Welcome to my review.  This may be a product you have seen on the internet with the title “Work and Earn online as a Virtual Assistant”.

I want to thank and congratulate you on finding your way to this review.  It is important to research these online products before buying into them because, although many are legit, many are not.  Our mission here at CRIO is to help identify authentic ways for you to generate online income.

So is this for real or just another scam product trying to sell us the same old same old, just rehashed with a new title to try to lure us in?

Let’s find out.

What Is Click Earners?

Click Earners is an online platform that claims to “empower” people to create the life they desire and earn the “income they deserve” by working online from home doing jobs such as:

  • data entry
  • mystery shopping
  • completing surveys
  • administration and secretarial
  • product testing
  • filling envelopes
  • conducting research
  • sales and marketing
  • social media management

It should be noted that several of these jobs are not, in fact, virtual assistant jobs.  So, right away I find this misleading.

For information on what a real Virtual Assistant is, and what it takes to be one, you may enjoy reading my article Work As A Virtual Assistant.

Who is Click Earners For?

Nobody, in my opinion. However, they inform that if you ‘qualify’ (see below), this product is for absolutely anyone who would like to make money online doing various jobs as listed above.

Brief Details and Price

name:  Virtual Assistant Work from Home Jobs


owner:  A mystery

price: 12-month access: $27, lifetime access: $ 57


  • 10 easy ways to earn online today – $9
  • How Beginners Can Earn $100 to $200 a Day From Bitcoin Without Investing – $17

guarantee:  60-day money-back guarantee from Clickbank

overall rating: (out of 10) :1

My Review of Click Earners

I admit that I actually enjoy reading about these types of products that make it sound as though they are offering you something that you must ‘qualify’ for when, in fact, there is nothing to qualify for and they are accepting anyone.

This came up right away as soon as I clicked on the home page:

Click Earners needed in Mexico

It is always amusing to me to see that ‘members’ are always needed in whatever country you happen to live in.  For me, it is Mexico.  I guarantee they will be needing members wherever you live, too.

So, I entered my email and I was asked some silly questions, which they refer to as a ‘profile’, such as am I ‘reliable and trustworthy’, and am I ‘happy to work from home’.  Do I ‘regularly have access to the internet’  I also inserted how many hours I had available to work online as a Virtual Assistant.

You can see where this is going.

Then…BOOM! Low and behold this popped up after I submitted my profile:

Approval for Click Earners Membership

I was accepted!

Which, of course, funneled me to the important information that I had better hurry up because of limited spaces available, and the membership fees involved.

Limited spaces remaining

Secure my position for what?

Here is the statement they make at the bottom of their sales page.

Click Earners Disclaimer

So, what ‘position’ am I actually qualifying for if they do not offer jobs or even seek to find you employment?

Notice the wording of the above where it states “which provides information and resources relating to working and earning online as a freelance Virtual Assistant”.  Very cleverly written but doesn’t really tell you what they actually DO offer, does it?  You can find all the information and resources relating to doing these types of jobs for free, yourself, online.

All that nonsense about asking for your profile details means nothing because no service is actually being offered.  There is nothing to ‘qualify’ for.

Red flag, folks!

They charge a fee for you to find these jobs when in reality, you do not need to pay a fee to find jobs such as data entry or completing surveys.  Nor do you need to pay to find virtual assistant jobs because you can also find them on platforms such as Fiverr, which is also free to join.

Why pay anything when all this information is freely available to you online?

Here is how they explain why they charge a fee:

Fee structure for

What ‘service’ are they referring to?  This is never explained.  Again, resources and information on all the jobs they list can be found on the internet and you won’t need to pay.

I am so relieved that they do not take a percentage of our earnings since they are actually doing nothing to help you get work.

The other big concern I have with this product is that nowhere is there the mention of the owner or developer.  Neither is there a physical address.  If you had created such a great platform, why wouldn’t you put your name, face, and address?  This would build trust with your readers and potential members.  This is another warning sign which does little to boost my confidence in

The final red flag I need to warn you about is that this company previously had two other names.  They are:


If you google either or both of those websites you will see that they take you directly to the website.  This is another tactic with these types of businesses.  They change their names and just come back with the same useless product.

I should mention that I received 3 follow-up emails from them, in quick succession one of which was trying to funnel me into another dubious product that would pay me over $650 for only working one hour a day. When I researched that offer, I was lead to another “Millionaire Reveals Money Making Secrets For Free” website.  And of course, I was advised that they could not ‘hold my space much longer’.

That’s enough for me.  I am done.

I think, at this point, you have probably read enough.  I do not recommend

Pros and Cons


  • 60-day money-back guarantee from Clickbank


  • No owner/developer information
  • False scarcity tactic (limited membership)
  • Rehashed product with same useless information
  • You are paying for what you can find online for free

Final Thoughts

I hope you found some value in my review of this useless product.  It irks me that they keep coming back with these programs that have no substance, authenticity or transparency and provide you with absolutely nothing.  My advice to you is to stay far away from  Sure, it’s not particularly expensive, but why throw your money away on something that is not going to help you at all?

I give it a 1 in my overall rating because at least you can get a refund from Clickbank.

Do you have any experience with programs such as that you could share with our readers?  We would love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Authentic Program

If you have been reading any of our other reviews or articles, you will know that we create our online retirement income with a legitimate method of making money, which you can read about in Philip’s article, Affiliate Marketing for Retirees. 

This is not a get rich quick, overnight millionaire type of system but it is legit and we feel good about doing something genuine online to help us supplement our income.

Thanks for reading and I wish you every success in our shared quest to improve our bottom line in our retirement.


$27-12 months & $57 - lifetime



User experience




Value for money



  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • No owner/developer information
  • False scarcity tactic (limited membership)
  • Rehashed product with same useless information
  • You are paying for what you can find online for free

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