Proofreading Academy’s Becoming A Proofreader Course Review

There is no better time than right now to think about starting your own home-based business.  There are so many choices available to us but sifting through them is time-consuming.  My job is to research programs for you and find out if they are authentic and worth your time, money, and effort.

Have you ever considered becoming a proofreader? I have found a course so exciting and full of possibilities that I decided to purchase it myself so that I can improve my own writing skills and create an additional income stream. It is called Becoming A Proofreader and was created by Proofreading Academy. I will give you a detailed account of the curriculum and the opportunity that can be yours if you pass this course successfully.

Let’s get started!

The Basics

NameBecoming A Proofreader
OwnerInteractive Learning Ltd.
What you get40 hours of training | 13 modules
An assessment and final exam
Digital certificate awarded upon completion
GuaranteeGuaranteed work if you pass with a score of 80% or higher
CRIO rating (0-10)8.9 (I will update this score when I complete the course)

What Is Proofreading Academy?

Proofreading Academy is an online school featuring a flagship course on learning how to become a professional proofreader. The company was launched in July 2017 by its sister company, Proofed, which is a proofreading and editing company that was founded in 2010. Proofreading Academy is a trading name of Interactive Learning Ltd. which has offices in London, England.

The Becoming A Proofreader course uses a pool of professional proofreaders and editors who update the course regularly. They have clients and students all over the world which means this company is designed for the digital world. A truly global business!

What Is ‘Becoming A Proofreader’?

Becoming A Proofreader is a one hundred percent online program that teaches you how to become a Professional Proofreader using modern techniques that will help you with any type of document.

Who Is The Becoming A Proofreader Course For?

The Becoming A Proofreader Course is for people who are interested in either starting their own home-based business or for those people who would like to improve their grammar skills for whatever reason: writing your own blog perhaps, or even writing and publishing your own ebook.

This course is ideal for those of us in retirement who are looking to generate some online income to supplement monthly funds or even have a full-time business. The most important point is that you should have an eagle eye for attention to detail and enjoy reading and working on a variety of documents.

For more information on Proofreading such as what it entails and who needs them, please refer to my article What Is A Proofreader.

My Review Of The Becoming A Proofreader Course

It is important to know that by the end of the Becoming a Proofreader Course you will be able to:

  • Proofread any business, academic or creative document and do so to a professional standard
  • Edit copy
  • Correctly use major academic referencing styles correctly
  • Be able to proofread documents in American, British, and Australian English dialects
  • Feel confident using Microsoft Word

The course teaches you to become a Freelance Proofreader. If you pass with a score of 80% or higher, you will be invited to work as a freelancer for the sister company, Proofed. You could of course, also market yourself and find clients through networking while still freelancing for Proofed, which means you are self-employed. That is very attractive, in my opinion.

The Becoming A Proofreader Course consists of 13 Modules and they are as follows:

  1. An Introduction To Becoming A Proofreader
    • Here you will learn how to navigate the course and interact with the lessons, and receive information on how you will be assessed.
  2. Proofreading And Editing
    • This module introduces you to proofreading and editing as well as covering ethics and common questions.
  3. The Basics Of Microsoft Word
    • You will learn how to set yourself up in Microsoft Word. Topics such as Track Changes and Compare Tools are discussed, how to make comments, and create a smooth workflow for yourself.
  4. Common Spelling Mistakes
    • Here you will learn about regional spelling, homophones, irregular plurals, compound words, and other common questions.
  5. Common Grammar Mistakes
    • Discover in this module an in-depth look at topics such as parallelisms, faulty agreement, fragments, and grammar myths.
  6. Common Punctuation Mistakes
    • Here you will learn about colons and semicolons, quotation marks, ellipses, and parentheses and how their usage varies in different English dialects.
  7. Other Common Errors
    • This module features discussions on Latin terms, number use, acronyms, initialisms, capitalization, and other issues.
  8. Proofreading in Practice: Style
    • Covered in this module are style, tone, and formality as well as vocabulary, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and common questions.
  9. Academic Proofreading in Practice
    • This module will teach you Academic language, proofreading quotations, and writing style.
  10. Citations and Referencing
    • Learn about the different reference guides that exist to help you with academic proofreading and the issues that may come up and how to resource solving them.
  11. Advanced Formatting In Microsoft Word For Windows
    • Here you will learn about the tools within Microsoft Word for Windows to assist you with your proofreading. Formatting, including document layout, lists, charts, tables, and other functions, including shortcuts, will be detailed.
  12. Advanced Formatting In Microsoft Word For Mac
    • The same topics are covered as in module 11, but this time focusing on the Mac system.
  13. Creative Writing And The Publishing Industry
    • First, you will receive an introduction to creative writing and the publishing industry.
    • The differences between working with authors and publishers.
    • You will learn about Copy editing scripts, screenplays, and manuscripts.
    • The typesetting process and techniques for proofreading typeset texts.
  14. Finding Work And The Final Assignment
    • Useful tips for how to find work as a freelance proofreader is in this module including how to obtain work through agencies, publishing houses, and other organizations. You will gain valuable information regarding online and offline marketing of your services, and links where you can join proofreading societies to give you access to more resources.
    • This module contains the Final Assignment to test your proofreading skills. There is also a Mock Assignment to prepare you prior to the final one. Additionally, you will be given a list of items to review prior to your test so that you can be as prepared as possible. You are given three attempts to pass the final exam, with fresh tests each time. Detailed feedback will be provided to help you should you need to take the exam more than once. The team at Proofreading Academy wants you to succeed!
    • You have 12 months to complete the course and will be awarded a digital certificate upon completion.

My Take On The Course So Far

The course is challenging, of that there is no doubt. But, I like this because I feel that I am learning something important and useful that will hopefully give me a way to generate some online income doing something I enjoy. I also like the fact that, as a proofreader, you are helping someone else get their message out as clearly and professionally as possible.

Update March 8, 2021:

I am currently at the 84% point of the course. The team at Proofreading Academy have just added another new module and this one is all about proofreading business documents. It also covers how to work in Powerpoint and Excel. As soon as I have completed this module, I will add it to the course content list above.

I enjoy the subtle British humor in the course too, which kind of lightens up the grammar component and makes it that much more fun and engaging. You will see what I mean when you take the course.

Becoming a Proofreader Course Review Illustration Showing Some of the Grammatical Topics Covered in the Course
Some of the questions answered in the Becoming a Proofreader course

Every module has its own quiz at the end to test you on the material covered for that section. Each module is also broken down into sub-headings and each of those has a mini-quiz. None of these quizzes count towards your grade. You can retake them any time you like. Additionally, there are practice exercises to maximize your learning. You will use the tools within Microsoft Word and become familiar with them as you progress.

Your Home Office Space And Microsoft Word

In addition to a laptop or desktop computer (and reliable internet service), you will need to purchase Microsoft Word to do this course. You can view the breakdown of the Microsoft Word features in the FAQ list on their website. I chose to go with Microsoft 365 which is a subscription-based program at a cost of $69.99 USD plus tax per year. I plan to work as a professional proofreader so I invested in Microsoft Word.

Helpful Team

You can send the team a message via a message feature button at any time, or send them an email. You can even call them and chat about the course to help with your decision to join if you are unsure. I have found the team to be very responsive and helpful.

There are also lots of articles in the ‘Proofreading Advice’ section on the website which provides you with tips, hints, and tricks to help you become a better proofreader.


There is a section on the Proofreading Academy website that offers a variety of useful resources to help you on your way to a successful proofreading career:

  • Editing guides for punctuation, grammar, and style.
  • Proofreading tools where you can download dictionaries, proofreading glossaries, and templates for style sheets.
  • Please stay tuned as this area will also offer quizzes and tests for practice and helpful tips for continued professional development. I will update you when this happens.

Also, twice a week, Proofreading Academy offers helpful tutorials on some of the more complex topics covered in the course.

Try It For Free

I really like this feature and I did it myself before committing to purchasing the course. It gives you a chance to get a ‘feel’ for the content.


Trust Pilot Reviews and Rating

I read many of these reviews on Trust Pilot before I decided to go all in. Here are a couple of recent reviews from students.

Becoming a Proofreader Trust Pilot Review #1
Becoming a Proofreader Trust Pilot Review #2




Pros and Cons


  • 100 % online course
  • Guaranteed work with 80% score
  • You can start your own home-based business
  • Flexible timeframe to complete
  • Supportive Team



  • Hard work and commitment on your part
  • You will need to invest in Microsoft Word


Final Thoughts About The Becoming A Proofreader Course

I have to say that I am enjoying The Becoming A Proofreader course, albeit I find it challenging. I am still finding my way around Microsoft Word because I did not use it prior to this course. If I ever feel a bit overwhelmed, I just tell myself to take it one small bite at a time and enjoy the journey.

I am relearning grammar that I have not thought about since school, which helps me with my own writing for our website. I am determined and committed to succeed with my proofreading course because I see it as the perfect complement to working online. It will be an additional income stream to help our bottom line. I hope to be able to generate a good income with a solid client base. I am sure that will take some time but I am prepared for that. No online business makes money overnight.


I am also intrigued about the global nature of proofreading and I am excited to contribute in a positive way to support the English language, with all of its dialects. Language is fascinating to me.

Thank you for reading this review and remember that I shall be updating it as I progress through the course. At this point, I am 80% of the way through it. I may be taking longer than you might take because Microsoft Word is new for me. I take lots of notes and go back and review areas that I find a little more challenging. What I like is that if I ever have a question, the response time is very fast from the Proofreading Academy team. I appreciate that and I think it is a big plus with the course.

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask me, please do not hesitate to do so in the comments section below. Have you taken The Becoming A Proofreader course yourself? Are you working as a proofreader now? Perhaps you would be willing to share your experience with our readers and with me so that we can get your perspective.

What We Do To Create An Online Income

Philip and I have created this website to help others who, like us, might need to generate some income from home in retirement. If you feel that proofreading may not be quite your cup of tea, and would like to know how Philip and I generate an online income, I invite you to read Philip’s article Affiliate Marketing For Retirees.

See you soon for an update!

Your friend,


Becoming A Proofreader




User Experience




Value for Money



  • 100 % online course
  • Guaranteed work with 80% score
  • You can start your own home-based business
  • Flexible timeframe to complete
  • Supportive team


  • Hard work and commitment on your part
  • You will need to invest in Microsoft Word

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