Is Dr. Steve G. Jones Life Coach Certification Legit?

Updated June 4, 2020

Congratulations on finding your way to my review!  If you have been thinking about becoming a Life Coach, right now is the perfect time to start training to become one!  Let’s face it, so much has changed in the world recently.  People are going to be needing advice and support as they transition in their lives and they will be looking for this support from a Life Coach.   With platforms such as ZOOM, it is going to be viable if not preferable, to do remote video conferences, training, and webinars.  What a perfect way to work with clients remotely as well!  I don’t think that this is a trend.  I believe it is the future of life coaching.

This certification course is authored by someone very well-known in the life coaching industry.  What we need to find out is if Dr. Steve G. Jones Life Coach Certification is legit and if it will help you build an online business from home.

Let’s take a look.

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone who helps people with their relationships, family business, and social or personal issues by listening very carefully to their goals and implementing various tools to help guide those people with a step by step actionable plan so that they can achieve those goals and improve their lives.

I invite you to read my article on life coaching if you would like to get a little more information on what a life coach is and the qualities needed to be one.

Who Is The Fast Track Life Coaching Course For?

In my opinion, it is ideal for any of us from the coolest generation to walk the face of the earth, the baby boomers!  We have already gained so much life experience in our careers, and with our families, that we could utilize to help others, it is just a natural fit.

Becoming a life coach is something you could do one hundred percent from your own home.  This is huge right now and will continue to be so going forward in the foreseeable future.  It is inevitable. The entire world has been impacted by recent events and more and more people are going to be seeking advice online.  In the recent past, people were already finding it difficult enough to make an appointment at a traditional office space.  Just think about how much more difficult that has become in just a few short months!

While life coaching is something that someone of virtually any age could do, if you are thinking about retiring, or already there, and you are looking for a way to generate some online income, becoming a Life Coach could be the perfect fit.  You are also in a position to really contribute to the well-being of others.  With a lifetime of experience yourself, you are the ideal candidate to offer positive solutions and goal-oriented plans to assist others in starting a new business, increase their motivation, uplift, support, and help enable them to achieve their dreams.  This is what the world needs right now.

What is The Fast -Track Life Coaching Certification Course?

The Fast Track Life Coaching Certification Course will empower you to build your own home-based life coach business by utilizing the tools and training method as taught by Dr. Steve G. Jones.

The Fast Track Life Coaching Certification Course is a fully comprehensive, well-rounded, and in-depth program designed to prepare you for a full or part-time career helping others in this fast-growing industry.

Upon completion of this program, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate that you can use to demonstrate your commitment to professionalism as a life coach.

Dr. Steve G. Jones
Dr. Steve G. Jones

Who is Dr. Steve G. Jones?

Dr. Steve Jones is a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist with a bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as a master’s degree in education.  He also holds a doctorate in education and has studied psychology at Harvard University.

Additionally, he has authored 25 books on weight loss, the law of attraction and hypnosis and has been interviewed on NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN.

Dr. Steve is also the creator of 22 different online certification courses that have been sold in over 140 countries around the world.

The Basics

NameFast-Track Life Coaching Certification Course
OwnerDr. Steve G. Jones
Price$39 special price (reduced from $77)
$675 original price
What you geta 100-page e-book and 30 videos (modules)
access to members Facebook page
Guarantee60-day money-back guarantee from Clickbank
CRIO rating (0-10)8

My Review of Dr. Steve G. Jones Fast-Track Life Coaching Certification

The first thing I am happy about with this program is the authenticity and transparency of the author.  Dr. Steve is highly educated and qualified in the two fields of psychology and education as well as being a clinical hypnotherapist.  He has authored many books and courses and is well known in the life coaching arena.

The course contains 30 modules after which you will take an exam.  Once you have completed that exam with a score of 75% or higher, you submit an essay to Dr. Steve for his review.  Then you will be issued a Certified Life Coach certificate from the AUNLP which can then be displayed and used in your practice.

Life Coach Certification

The course contains 30 modules that will take you from someone who just has a desire to become a life coach but needs training and direction, to becoming equipped with all the tools and training you need to set up and run your own successful life coach business from home.

What will I learn in the Fast Track Life Coach Course?

The training is step-by-step and covers a wide variety of topics to steer your business to success including:

  • The level one coaching model – Here you will learn how to create a simple yet effective model of coaching that will enable you to help others achieve a higher potential
  • Developmental and Career Planning Coaching – You will be taught the difference between those who work for themselves and those who want to improve their careers working for others and how to help them boost their business or professional life
  • Small business/entrepreneur coaching – You will learn how to help those who are natural go-getters in their own endeavors and help them maximize their profits
  • How to identify the perfect candidate – It is important to pick the right candidate to coach based on your particular expertise and experience so that you can be of the greatest help to them
  • Goal setting – No matter what, the client will need to be setting goals and here you will learn a simple but effective method for getting anyone to set realistic and measurable goals
  • Relationship development – It is crucial for you to develop and sustain a relationship with your clients that will endure and you will learn that here
  • Communication tactics – No two people process information the same way and you need to be able to communicate with each client on an individual basis.  You will learn some special techniques that will help you understand the best method to use to connect with your clients
  • The power of questions – listening skills are essential to a life coach and knowing the right questions to ask to obtain information is vital to the process.  You can then create a strategy based on the answers that will benefit your clients
  • Mastering intuition – A great life coach is intuitive.  We all have that inner voice within us and we need to learn how to trust it and to teach our clients how to do the same
  • Prepare for your role as a life coach – Here you will learn how to present yourself to clients in a confident and professional manner.
  • Motivational techniques – most of your clients will need some motivation and here you will be taught simple and effective techniques to inspire them to take positive action
  • Developing rapport with your client – This can be challenging at times because life coaching can involve some tough conversations. But don’t worry, you will learn tactics on how to connect and build a strong rapport with your clients
  • Program development – Here you will be taught how to create a step-by-step, realistic program for your clients to implement
  • The first consultation – You will be taught the exact steps to take for your very first consultation so that it goes smoothly and sets the pace for future coaching sessions
  • Overcoming setbacks – Setbacks are inevitable even if you have supplied your clients with clear directions on how to achieve their goals.  It is up to you to overcome such challenges and you will learn that in this program
  • Homework assignments – Your clients will need actionable homework assignments to progress with their goals, so you will be taught this as well

The benefits of the Fast Track Life Coach Program for YOU as a coach:

  • You will learn how to harness the power of your mind to overcome any challenge and improve your own life as well
  • Techniques for improving your own concentration and the ability to focus will be taught
  • It is very important to care of you as a life coach.  You will learn how to relax and motivate yourself which will enable you to overcome the often emotional challenges involved with being a life coach
  • Perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of this program is that you will come to realize that you are in a position to help others improve their lives

Pros and Cons


  • authentic author/creator
  • international certificate awarded
  • excellent value
  • home study course
  • can create your business from home
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Lots of studying to complete course
  • Will take time to develop a practice

Final Comments on the Life Coach Fast-Track Certification Course

Starting your own life coach business is really very doable.  No formal training is actually required to do this and this industry is not regulated.  Additionally, the price of taking a course varies widely as you can read about in my article on life coaching.

Dr. Steve G. Jones is a qualified and educated person with vast experience in this field and I believe his Fast-Track Life Coach Program is legit, so I highly recommend it.  I was excited about his course as soon as I started researching it, but now, more than ever, I believe this program is not only very relevant but also of great importance going forward.  A chance to impact people’s lives in a positive way is going to be a significant component for our society as we transition into an uncertain future.  You could play a role in helping that future to be more constructive and promising. 

You have nothing to lose by just checking this course out.  Remember, the Fast Track Life Coaching Certification Course has a money-back guarantee.  But the price of the course is so affordable, in my opinion, and you receive an internationally accepted certification upon completion.  I believe the value is there.

Ultimately, only you can make the decision, based on your own life skills and professional experience, if you are a suitable candidate for this type of work and whether you even need to pursue formal training. You can get more information and also the option to purchase this course here.

If you are unsure, I suggest taking your time to read a couple of books on the subject or talk with someone who has used the services of a life coach.  The Life Coaching profession is growing rapidly and there are a lot of opportunities for helping people with their life issues and concerns, especially right now.  Best of all you can pursue this from the comfort of your own home office!

I hope you have gained some value from reading this review.  I would love to know, have you taken this life coach course yourself?  Can you share some feedback in the comments section below?  Perhaps you have experience as a life coach?

There is Another Option Open To You

I truly believe that Life Coaching has tremendous potential right now.  However, if you feel it isn’t for you, perhaps you might be interested in another option for creating online income from home.  You can read about what Philip and I do to generate retirement income here.

I wish you health, happiness, and success in your journey,

Your friend,


Fast Track Life Coaching Certification Course




User experience




Value for money



  • authentic owner/creator
  • international certificate awarded
  • excellent value
  • home study course
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • lots of studying to complete course
  • will take time to develop a practice

24 thoughts on “Is Dr. Steve G. Jones Life Coach Certification Legit?”

    • Hello there.

      That is a fair question but first of all, let me clarify that I am not personally selling this course. On my website, I review courses like this to see if they offer a realistic opportunity to make money online. Many such courses don’t, in my opinion, but I do most heartily recommend this one, for the reasons I state in my review.

      The original price for this course was $675.00 but on his own website, Dr. Jones has reduced the price to $77.00. He also offers the course through Clickbank, an online marketing company, and, for reasons to which I am not privy, he has agreed to temporarily reduce the price further (to purchasers from the Clickbank website) to $39.00. The link I give in my review is to the offer on the Clickbank website. I should mention that if you were to purchase the course through that link then I make a small commission on the sale.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions.

      Best regards,


  1. I recently bought this programme online- it comes with a advanced Life Coaching Module.Will I be able to get the certificate before or after finishing the course.All I have is download links available no interactive screen

    • Hello Baris,

      Please bear in mind I am an independent writer and am not an employee of either Dr. Steve G. Jones or Clickbank. I am afraid I do not know the answer to your question but within your course materials, you will find a link to Dr.Jones’s Facebook page where you can ask him your question directly.

      Hope this helps.

      Best regards,


    • Hello Stacey,

      Please bear in mind I am not an employee of Clickbank or Dr.Jones. I am an independent writer and I review online courses like this one.

      As I haven’t heard back from you, I am assuming you were able to successfully purchase and download Dr.Steve G. Jones’s Life Coach Certification Course and I wish you every success with it.

      Best regards,


  2. I don’t get it?! You are promoting for the course on this page for Steve G Jones, and you don’t have an access to a direct help for your clients! The page of CLKBank is not working! Is this a fraud??

  3. I’ve registered for the Life Coach program, but did not know how to download the videos, and did not receive anything back nor a confirmation email!

    • Hello Sami,

      Thank you for reaching out. The Life Coach course is a product of Clickbank. I am an independent writer so I can’t help you with what may be a technical glitch. However if you click on this link, that is the support for Clickbank. They should be able to help you with your issue. I wish you every success!


    • Hello Pam and thank you for your inquiry.
      The short answer to your question is, no, this course is not accredited by either the IAC or the ICA.  As I state in my review, it is accredited by the AUNLP (American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  However, I would like to make a couple of, hopefully, helpful comments about the two bodies to whom you refer.
      First, the IAC is not an independent accrediting body.  The only way you can receive accreditation from the IAC is by completing one of their in-house courses, all of which cost considerably more than the current special price offered on Dr. Jones’s course.
      Second, the ICF is an independent accrediting body.  It has a directory of approved training program providers and Dr. Jone’s course is currently not on that list.  However, even if it was, accreditation through the ICF would not be automatic and in order to obtain that accreditation, you would need to apply (fees involved) to them to review your course and also meet other extensive requirements.  This is not required through the AUNLP where accreditation is automatic upon completing the course and passing the exam.
      Please remember there is no global standardized Life Coach certification.  Life Coaching remains a largely unregulated profession and, to the best of my knowledge, you can set yourself up as a Life Coach virtually anywhere in the world with no specific qualification.  
      In my opinion, Dr. Jones’s Life Coach Certification Course offers excellent training and value for anyone seeking to enter the exciting and fast-growing career of Life Coaching but without having to commit to hundreds of hours of training and potentially hundreds if not thousands of dollars in fees.
      Please let me know if you have any further questions.  
      I wish you every success whatever direction or program you decide to follow.
      Best wishes,

  4. Hi Collette

    Are the videos available as downloads because our mail system is so bad that if I had to wait for videos to arrive from overseas they would never get here.

    Many thanks

    • Greetings to you Lubinda and thank you for reaching out with your question.

      I am not quite sure what you mean by “bank electronic card” but Clickbank accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit or debit cards and also PayPal payments. Clickbank is a very secure website and I have not heard of anyone having a problem using it.

      Wishing you the best,


  5. Good day.
    I am from South Africa and very interested in doing this course. Will I still be regarded as a certified life coach also in South Africa?

    • Greetings to you Heleen!

      Thank you for reaching out. The certificate is issued by the American Union of NLP (American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and is recognized internationally. I see no reason why it should not be recognized in South Africa.

      Thank you for your interest and I wish you every success if you decide to proceed with this training.

      Best wishes,


    • Hello Claire and thanks for reaching out.
      Yes, this certification/qualification is international, and if fact we have seen people from all over the world, including the UK, purchasing it.
      Scotland is so beautiful and we have visited several times to go scuba diving.
      Now is a good time to be developing an online business Claire, and I wish you every success and happiness.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I am sorry to hear you are having difficulty completing your purchase of this excellent product. I just checked all the links in the post and they all seem to be working so I am assuming you are having a problem in actually making payment.

      I can only suggest that you contact Clickbank customer service and here is their toll-free number:


      Good luck and best wishes.



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