always ask people to read my checklist to see if they have the qualities needed to succeed in what is a very competitive, and often confusing, business model.

I do not believe that Plexus Worldwide is an outright scam.  They have been in business for a long time for an MLM and they continue to make money. However, I think it is probably pretty late in the game to get involved now anyway.  The big growth has passed a few years ago.  You can see that from the income disclosures above.

As with any business, in order to succeed at Plexus Worldwide, you are going to have to market very heavily to friends and family and post constantly on social media to get people to come to your website to keep purchasing your products.  Some people love doing this type of business and they excel at it.  All I am asking is for you to do your own research and take your time before jumping into any online business whether it is an MLM or not.

Now, perhaps you are one of the few that have made a lot of money with Plexus Worldwide?  If so, I would love to read your experience.  Perhaps you could share it in the comments section below.

Other Options For You

There are other paths you can take to generating some online income for yourself.  For more ideas, I suggest you read my article Money Making Ideas for Retirees.

How We Create Income Online

Thank you for taking the time to read my review.  Philip and I really enjoy researching products for you.  We had to find an opportunity to make an online income because we absolutely needed to.  We didn’t have a lot of money to invest and we needed to get up and running quickly.  After scouring the internet for months, we found the system that works for us.  Maybe it could work for you, too?

For more information on what we do, you might like to read Philip’s article here called  Affiliate Marketing for Retirees.

wishing you every success,



Plexus Worldwide

$34.95 annual fee plus $100.00 auto-ship for products (plus s & h)



User experience




Value for money



  • company has been in business since 2006
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • legit contact information and location
  • could work for some people


  • aggressive sales techniques
  • cult-like atmosphere
  • high drop out rate
  • low income for most participants

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