Is Isagenix A Scam? – Join This MLM Or Shake It Off?

Hello and welcome!  I recently saw somebody that I know promoting this company, Isagenix. It came up in my Facebook feed and it prompted me to take a closer look.

As I researched further into the program it really made me wonder if Isagenix is a scam.  Should you join this MLM or shake it off?

Please know that my mission is to research and report to you on these network marketing companies because I don’t want you to throw away your hard-earned income on anything that will not give you a decent return.  I am not affiliated with Isagenix in any way.

Now, let’s see what Isagenix is all about.

What Is Isagenix?

Isagenix is a multi-level marketing company in the weight loss/wellness/personal care space.  They feature a range of products such as:

  • nutritional shakes
  • energy drinks
  • weightloss accelerator supplements
  • energy bar snacks
  • essential oils
  • moisturizing creams for face and body
  • body wash

Who Is Isagenix For?

 Isagenix is for people who would like to purchase the products at a discount and create some income by recruiting others in their downline.  This could be stay-at-home moms, retirees, college kids and those with another income that would like to make some side money.

Brief Details and Price


owners/founders:  Jim and Kathy Coover and John Anderson

price:  $29.00 to join + a business starter kit of products.  Here is the cheapest and most expensive:

  • $743.00 for the Weight Loss Pack
  • $1454.00 for the Business Pack

what’s included:

  • Isagenix business app (free and pro – pro is $14.99) for use with mobile
  • Isalife mobile app – to help you track weight loss and activity level
  • replicated website
  • scripts to help you market to friends and family
  • worksheets to help you identify potential customers in your inner circle
  • other training and marketing materials such as videos and podcasts

guarantee: there is no guarantee of earnings

rating (out of 10): 2

My Review of Isagenix

Let’s begin with the back story.

company history and owners

Isagenix, which is based in Gilbert, Arizona, was founded in 2002 by Jim and Kathy Coover and John Anderson.  It is a privately held LLC and uses a multi-level marketing business model.

The Coover’s had previously worked in the MLM industry and Jim Anderson had experience in the nutritional supplement business.

There have been allegations that the company has made some false claims about their products as well as other issues, but I will not go into those here in my review but rather direct you to this article for further information so that you may draw your own conclusions.

Isagenix has two types of membership accounts:


This is for people who would like to purchase the products for themselves and receive a discount but do not want to participate in the business opportunity and earn commissions. 


An associate can purchase the Isagenix products at a reduced price or for resale.  Associates can make money by selling retail to customers and other Associates that they have personally enrolled.


Isagenix promotes weight loss and an active lifestyle and its products reflect this.  Popular items include:

  • Isalean Shake
  • Cleanse for Life
  • Isalean Pro Shake
  • Isalean Bars
  • Slim Cakes
  • IsaPro Whey Protein
  • Amped Nitro
  • Healthy Aging support system
  • Brain Boost and Renewal

Isagenix also features the ‘Rejuvity’ personal care products such as:

  • Purifying Cleanser
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Age-defying eye cream
  • Renewing night cream
  • Hydrating Hand and Body Cream
  • Body Wash

Isagenix also has its own diet/exercise regime that you can follow which includes using, of course, many of their products as well as promoting intermittent fasting.

There have been criticisms of the Isagenix diet, which are easily found online, including the fact that there is a lot of sugar in their products.  Of course, they also have a disclaimer at the bottom of their products that they are not FDA approved.

Isagenix FDA statment for products

You can view the entire plethora of Isagenix products here.

Isagenix ranks and compensation plan


There are 5 ranks achievable as an Isagenix Independent Associate:

  1. Associate
  2. Consultant
  3. Manager
  4. Director
  5. Executive

Ways to earn:

retail – from in-person sales to the retail customer

retails direct profits – this refers to online sales from your replicated website

product introduction bonus – you may earn bonuses based on qualifying sales to new members

cycles or team bonuses – bonuses can be accrued by collective sales to customers and other Isagenix Independent Associates

executive matching team bonuses – these bonuses are based on the weekly team bonuses of the Independent associates in your downline

promotions and special incentives – you may earn bonuses by achieving a higher rank status

As always, the entire compensation plan is so complex to understand, but you can view it here if you would like to learn more.

Suffice to say that, as with all of these MLM business models, you will need to recruit many, many people in your downline (from your circle of family and friends), and encourage them to sell products, to maintain your necessary quota to be eligible for commissions.  This is the nature of network marketing and if you are not the kind of person who is excellent at sales and recruiting others, you may find it very difficult to earn an income.

You may want to read my checklist to see if you feel you have the right kind of personality and the assets you will need to succeed in the MLM world.

earnings disclosure

According to the Isagenix Earnings Disclosure Statement for 2018:

  • 50% made more than $226.00 in one year and the other 50% made less.
  • 10% made more than $1328.00 in that year
  • 1% made more than $8529.00

Yes, there are individuals in that top 1%  who have dedicated years to building their downlines and developing their business.  Many of them have had previous network marketing experience and there is no doubt that a few people can achieve the status of “Isagenix Millionaires”.  According to Isagenix’s information on this topic, the average time to achieve this lofty goal is 6 years of aggressive and consistent work building your business.  You can see that here. 

In the small print at the bottom of the compensation plan is at least a realistic statement:

Isagenix income disclaimer statement

As you can see, even if you have a large inner circle to recruit into your business and invest a significant amount of your personal money, there is no guarantee of any income.

The reality is that most Isagenix Associates make less than $500.00 per year.

Not for me.

Pros and Cons


  • actual products
  • real owners/founders
  • members of the Direct Selling Association


  • have to sell to family and friends
  • the high failure rate of MLM business model
  • red flags about product ingredients and efficacy
  • cult-like sales presentations

Final Thoughts About Isagenix

This company belongs to the Direct Selling Association which is a kind of watchdog for this type of business.  I give them credit for this in that they abide by a certain code of ethics when doing business.

Isagenix does have actual products and they lay out their earnings statement in a straight forward way. I would certainly not call Isagenix a scam.

However, once again we have this Multi-Level Marketing business model that makes it very, very difficult for those at the bottom of the earning pyramid to make any money.  The MLM business model is not for the faint of heart and, in order to achieve any kind of success, you must have a large network of family and friends and be prepared to aggressively hassle them to promote the products.  This is always the case and this type of selling is very difficult for many people, including me.  Don’t take my word for it though, you can read this article that will give you more information.

There have been issues with this company that bear closer scrutiny including false product claims that send up red flags for me.

cult-like promotional videos

I sat through several of the Isagenix promotional and sales videos and I have to say they were very cult-like and evangelical in delivery.  Speaking for myself, I find this kind of over the top positivity and slick sales talk to be very frightening.  It just comes across as disingenuous, forced and artificial.

unhappy consumers

The consumers in their own words:Isagenix consumer complaint #1

Isagenix consumer complaint #2

Not very encouraging to say the least.

So, though I don’t think Isagenix is a scam myself, I do think you should shake off this MLM and find something that isn’t going to exhaust you and make you feel uncomfortable about selling to family and friends and won’t take years and years of aggressive sales to produce some income results.

I do not recommend joining Isagenix as an Independent Associate.  If you have tried their products and you like them, I would suggest you just join as a customer to get your product discount.  If you decide to join as an Independent Associate, please beware of what you are getting yourself into, ask lots of questions and find out before you join how to extricate yourself without incurring financial penalties.

A Better Alternative

I can tell you that Philip and I were worried when we realized that our retirement income was just not going to be enough.

What to do???

We absolutely scoured the internet for ideas that made sense to us and seemed like something we could actually learn and apply.  That is how we found out about Affiliate Marketing.  This is a fun business because we get to write about subjects we feel passionate about, such as helping others, who like us, might be looking for ways to generate some online income in retirement.

Then, we needed to find a way to learn how to be affiliate marketers and this was also a minefield to negotiate as there as so many courses and training that cost thousands of dollars to join, which we don’t have.  We also didn’t want the hype of some ‘get rich quick’ scam either, because no such program that is legitimate exists.  We wanted something real.

One day, we discovered an authentic, friendly, Canadian-owned company that has been around for 14 years and was FREE to come in and try.  There is a friendly community of like-minded people, training, tools and everything you need to learn how to become a successful online entrepreneur. We found our home at last and we have not looked back since.  The company is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read more about it right here in Philip’s review.

Remember, you have choices and my goal is to help you by giving you as much information as I can.

Keep it real and stay fierce my friends!

I wish you every success as we share this journey together,



$29.00 to join then $743.00 to $1454.00 for Starter Kit



User experience




Value for money



  • actual products
  • real owners/founders
  • members of the Direct Selling Association


  • have to sell to family and friends
  • the high failure rate of MLM business model
  • red flags about product ingredients and efficacy
  • cult-like sales presentations

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