Is Photography Jobs Online a Scam?

Update/Important Information June 4, 2020

I was just reviewing this article to see if it needed updating when I discovered that Photography Jobs Online has, apparently, ceased to exist as a program.  The website from which it was promoted ( is now for sale and the program is no longer available at ClickBank.  This does not surprise me because the program was next to worthless anyway, in my opinion, and I am glad that no one else will be tempted to waste their money or time on it.

It frequently happens that programs like this disappear then reappear in a different guise although still peddling the same old stuff.  So, for the moment, and in case that happens, I am not going to delete this article.

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For any keen amateur photographer, the prospect of making some money, if not a full-time income, from our favorite hobby is an exciting one. Photography Jobs Online claims to help you in this endeavor and in this review, we will be investigating whether those claims are well-founded, or whether you should run for the hills!

There are many definitions of the word ‘scam’, but the one common thread is that it involves dishonestly trying to take your money and which clearly implies at least an element of illegality. So, is Photography Jobs Online a scam or do they genuinely offer useful advice and resources to help you make money from your photography? Let’s see!

What is Photography Jobs Online?

graphic showing how to make money with stock photography

Photography Jobs Online is an online platform that promises to help you make money from your photography and it does this in two basic ways. First, it offers advice and training on how to get started as a photographer and then sell your photographs, principally through online stock photography websites. Second, it has a directory of current jobs that are available in the photography field.

Who is it For?

Although many of the positions mentioned in the current job listing are clearly intended for professional photographers, almost everything else in the program is geared towards the amateur photographer who is looking to make some money from their hobby. Other than the job listing, there is nothing here that would benefit professional or semi-professional photographers.

Brief Details and Price

Name: Photography Jobs Online


What’s included: Access to their members’ area and, through that, various training videos and PDF’s plus a jobs directory.

Price: $27.00 per month, after an initial 7 day trial for $1.00

Owner: Chris Page

Overall Rating (out of 10): 2

A Few Red Flags

The Price: As mentioned above, you get a seven-day trial for $1.00 and this is how that trial is promoted on their Website:

special promotion showing photography jobs online available for $1.00

In fact, this is a perpetual offer and that ending date changes daily. I realize that this is not an uncommon practice, and it is certainly not unique to Photography Jobs Online, but it is still deceptive and causes me to be even more careful as I view the rest of the website.

Income Claim:  You will see, as you read this review, that Photography Jobs Online has no direct involvement either in the hiring process related to their job listings or in the submission of your photographs to the stock photography websites. That being the case how on earth can they make the claim that their members have earned $8,000,000?

website statement that photography jobs online members have made $8,000,000.00

photography jobs online website live support buttonLive Support:  Something we all check for when purchasing any product online, whether it be physical, digital, or, as in this case, a membership, is what kind of support is available. The best, of course, is ‘live’ support and that is what is apparently available here.

However, when you click on the button an email window pops up. When you need an issue resolving quickly, there is a world of a difference between live support and email support!

Review of Photography Jobs Online

Having decided to become a member, your first payment, as well as all subsequent payments, goes through Clickbank, an independent internet retailer specializing in digital products. Despite complaints about some of the products it sells, Clickbank itself has a decent reputation so you are reasonably well protected when dealing with them.

As a member you have access to the Member’s Area page and which has links to the various resources available to you, including the following:

Step-by-Step Guide to Submitting Your Pictures

photography jobs online step by step iconDespite the title on the link, this PDF document is nothing more than a very basic guide to (as per the title on the document itself) ‘Making Money from Your Camera’. It is some 53 pages long but if you eliminate all the white space it is, in reality, less than 40 pages. The index at the beginning is next to useless because, although it lists page numbers, the pages themselves have no numbers!

Topics covered range from choosing a digital camera and accessories, through taking and editing photographs, creating a portfolio, how to make a name for yourself and, finally, how to become a professional photographer.

Though decently written, the overall appearance is very amateurish and the fact there are no page numbers is ridiculous. Also, you simply cannot cover such a wide range of topics, in any useful depth, in such a small space. It would be helpful to a complete beginner in photography but no one else.


photography jobs online tools iconThis takes you to a page containing links to free programs which help you organize your photographs into albums or portfolios. Of the nine links only four take you to the named program and most of those are for Windows-based computers only so Mac users are out of luck! Of the remaining five links one is for a free trial only, another is a broken link and the other three take you to totally unrelated websites, including GoDaddy Mexico!! Also, these programs would be easy to find through a simple web search and without having to join Photography Jobs Online. As you read on you will see this is a theme that repeats itself constantly on this website.

How to Make Money with Your Photography Videos

Photography Jobs Online Icon How to Make Money with Photography VideosThis is nothing more than a series of links to around fifty videos dealing almost exclusively with how to make money through stock photography. There is no original content, i.e. prepared by Photography Jobs Online, and all the videos would be easily accessible online, through YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

From a sampling of the videos, they range in length from under a minute to over fifteen minutes. Most are of decent quality and contain useful information and advice. The problem is that there are simply too many of them, to the point where confusion starts to set in.

Bearing in mind this program is primarily about introducing amateur photographers to the world of stock photography, what would be far more beneficial, in my opinion, would be a single video, or short series of videos, which provide a step-by-step guide on prepping photographs, getting them onto the stock photography websites and then managing them. This is promised for this program but never delivered.

Photoshop Tutorials

Photography Jobs Online Icon How to Make Money with Photography VideosAdobe’s Photoshop is generally regarded as the premier application for editing photographs. It is immensely powerful but comes with a steep learning curve, particularly for anyone with no, or little, photo editing experience.

There is no doubt that, at some point, you are going to need to edit some of your photographs before submitting them and, if Photoshop is your app of choice, some how-to tutorials have to be a good thing…….right?

There are 30 articles and twelve videos that cover many of the more commonly used tools in Photoshop. While having some photo editing experience, I have never used Photoshop but both the articles and the videos appear comprehensive and well authored. However, I have a concern about the original publishing dates of both. Not all the articles are dated but all those that are were first published in 2008 or earlier and this calls into question how relevant they will be to the current version of Photoshop. None of the videos are dated but it is quite likely a similar situation to the articles.

Again, none of the articles or videos have been produced by Photography Jobs Online and these are just links to other people’s website articles or YouTube videos.

Also, even if the content remains relevant, how many of us are going to be using Photoshop to edit our photographs? It may be the best but it is also the most expensive and there are many other programs out there that do a perfectly good job for a lot less money and which we are more likely to be using.


Photography Jobs Online Bonuses IconThis, again, is nothing more than a series of links to 24 (mainly) free apps that cover a range of editing and portfolio functions.

Most of the links work here but I did notice that, almost without exception, they all lead to software versions created between 2000 and 2010. In other words, it seems no one has updated these links for at least eight years!

Also, why were these links not included under the Tools link?

Submit Your Photos

Photography Jobs Online submit your photos iconYou might be forgiven for thinking that, at last, you are going to be given some useful and practical information on submitting your stock photographs. Alas, that is not the case and all you get here is a listing of some (not all) of the bigger stock photography websites together with links, most of which (not all), work.

There is also a very brief description of each company including the payments you will receive if your photos are downloaded. I have not used all the websites listed but for the ones I have used, I can see that a lot of the information is inaccurate. For example, the first mentioned, where it states that if someone on their 750 downloads per month plan chooses your photograph you will get 25 cents. That is correct but Shutterstock has many other plans where the cost of each download is much higher, as is the corresponding payment to you.

Photography News

Photography Jobs Online photography news iconSome current industry news that might at least be interesting, even if not necessarily relevant to you? Nothing of the sort. This is a just a listing of photography jobs, all of which are in London, England!

At first sight there appear to be some sixteen jobs listed until, on closer inspection, you realize there are only eight and that each is repeated further down the list.

Knowledge Base

Photography Jobs Online knowledge base iconWhen I first took a look at this I thought, at last, some useful information!

The Knowledge Base comprises a list of some 36 headings/links, some of which link you to a single article while others take you to a series of articles on the particular subject. The main headings cover a wide range of photography related topics including equipment, travel photography, wedding photography, photography legal issues, and family portraits.

For the most part, the individual articles are well written and, so far as I can tell, technically correct. They are mainly if not exclusively, lifted from the web but I have come to realize that that is this website’s M/O. My principal concern is that, upon closer scrutiny, and yet again, all the articles for which I could ascertain a date were published in that same 2000-2010 period.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that just because an article was written some eighteen years ago it is no longer relevant or of any value. Recent advances in technology may render articles of a more technical nature open to question but the basic principles of photography, the study of light and movement, the fundamentals of composition, have hardly changed in decades.

When putting together the information contained in their website, the owners of Photography Jobs Online did not, I am sure, intentionally go out looking for videos and articles that were first published as much as eighteen years ago. On the contrary, they would have selected material that was current at the time. The only conclusion I can draw is that all this information was first put together some ten to twelve years ago and that no one has seen fit, or thought it necessary, to update it in any way. That is my concern!

Premium Photography Jobs for November

Near the bottom of the Members Area is a list of supposed photography jobs currently available. As you click on each job it takes you to another page containing a detailed description of the job and at the end of each description is a button marked “Get Started”. I clicked on three random jobs but each time I got an error message. At that point, I gave up. Those jobs may or may not exist but, even if they do, they are all clearly intended for experienced professional photographers and not the typical person to whom Photography Jobs Online is trying to attract as a member.

Stock Photo Agencies and Agency Directory

These two links are first to a more extensive list of stock photo websites and the second to a seemingly endless list of all kinds of photographic agencies all around the world. No additional information is supplied and, again, many of the links don’t work. The Agency Directory may be of some interest to professional photographers but, in my opinion, the sole reason for including these two lists is to pad out the overall content on the website.

Pros and Cons


  • Despite having been written or produced over ten years ago, some of the articles and videos could be useful to beginners.
  • If you are tempted to give it a try, it is relatively easy to cancel your membership because it is handled by Clickbank.


  • Practically no original content, all the videos and most of the written articles can be found for free on the web.
  • Almost all the videos and articles were published prior to 2010.
  • Patently false claims about how much money members have earned.
  • Many of the links to the editing and portfolio tools are broken and those that work take you to out-of-date software.
  • For the few members who might be interested, many of the links in the photography jobs listing are broken

Final Thoughts on Photography Jobs Online

This program promises so much and yet falls lamentably short of fulfilling that promise. It is, in essence, nothing more than a series of links to information and resources that are otherwise freely available on the web and most of that information is out-of-date.

For complete beginners, some of the information provided may be beneficial but even for them, the lack of any real structure to the website is likely to only cause confusion.

So, is Photography Jobs Online a scam? No, it isn’t. Even though all the information provided can be found for free elsewhere there is enough value provided to take it outside the definition of a scam.

Are you wasting your money joining Photography Jobs Online? In my opinion, yes!

If you would like to check out Photography Jobs Online for yourself CLICK HERE.

For some truly helpful information on stock photography, see my article Getting Started with Stock Photography – a Beginners Guide.

Thank you for reading this review. If you have any questions or comments please list them in the box below and I will answer them as quickly as possible.

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Photography Jobs Online

$27.00 per month



User experience




Value for money



  • Some of the articles and videos could be useful to beginners
  • Easy membership cancellation


  • Minimal original content
  • Most of the videos and articles are very old
  • False claims about money earned by members
  • Many broken links

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