Can You Make Money With Arbonne? | My Review Reveals The Truth

Greetings to you!  I am so happy that you found your way to my review of Arbonne.  I have had experience with this company because Philip and I had a Dayspa years ago and, when we were in the process of building it, we were totally harassed by an Arbonne Independent Consultant, trying to get us to put her product line in our new place.  So, today I would like to look at their business opportunity to get the scoop.  Can you make money with Arbonne?

My review reveals the truth.

I am not a Consultant for Arbonne, nor have I ever been.  My mission is to research these MLM companies and see if the opportunity they offer is something that would really be of benefit to you or if it is just another way to lose money on the internet.

What Is Arbonne

Arbonne is a multi-level marketing company selling plant-based cosmetics, skincare, and nutritional products.  The company gets its name after a village in Switzerland, called Arbon.  Headquarters are in Irvine, California, and the company has international offices in Canada, Australia, Poland, New Zealand, and the UK.  Arbonne has approximately 321,600 Independent Consultants throughout these locations.

Who is Arbonne For

The Arbonne business opportunity is for those who would like to generate some income from a home-based location.  As is usual, this ‘business’ targets more the young stay-at-home mom (or dad) and retirees as well who hope to be able to supplement retirement funds with what appears to be a great opportunity.  But, beware.   Let’s find out more.

Brief Details and Price


founder:  Petter Morck

price to join and what’s included:

$49.00 registration fee which includes the Welcome Kit.  This consists of:

  • welcome letter/vision board card
  • Success Plan (compensation plan)
  • product catalogs
  • product samples
  • replicated website
  • digital toolkit
  • marketing materials
  • online training
  • shop Arbonne and My Office Apps
  • free trial of customer tracking software

guarantee:  there is no income guarantee

CRIO rating (out of 10):  2

My Review of Arbonne

Arbonne was founded in 1980 by Norweigan Petter Morck who had worked in the skincare industry in his native country since 1965.  He did not like the ingredients that were being used where he was working and his mission was to create his own skincare line that used no animal products or petroleum.   Petter was active in his company until his passing in 2008.  His son, Stian Morck, is Brand Ambassador for Arbonne. Headquarters are in Irvine, California.

According to Arbonne, their products are safe, eco-friendly, plant-based, and natural.  They are not, however, regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Arbonne has an impressive portfolio of products including:

  • facial cleansing milk and facial oils
  • can you make money with Arbonne reviw product imageeye gels and masks
  • corrective serums
  • shower gel
  • body butter/lotions
  • hand wash
  • deodorant
  • essential oils
  • shampoos and conditioners
  • texturing pomades
  • lip gloss
  • face powder
  • foundation
  • eyeliners, pencils, and mascara
  • nutritional/protein shakes
  • protein snack bars
  • supplements that support joints and metabolism
  • men’s products

compensation plan

Arbonne has one of the most complex compensation plans I have ever seen, so I shall try to break it down here.  There are essentially 4 ways to earn as an Independent Consultant at Arbonne:

  1. Client Commissions – these are the profits that you receive from personal product sales (35% of Suggested Retail Price, or the SRP) and Preferred Clients (15% of SRP). Note:  A Preferred Client is someone who has registered with Arbonne and receives product discounts for a monthly fee.  They are not eligible to receive commissions.
  2. Overrides – these are commissions you can earn from the product sales of your ‘team’.  In other words, the people you have recruited from amongst family and friends to join you in this business opportunity.
  3. Mercedes Benz Cash Bonus – this is available to Consultants who have reached the rank of  Vice President and is based on their team product sales volume.
  4. Cash bonuses – these are earned at each rank level within Arbonne and are based on personal and/or team product sales.

Entry-level earning potential:  Once you have signed up as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne and paid your fee of $49, you are eligible for:

  • 35% discount on the Suggested Retail Price of Arbonne products
  • 35% client commission
  • 15% on the preferred client commission
  • 6% override (remember that is the commissions you earn from your ‘team’).  However,  note that this is only available to you if you have personally sponsored those Independent Consultants and you must also have accumulated 500 PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume)
  • $100 Independent Consultant Cash Bonus.  To qualify for this you must have personally sponsored 2 new Consultants and/or Preferred Clients who have each accumulated a minimum of 150 PQV in their start month.  Additionally, in that first month, you yourself will have had to accumulate 150 PQV and 2,500 Success Line Qualifying Volume (SLQV).  The SLQV is the total of your PQV and the PQV of those in your downline that you have personally recruited (like your family).  But you only get this bonus if they have not ascended to a higher rank than you.

The next level to aim for after Consultant is District Manager.  You may qualify for this level in a one, two, or three month period by achieving the following:

One month

  • 1000 PQV
  • 6000 SLQV

Two months (note: they must be consecutive)

  • 1000 PQV
  • 6000 SLQV
  • month 1:  1000 PQV or 2500 SLQV to begin the qualification process
  • month 2:  2500 SLQV in your last month
  • each month:  150 PQV

Three months (again, must be consecutive)

  • 1000 PQV
  • 7500 SLQV
  • month 1:  1000 PQV or 2500 SLQV to begin the qualification process
  • month 3: 2500 SLQV in your last month
  • each month: 150 PQV

Your earning potential will then go up and trust me, this is where the pressure will be on you to recruit and get your recruits to recruit and sell as much product as you can in-person, from your website, from your social media and anyway you can.  Believe me when I tell you the truth that you will now be needing to really start harassing family, friends, inner circle, Facebook friends, people you know at the gym, church, work, and so on, to have any hope of making even a modest income.

Here is the link to the entire compensation structure, or ‘Success Plan’.  If you think it looks complicated, you are correct.  It is meant to be!  You see all these numbers and graphs and you may think to yourself “wow, there is a lot of potential here”.  Well, yes there is, but not for YOU at the bottom of this heap.  Those above you, and I mean the top 1% to 2% are the ones making a lot of money and taking the trips and receiving big prizes.  That is the truth about multi-level marketing!

Just look at the next item to see what I mean.

income disclosure

Here is a chart and I have put a red arrow to indicate what the average earnings are in your first year.

Can You Make Money With Arbonne income disclousre figures

For the time, effort, expense, and hassle involved with this, because I guarantee you this will be more than a part-time gig, I say, no thanks.  I won’t be joining.


Yes, Arbonne has had its share of lawsuits and product recalls as well.  For more information, you can click on this Wikipedia article.


There are lots of complaints about Arbonne on Pissed Consumer.  Many are to do with the lack of customer service. Here are just a couple but you can go to the link and see for yourself if you would like to read more.

Can you make money with Arbonne review complaint #1

Can You Make Money With Arbonne Complaint #2

Pros and Cons


  • home-based business
  • plant-based products
  • longevity of the company


  • the MLM business model is inherently flawed
  • no FDA approval of products
  • many complaints/lawsuits
  • need to harass/recruit family and friends

Is Selling Arbonne Worth It? – Final Thoughts

Is Arbonne worth it to join?  I don’t think so.  Is Arbonne a scam?  No, I don’t think so.  They have genuine products. However, apart from the fact that this is a flawed MLM business model that favors those at the top, the beauty/cosmetics industry is hugely competitive.  Speaking for myself, I don’t want products from just one company.  I like to try different moisturizers and body lotions as well as nutritional items and supplements from a variety of companies.  I like to shop around for the best prices. I know that I am not alone in this.  Also, people don’t want to wait to receive the products they want.  Why hang around for products to be ordered by your consultant when you can head over to the beauty supplier/health food store of your choice and get what you want right away?

On that note, criticism has been leveled at Arbonne that their Consultants are not trained Estheticians.  That is, they are not professionally trained as skincare providers.  Well, I am and I went through a very long, rigorous course culminating in a written and practical exam, to become one.  I studied the anatomy of the skin, skin types and skin conditions, ingredients, and product knowledge.  It was very involved and I did this so that I could represent myself as a professional in our day spa.

This begs the question as to how these Consultants are able to give advice on which products work for the different skin types.  Sure, you can get some general training on product knowledge, but this does not make you someone able to advise people on skincare, in my opinion.

I didn’t understand all those years ago why we were being so aggressively pitched by that Arbonne consultant when we were building out our day spa.  Back then, I had no idea what an MLM was and I certainly didn’t know that Arbonne was one.  I just thought she was a really pushy person and I can tell you that her approach turned us off completely.  We finally had to be very blunt with her because she kept coming in on a daily basis, trying to pitch us on how great her products were and that we just had to sell them in our Dayspa.  Finally, we had to be very assertive with her and told her not to come back.  We would call her if we had any interest in the future, which of course, we never did.  It was a very unpleasant experience.  I am not saying that all Arbonne consultants are like this, but it was a big negative.

Can you make money with Arbonne?  Well, the numbers speak for themselves when you see that chart above.  Now, if you can get in on a multi-level-marketing company just as it is launching and you have a vast network of family and friends and you are an experienced salesperson with this type of business model, then yes, you stand a much better chance of making a decent income but it may still take you many years to reach the top of the pyramid.   In fact, I would suggest that you take a look at my checklist which may help you decide if you are the right kind of person to get involved with multi-level marketing.

Do I recommend the Arbonne business opportunity for you? No.  I cannot speak for their products because many people seem to think they are okay.  I always suggest that, if you just purchase a couple of items from a company, and you like the products and they work as advertised for you, then, by all means, become a preferred customer so that you can get the discounts.  But, as far as a business opportunity, if you are working with an MLM such as Arbonne, or this company, you will be disappointed when you find that you work very hard but hardly make anything.

This is not just my opinion regarding the high failure rate with the MLM business model.  You can read this article from the Consumer Awareness Institute that really gives you some statistics.

Are you an Independent Consultant for Arbonne?  If you are, it would be great if you would share your experience in the comments section below because you may have had great success with it.  Or not.

So, if the multi-level marketing business model isn’t going to work, and you still want to generate some income online, what do you do?

May I suggest what we do.

There Is A Better Way To Generate Online Income

Philip and I soon found out after we retired that the funds we had were just not going to be enough.  So, we did our due diligence and researched every type of online income opportunity we could find, including the multi-level marketing model.

If you have a genuine interest in something such as health and fitness, baking, quilting, football, you name it, you can set up and run your own website, not some replicated version of a corporate entity and you can write articles and do reviews of products or programs, just as I have done here and sell whatever you want.  It’s fun and a whole lot easier than meeting sales quotas, recruiting family and friends (which we don’t do) and being pressured to sell more by the people who recruited you (there is no recruiting involved).

I am talking about Affiliate Marketing.  I think it is perfect for us and it could be for you, too.  In our research, we came upon a friendly Canadian company that provides all of this on one platform:

  • a place to learn with all the training, tools and resources needed to become an affiliate marketer
  • a place to build your very own website based on something you feel excited about such as a favorite hobby or past time
  • a place to host that website
  • 24/7 technical support
  • a global community of people learning and succeeding online who are always there to help in a live chat feature
  • a chance to try the program for FREE.  You can just come on in and look around and see if you think it could work for you

We knew absolutely nothing about working online when we started so we went from zero to creating this website and writing about ways to help others who, like us, may be needing to supplement their retirement income.  This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a solid business model.

Our recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and you can read Philip’s review about it here.

The choice is yours, of course.  Thank you for taking the time to read this review and I hope you found some value here.  My mission is to help you find legitimate ways to create your own retirement income online and I wish you every success in your quest to do the same.

Your friend,






Financial opportunity




Value for money



  • home based business
  • plant based products
  • longevity of the company


  • the MLM business model is inherently flawed
  • no FDA approval of products
  • many complaints/lawsuits
  • need to harass/recruit family and friends

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