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Transcribe Anywhere Review

Updated March 15, 2021 What is a Transcriptionist? Simply put, a Transcriptionist is someone who takes video and audio files and transforms them into written documents. In this Transcribe Anywhere Review I will let you know about an online training course that I have found and researched that might give you another option for working … Read more

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Review of VO Genesis

Updated June 18, 2020 So much has happened recently worldwide and people are looking for ways to generate income safely from home.  Voice over work is a real possibility and worth investigating if this is something that interests you.  As someone who has worked professionally in the voice-over industry, I feel uniquely qualified to write … Read more

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Freelance Writing from Home

Updated February 12, 2020 Doesn’t that title sound enticing? Freelance writing from home may conjure up a vision of yourself relaxing out on your patio or deck with your laptop, a cup of coffee by your side, birds chirping, creative juices flowing and the sun shining as you check your bank account and see the … Read more