Is Clicks Dealer a Scam?

Update/Important Information September 1, 2020

My recent investigations indicate that Clicks Dealer has likely gone out of business. Their website cannot be reached and I can find no evidence of any kind of recent activity involving this company.

If this is indeed the case then, good riddance.  There were just so many red flags with Clicks Dealer as well as innumerable complaints.  Too many people have lost serious amounts of money through this program.

As is my usual practice in this situation, I will leave this post in place and active, just in case the company resurfaces.

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I came across Clicks Dealer when I was checking out another similar product.  I was intrigued because of the scarcity of readily available information on it and as I looked further I soon started seeing a lot of really negative comments.  After many further hours of research, I decided to write this review.

I am always reluctant to call a product a scam because that imputes dishonesty and, more particularly, fraud which is a criminal offense in virtually every legal jurisdiction.

Is Clicks Dealer a scam?  Let’s see.

What is Clicks Dealer?

Clicks Dealer is an online platform where you can purchase pre-placed banner ads and then receive a commission every time a person visits the website where the banner has been placed and clicks on the banner.

You can also sell your banner ads to other ‘investors’ in the program, in the hope of making a profit on what you paid for it.

There is also a referral program whereby you will receive $1,000.00 for anyone you refer to the program (10 max).

Who is it For?

Clicks Dealer is for anyone who is seeking to make an online income.  No special qualifications or training are required to participate in the program.  Clicks Dealer claims that guidance and support are available to anyone who needs it.

Clicks Dealer at a Glance

Name:  Clicks Dealer


Owner: Click2sell Limited (no information available on ownership of this company)

What’s included:  Access to their online platform and the right (subject to conditions) to purchase and sell pre-placed banner ads.

Price:  $250.00 (minimum initial ‘investment’).

Upsells: Not as such but various ‘investment’ packages available.

Guarantee:  No

Rating (out of 10): 1

Clicks Dealer Review

I have a lot of concerns about this program but the thing that troubles me the most is the lack of transparency and which manifests itself in two ways.

First, I feel strongly that a reputable company that is inviting the public to invest tens of thousands of dollars should have no concerns about disclosing just basic information about ownership.

Entry in uk registry of companies showing click2sell limited has been dissolvedIn this case, I have found it impossible to get any information on the individuals who own it.  The website says the program is owned by Click2sell Limited and that the registered office for that company is in Gibraltar.  In the Terms and Conditions posted on the website, there is an acknowledgment that any disputes will be settled under the laws of the United Kingdom and which implies that Click2sell Limited is a British company.  A search at the UK Company’s Registry does reveal a company in this name but it was “dissolved” on 15 January 2019.

Now, I am not saying that this is the same company and it is quite possible that the Click2sell Limited that owns Clicks Dealer is actually registered in a different jurisdiction.

What I am saying is that this is an obvious red flag and that anyone contemplating making an investment should first satisfy themselves as to who they are actually dealing with.

Second, the Clicks Dealer website gives no information about the platform itself and how it actually works.  Most of the information that I have used to create this review has come from either the Terms and Conditions posted at the foot of the website (and which 95% of the visitors to the site would not think to read) or from external sources.  A website that is soliciting very large sums of money needs to offer some kind of explanation as to how it works before they take your money.

It has also been suggested that Clicks Dealer shares the same ownership as Banner Bit, another online platform offering an almost identical service and whose ownership and true location is shrouded in mystery.  It too has received many complaints, similar to those against Clicks Dealer.

How it Works

As I have already explained, it is extremely difficult to get information on the workings of this program but here are the basics of how it is SUPPOSED to work:

list of available clicks dealer packages with pricesSign-up (and pay).  You need to make an initial investment of $250.00 just to get into the program.  As part of the sign-up process, you have to give not only your name and email but also your telephone number.  Having done that you are contacted by a Clicks Dealer representative by phone and this is where the pressure starts to purchase one of the more expensive packages.  You don’t have to do this but the pressure is, apparently, relentless.

The prices of the packages are not shown on the website and are extremely difficult to locate.  On the image to the right, I have superimposed what I believe to be the current prices.  These are minimum amounts so, for example, within the Silver Package you can actually invest up to $7,999.00.

So your $250.00 initial investment does not even get you onto the Bronze Package!

As you can see, there are two principal differences between the packages.  The first is the “Bonus” entitlement which varies from 20% to 200% of the sum actually invested.  The bonus amount is supposedly added to your account and is then yours to purchase banners with.

The second difference is the amount of time you have with your “Account Manager”, who is like your mentor.

Buy Banners.  This is what you will have joined this program to do.  Remember, these are pre-existing, pre-placed banners which are available either from Clicks Dealer or other investors.  You have absolutely no involvement in the design of the banners or where they are placed.

When you are ready to get started you go to the Marketplace where you will see a selection of available banners, color-coded according to their category:

selection of clicks dealer banners from their marketplace


The price of the banner appears in the top right-hand corner.  Prices range between $25.00 and $1,500.00.

“Trend” gives you information on how the banner has performed recently, i.e. how many clicks it has had.

If the word “Buy” appears in the bottom left-hand corner it means the banner is being sold by Clicks Dealer.  If the word “Bid” appears it is being sold by another investor and by clicking on that button you will have the opportunity to submit a bid.  When buying direct from Clicks Dealer you have to pay an “Issuance” fee which is predetermined by Clicks Dealer and which can vary from banner to banner.

You are not purchasing these banners outright but for a limited time only and the number of days for which you will be registered with any banner you do purchase is shown in between the “Buy” and “Trend” buttons.  Once that period has expired you have no further interest in that banner, you will not receive any further click income from it and will not get back any part of the original price you paid for it.  Your only option is to (try and) sell the banner before it expires.

Receive click income.  During the time you are registered as the owner of any given banner, you will receive a commission anytime a person clicks on that banner on whatever website it is located.  The amount of that commission is determined by Clicks Dealer and varies from banner to banner.  The Terms and Conditions state that the commission will not be less than $0.001.

Sell banners.  You can sell a banner at any time during the period it is registered in your name.  You cannot stipulate a price but once you hit the sell button other investors have the right to bid for it.  If you accept a bid then the banner is transferred to the successful bidder, their account is debited with the price and your account credited.  Clicks Dealer deducts a transfer fee (currently $0.50 I believe) from both buyer and seller.

Withdraw your commissions. You can, theoretically, withdraw all or part of your earned click commissions at any time, although it appears investors are constantly pressured not to do this and to reinvest those commissions in more banners.


Why You Should Not Invest in Clicks Dealer

These are some things, I believe, you should think about very carefully before investing in Clicks Dealer:

You Have No Way of Verifying the Banners Actually Exist

As I mentioned previously, these banners are already in existence and published on a website before you purchase them.  Even after you purchase you are given no information about the banners apart from the number of clicks they receive.  So how do you know they even exist?  Oh, wait a minute, you have the assurance of the owners of Clicks Saver, silly me!  Those same owners who have gone to extraordinary lengths to hide their identity and who have failed to provide any meaningful explanation of how this whole process actually works!

Advertiser Claims

Clicks Dealer claims to have some pretty impressive advertising clients on its books including the likes of Nike, Toyota, McDonald’s, Addidas, and Canon.  All of these companies have massive advertising budgets running into millions of dollars each year and I just cannot conceive that they would be interested in banner ads like this or the likes of Clicks Dealer itself.

Insecure Website is an insecure website:

extract from clicks dealer website homepage indicating it is an insecure website

In my opinion, it is unforgivable for any website which collects your personal and financial information to not have an SSL certificate.  It should be a fundamental prerequisite of any such website and the absence of such a certificate would alone, and even if I were to ignore everything else, deter me from dealing with these people.

Too Much Personal Information Required

In addition to requiring you to pay $250.00 upfront, and without any real idea of what you are getting in return, Clicks Dealer also needs the following from you:

  • a copy of your passport or valid identity card
  • a copy of the credit card to be used for transactions on the website
  • a copy of a recent utility bill in your name and clearly showing your home address

Now let me think.  Is there anything else an identity thief could possibly need in order to steal your identity?  No, I can’t think of anything!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that Clicks Dealer is going to commit identity theft but, remember, you are supplying all this information on an insecure website that could be hacked by any halfway competent thief with relative ease!

Clicks Dealer justifies this requirement by saying they are required so that they are in compliance with the Anti- Money Laundering rules.  This is nonsense!

Withdrawing Funds

This is the area where I have encountered the most complaints about Clicks Dealer.  Maybe this is why:

explanation of an eligible amount in clicks dealer rules

The term “eligible amount” is not defined anywhere in the Terms and Conditions (I have meticulously gone through all 21 pages of them) which means Clicks Dealer can, and likely is, using this to deny users access to their funds.

Also, in order to withdraw funds, you cannot have any banners registered in your name at the time.  This would be logical if you were seeking to withdraw your entire investment but the relevant provision is not worded this way:

clicks dealer rule stating that a member must first sell all his banners before withdrawing any funds

This means that if you wish to make a partial withdrawal of funds you first have to sell ALL your banners.

Fees on Withdrawing Funds

Even if you are one of the lucky ones who is allowed to withdraw money from your account it is subject to a withdrawal fee of 5% of the amount withdrawn.  I have seen mentioned accounts containing over $300,000.00.  The fee to withdraw all of this would be $15,000.00!!


The Terms and Conditions provide that both the User and Clicks Dealer can terminate the entire arrangement at any time, upon five days notice.  There is, however, no mention of how the User is to get their money back………….another red flag.  And remember, even if you do eventually get your money back it will be less the 5% withdrawal fee referred to above.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Die!

Under Paragraph 27.2 of the Terms and Conditions, Clicks Dealer has the right to terminate the arrangement, without notice, in a number of situations, including:

  • The bankruptcy of the User
  • Failure by the User to supply the KYC documents (copies of your passport, credit card and utility bill, referred to earlier).
  • The death of the User

AND, if Clicks Dealer does terminate under this provision it does not have to return to you, your trustee in bankruptcy, or your estate, any of the funds standing to the credit of your account at the time:

Rule provision tha clicks dealer does not have to refund investment on death of investor

This is a totally unjustifiable provision but one which I am sure would be fully enforced should any of these circumstances occur.  In the event of your untimely demise, wouldn’t you want your family to receive the money in your account with Clicks Dealer?

Clicks Dealer Pros and Cons


I cannot come up with any because there is not one aspect of this platform that does not have serious issues.


  • Complete lack of transparency about ownership and how the system works
  • You are unable to verify your banners even exist
  • False advertiser claims
  • Insecure website
  • The required personal information puts you at risk for identity theft
  • Constant pressure to invest more
  • Problems withdrawing funds
  • Excessive fees on funds withdrawal
  • If you die Clicks Dealer keeps everything

Is Clicks Dealer a Scam?

Because it appears some investors have succeeded in making a little money from Clicks Dealer I am not going to call this an outright scam.  But, because there are so many red flags and warning signs I will say, without reservation, don’t get involved with these people.  Even those investors that have made a little money still don’t know where their profits have come from and there are so many complaints about the pressure selling and unexplained losses:

Complaint about clicks dealer
Source: Trust Pilot

Your decision but I would not touch this organization with a barge pole.

Final Thoughts

Clicks Dealer falls into the category of ‘ad flipping’ and I have never been able to work out how anyone can make money doing this.  It’s popular because like so many other ‘get rich quick’ schemes, it promises, more or less, an instant financial return.  In the real world, such opportunities are few and far between and almost all involve investing huge sums of money and extremely high risk.

If you would like to make money online and are prepared to put in the time and effort, there are just so many safer opportunities available to you.  Colette and I have found our opportunity in Affiliate Marketing but if you would like to check out a whole pile of options read Colette’s article Money Making Ideas for Retirees.

Thank you for reading this post.  I hope you have found it enlightening and of benefit to you.  If you have any comment or questions please leave them in the comments box below and I will respond as quickly as possible.

I would also very much like to hear from you if you have personal experience of Clicks Dealer, whether good or bad.

Best wishes,


Clicks Dealer

$250.00 (minimum initial investment)



User experience




Value for money



  • None


  • Complete lack of transparency
  • Unable to establish banners exist
  • Insecure website
  • Too much personal information required
  • Problems withdrawing funds

6 thoughts on “Is Clicks Dealer a Scam?”

    • Jenise, thank you so much for your comment!

      We agree that this is a program that should be avoided by everyone. I hope you didn’t lose any money on this worthless product.

      There are some genuine ways to make money online and which involve minimal financial outlay.

      I wish you every success in the future!


    • They will disable your account once it’s ready for withdrawal I tried to withdraw my funds but it’s not possible so I had to seek the help of a recovery expert named Grace Lilo who has also helped a lot of traders get their funds back.

      • Hi Katie.
        Thank you for your comment which reaffirms my view that Clicks Dealer is an outright scam.. It looks like you were finally able to get at east some of your money back so I am glad about that.

  1. I signed up with investinclicks 2 weeks ago. For the 1st week, I was in the money! On 2 banners and in the red on 2. Apparently, I have to get the buying price back before I can make any profit. I have to share my profit 50/50 for the lower paid banners, then 70/30 on the higher priced ones. The second week I couldn’t sign in to the platform, and my revenue has gone to zero!

    The email from customer services is hardly English — the man sounded African on the phone —it said; please explain can’t sign in as I see you are on the platform. I wasn’t, and still can’t sign in to my a/c. I can’t find out who owns the company. Cust services said, head office is in London, but can’t have meetings, we have offices all over the world.

    I’ve tried finding out more info but nothing on the net. The only good message about the company came from the company itself!!! Haha. You have to laugh. I remember on it’s a scam. I did read one comment saying, do Not invest in banner clicks, which of course I saw after I had been trading.

    The advertising shows people making VAST amounts of money. When I asked my a/c manager! Is this true or a scam, he said you have to invest a lot of money to get the high returns… He said it’s in his interest to get good banners because we both make money.

    I’ve been scammed 3 times since 2015, losing £300,000, to financial trading companies, as all 3 have gone off to the Solomon Islands with my cash, and any money I made, which is probably false. The first company wanted me to turnover 11000,000 to keep the bonuses. NEVER NEVER EVER ACCEPT A BONUS. Even though they are false, they still want you to turn over 30 x the bonus, which I very stupidly did not read properly. I even tried telling them to keep the bonus and give me my deposit back, plus any profit,( which there was ), but to no avail.

    The first company gave me £50,000 because they said they were embarrassed at my loss,( I still lost £200,000), the second wanted me to pay them €3000 tax, they would also deduct a % for bonuses my manager said would not apply to me — they were for my use but not to keep, — and a % for withdrawing early, or some nonsense, leaving me €17000 out of €65000! The last company used my card to buy bitcoins but said they would look after them until I wanted to sell, so I didn’t need a wallet, then he disappeared and sold my coins — $ 110,000 down the pan for me, and $30,000 actual loss. !

    I’m 70. If I had any money left, I would hire a hit squad. I know where one is too. They go around removing these people. Good on them. Sadly, governments do nothing. They tell us not to invest like this, and yet this is how the banks make their money.! And this is why fraud is so HUGE EVERYWHERE. We do our best to make a bit of money, ( I don’t want millions— I pity the huge lottery winners. They can’t get rid of the stuff!), and WE GET SHAFTED. Lastly, if you’ve got this far, Thank you for posting your very interesting information. I’m happy for mine to be used too.

    Kind Regards, Richard.

    • Dear Richard,

      I am so sorry to hear about your dreadful experience with Investinclicks. It seems to have a very similar MO to Clickdealer.

      I really appreciate your sharing your story with our readers here. If it only saves one person some money, then you have done a lot of good.

      I have not as yet come across any banner sales company that I trust and certainly not one that I could recommend.

      If you are still looking for a way to make money online there are so many other opportunities out there, many of which don’t involve your committing such large sums of money. My number one recommendation is affiliate marketing but you could check out some other ideas here.

      Again, thank you for your comment and we wish you better luck in your next venture.

      Best regards,



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