Earn Money Taking Surveys Online

Chances are, you have come to our website because you either want or need to generate income from home.

Have you ever wondered if you can earn money taking surveys online?

In this article, I would like to explore the option of making money this way and to guide you in the right direction towards the reputable online survey companies on the internet today.

Once you have read my research on the subject, you can decide for yourself whether this is something you would like to do or not.

First, let’s discuss what they are…

What Are Paid Surveys?

Paid surveys gather statistical information from real people within specified demographics for marketing purposes for large companies that need to know the buying habits of those people to better sell their products and services.

Participants can be rewarded with cash, discount coupons, gift cards, and various other incentives.

Because of the internet, these big companies can reach a global audience and receive results very quickly.

Why Surveys Are Necessary

Before big companies shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars on developing a new product, they need to be sure people are going to buy it.  They need to have a competitive edge to sell whatever it is and the best way to know what the market wants is to ask us.

It makes sense that if you are planning on developing something new, you get feedback from the people who will be using that product and then gear it towards them.

How it Used to Be

Vintage photo of lady with feet on desk on phoneIn the ‘old ‘days these surveys were done by telephone, paper surveys mailed out and by stopping you in the shopping center to ask questions.  To a certain extent, these methods are still in use, but not as much as in the past.

Hey, I remember when I was asked to do a survey many years ago, I think it was 1988, when I lived in London, for a particular type of gum. I was stopped in the street by someone with a clipboard who was charming and asked me if I would take a few minutes to help with a survey.  I agreed.

I thought it would be just a few questions but I ended up having to go into a large room with many other people and we were asked to look at several proposed tv commercials for this gum and vote on it.  Then, we had to fill out lengthy questionnaires about our buying habits.

Finally, we were given samples of the various new flavors of this gum and had to try them all and fill out more questionnaires about how it tasted and what feelings were conjured up by the flavors.

I think I was there for two hours.

My reward for all my time, by the way, was a few packs of…you guessed it…gum.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone, really, because companies need the input of all types of people for their research.  Some sites say you need to be 13 years old to participate, others 18.  Read the requirements for the individual survey sites to learn more.

However, when you join these sites, you will have to fill out quite a few details about yourself because of course, they need this information to match you up with whatever it is they are trying to develop or sell.

How Much Can You Make

close up of dollars and changeThis depends because the rewards are in a variety of forms such as cash, gift cards, prize-drawings, cashback offers etc.

None of the survey sites I have researched will give you a definite amount because so much depends on how you are rewarded and how many activities you are able to participate in, based on your demographics.

This will not even really be a part-time income for you but rather some ‘pocket money’.  It is probably a good idea to register yourself with multiple survey sites because you will not be eligible for every survey that comes along, as you know.

What You Need to be Able to do Them

You will, of course, need a computer.  As well you need an email address and a good internet connection.  It helps, too, if you enjoy sharing your honest opinion with the manufacturer’s of the products because they need to hear the truth from you to create a better service or product.

Not All Survey Sites Are The Same

You must exercise your due diligence here.

Things to look for when you are choosing survey sites to join:

  • How many surveys are available – they should not be telling you they can provide you with a certain number because this varies depending on whether you fit the demographics of the company’s product
  • Length of the survey – a survey can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as a couple of hours.  Make sure you check the estimated time to complete it so you can decide if the money you are being offered is worth the time it takes to complete
  • How and when will you get paid – will it be cash or some other reward such as points towards a prize of some sort.  Also, make sure you find out how long it takes to get paid
  • Customer support – Live chat or a telephone number tells you the company is legit. However, if they at least have an email address or online help desk you can contact, this works, too

What Are The Best Online Survey Sites

Based on my research, these are some of the top legitimate survey sites.

Swagbucks:  swagbucks.com

They have multiple ways for you to earn some money on the internet such as doing surveys, playing games and watching videos.

You will be paid in different ways such as cash to PayPal, gift cards and cash back from major retailers to name a few.  They will give you a $5.00 bonus for signing up.

Survey Junkie:  surveyjunkie.com

This company is focused only on surveys and has a user-friendly platform.   They will match you to surveys based on the profile you create.

When you complete surveys they will issue you with virtual ‘points’ that you can redeem for cash through Paypal or e-gift cards.

Earning Station: earningstation.com 

This platform has a variety of ways to gain rewards by taking surveys, online shopping, playing games and watching videos.

You will also be rewarded with points when you refer friends to them and you can then earn a percentage of your friends’ earnings.

Vindale Research:  Vindaleresearch.com

They keep it simple at this company by offering you cash either through PayPal or sending you a check.  For every friend you refer to this company, you will receive $5.00.

They will ask you to do surveys, watch videos and they will even pay you $5.00 to send them a photo of yourself with your Vindale payment.

Inbox dollars:  Inboxdollars.com

This is another cash based online rewards ‘club’.

You will be able to participate in surveys, asked to read emails, play games and redeem coupons.  They offer a $5.00 sign up bonus to members.  You can also refer friends and make 10% of what they earn.

Red Flags for Scam Survey Sites: 

You should never have to pay to participate in a survey and you must never give out your credit card information.  

Be very wary about exaggerated income claims.

Exaggerated income claims for paid surveys

If you see a survey site that you are interested in, please remember to read as many reviews as you can about it.  Educate yourself.

Long Term Income Prospects

Well, you will get paid more than a couple of packs of gum like I was, for your work, but this is definitely not a good method for generating any part-time or full-time long term income for yourself.

A Better Way to Make Money Online

We all have different needs when it comes to making money online.

Philip and I found ourselves in the situation of needing to make a full-time income as we approached retirement and we researched for months to find a legitimate platform.

If you need to make more than ‘pocket change’ each month I invite you to read about the program we recommend.

Let’s Wrap This Up

I thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope it has given you a better idea of what online surveys are about and how they may or may not fulfill your financial needs.

Taking online surveys for cash or rewards could definitely be a fun way to make a bit of extra side money but just don’t expect it to pay the bills or generate any long term, passive income.

If there are any paid survey websites you would like me to review for you, just let me know.  I am here to help.

Have you taken online surveys yourself?  Could you share your experience with us?  I would love to hear about it in the comments area.

If you would like some additional options for making an income from home, please read my article Money Making Ideas for Retirees.

Your friend,



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