Is Young Living a Scam? Something Stinks With This MLM

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I am very happy you found your way to my review of Young Living because this essential oil company may not smell all that sweet. In fact, something stinks with this MLM.  Is Young Living a scam? What is Young Living Essential Oils? Young Living is a  company, based in Utah, that sells essential oils … Read more

Is Plexus Worldwide a Scam? Don’t Shrink Your Bank Account

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“Drink Pink and Shrink” is the marketing catchphrase used by Plexus and you have probably heard it somewhere, from somebody.  I am pleased you found your way to my review here because it is important to discover if Plexus worldwide is a scam.  My concern is the only thing that will shrink is your bank … Read more

Beware of MLM Opportunities – Do This Checklist First

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There are so many multilevel marketing companies around now that I find it so confusing, if not mind-boggling, to say the least, do you?  Before I go any further, the MLM business also has other names, so if you see the phrases ‘network marketing’ or ‘referral marketing’, this is really the same animal. At first … Read more

Is Dr. Steve G. Jones Life Coach Certification Legit?

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Congratulations on finding your way to my review!  Life Coaching is such a big buzz right now and there are a plethora of courses on the internet.  This is a program I have found authored by someone quite well-known in this industry.  What we need to find out is if Dr. Steve G. Jones Life … Read more

Relationship Hero – Use Your Life Experience To Coach Others

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I am happy you found your way to this review because once you have read it you might just be interested in becoming a part of this growing business that has found an innovative way to help people who have issues with their personal lives.  At the same time, you could be supplementing your monthly … Read more

Is Younique Makeup a Scam? Or Can This MLM Make You Money?

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Congratulations on finding your way to my review of Younique!  The beauty industry is huge and profits are massive.  Perhaps you are interested in getting in on this business and creating some income from home.  Is Younique Makeup a scam or can this MLM Make you money? Let’s start with their mission statement: “Younique’s mission … Read more