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Is Valentus a Scam? Can You Prevail With This MLM?

Hello and welcome!  The word ‘Valentus’ means ‘prevail’ in Latin and it is defined as being superior in strength, power, and influence.   Let’s find out if you can prevail with this MLM or will we discover that Valentus is a scam? I am not affiliated with, nor an Independent Representative of, Valentus.  My quest is … Read more

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Online Business Coach Certification -Jones & Rubino Collaborate

Welcome to my review of the Online Business Coach Certification.  Dr. Steve G. Jones and Dr. Joe Rubino, both experts in their fields, have collaborated to create a certification course designed specifically for those wishing to become a Business Coach. My goal is to find online courses that are realistic and affordable for you, created … Read more

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Certified Life Coach Training by Dr. Joe Rubino | My Review

Hello and welcome to my review of certified life coach training by Dr. Joe Rubino. Becoming a life coach is very popular right now and there are a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon creating courses that lead to certification.  My mission is to review these courses and the developers behind them and give … Read more

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Univera Review – Should You Say Aloe Or Goodbye To This MLM?

Hello and thanks for joining me for my Univera Review.  You may well have heard about this company, which has been around a long time.  They make many claims about the outstanding health benefits of their products which contain Aloe Vera.  Will joining Univera contribute towards a healthy income for you in your retirement?  Today’s … Read more