My Review of AWOL Academy – Hope You Have Deep Pockets!

Updated September 14, 2020 I have been trying to see what has happened with this company, AWOL Academy.  It looks like they may have been shut down as I cannot find their website anywhere.  I did find this comment on the BBB website which tells me this company probably no longer exists.  They may come … Read more

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Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams – 7 Things to Watch Out For

As you browse the internet looking for ways to make an online income, you may have come across the expression ‘Affiliate Marketing’. With all the junk out there in cyberspace, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure about what this term even means (I know I was).  This is actually a very legitimate and fun way … Read more

feature image for scared to retire showing worried man counting pennies from his retirement savings

Scared to Retire? – Not enough Income? – Consider this Solution

Nearly everyone approaching retirement is going to have some concerns.  How will I fill my time?  Will I get bored?  What will it be like being with my partner 24/7?  But, without a doubt, the most common concern for impending retirees nowadays is; will I have enough money in my retirement?  It was most definitely … Read more

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Review of Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification

Updated 18 March 2020 In this review of Wealthy Affiliate’s Online Entrepreneur Certification, I will be examining in depth the various component parts of this extensive training program so that you can make an informed decision on whether the program would be the best way for you to gain entry into the exciting, and potentially … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Retirees Featured Image

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Retirees

Last Updated November 5, 2020 Approaching retirement age, Colette and I realized a few years ago that, unless we made some dramatic changes, we would not have enough money to retire, at least not if we wanted to live above the poverty line. After a great deal of research, we decided that affiliate marketing might … Read more