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What Is Vantel Pearls? Will This Jewelry MLM Make You Money?

Greetings! Did you know there is a multi-level marketing company that sells pearls?  This may sound like an exciting way to generate some income at first, but what is the truth behind the business opportunity?  What is Vantel Pearls and will this jewelry MLM make you money? I am not an Independent Consultant for Vantel … Read more

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Is Young Living a Scam? Something Stinks With This MLM

I am very happy you found your way to my review of Young Living because this essential oil company may not smell all that sweet. In fact, something stinks with this MLM.  Is Young Living a scam? What is Young Living Essential Oils? Young Living is a  company, based in Utah, that sells essential oils … Read more

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Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams – 7 Things to Watch Out For

As you browse the internet looking for ways to make an online income, you may have come across the expression ‘Affiliate Marketing’. With all the junk out there in cyberspace, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure about what this term even means (I know I was).  This is actually a very legitimate and fun way … Read more