4 Legitimate Online Income Ideas for At-Home Caregivers

If you are caring for a loved one at home, one of the biggest fears you may have is that you have had to give up your regular job and no longer have that steady income.

Believe me, I can relate to those fears so I have detailed here for you 4 legitimate online income ideas for at-home caregivers.

For me, it was my mother

the author's elderly mother opening a Christmas present
My little mother happy on her last Christmas Day

When I was taking care of my mother in the last stages of her life, it was such a roller coaster of emotions.  Looking back now it seems almost surreal.  Philip and I had an in-home pet-sitting business so he would go and stay at the clients’ homes to take care of their pets.

I stayed home and took care of my little mother and my husband would come home between jobs.

Not for one second am I complaining about it.  I took care of her because it was something I had told her I would always do and it did not feel like an obligation.

I just wish I had known about working on the internet at the time.  I could have started an online business and made some extra income to help us with our future.

That is why I want to help you find a path to freedom and for you to know that there are solutions to your financial concerns.

Flexibility sets you free!              

When you are looking after a loved one as a caregiver, flexibility is needed in a job.  In the 4 options I have written about below, you can set your own hours and schedule your day around the person you are caring for.

black and white butterfly on yellow flower
Freedom to schedule your own hours!

You won’t have to ask an employer for time off or sick days to take your family member to a doctor’s appointment.  Plus, just think, you can take your laptop with you and work from a waiting room because they all have Wi-Fi these days.  The perfect solution!

It may be a complete change of routine for you to work from home but once you set up your office space and get the tools you need to get started, you will find that there are so many advantages to working from home and you will feel empowered to know that, though things have changed, you are able to care for another person you love and still make money.

When that time comes when you are no longer needed as a caregiver, you will have already carved a niche for yourself in the online world and be an established entrepreneur!

Think about that!

Investment in yourself

Working online from home will entail investing in yourself.

You probably already have a computer and you may already have a comfortable workspace you can use with a nice desk and a good chair for your back.  These are the fundamental items necessary for a home-based business.

Depending upon your past work experience, these may be the only tools you will need.

However, if you need to brush up on some skills or learn something completely different to transition into the work from home lifestyle, you may decide you need to invest in training.

The companies I recommend to receive that training have been thoroughly researched and they are authentic, ethical and professional with many years of experience in helping people create a successful business from home.

Here we go…

Freelance Writer

What is it?

A freelance writer is someone who works from home (or any other location that has internet) and writes content for just about any industry you can think of.

If you can write, the world is your oyster, literally.

dog wearing glasses writing on laptop
The possibilities are endless!

Needed where?

  • Website owners need content for their blogs
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Email copy
  • Scriptwriting
  • Product descriptions
  • Translation
  • Research
  • Technical writing

This subject is so vast!

I suggest you read my article Freelance Writing From Home which is full of ideas and resources including where to look for work for the aspiring freelance writer.

A good company to connect with which has a community of writers and also offers training is Writerswork and you can read my review about it here.


What is it?

At its fundamental level, a transcriptionist is a professional typist who listens to recorded audio files and converts what they hear into a text format.

Needed where?

  • Law firms and attorneys
  • Police departments and law enforcement agencies
  • Insurance professionals and claims adjusters
  • Market research and consulting firms
  • Non-profit and governmental organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Researchers
  • Real Estate professionals
Janet Shaughnessy, owner of Transcribe Anywhere
Janet Shaughnessy

These are just a few of the industries that need transcription services.

The owner of Transcribe Anywhere, Janet Shaugnessey, shared with me that Legal transcription is in high demand right now and will continue to be so.

I have written an in-depth review of Janet’s online training program.   I consider her company to be the best place to get training or update your skills and you can read all about it here.  You can even sign up for Janet’s free mini-course if you would like to learn more and find out whether this business would be a good fit for you.

Virtual Assistant

What is it?

A Virtual Assistant is a very highly skilled freelancer who provides creative, administrative and/or technical business support services.

My mother worked as an Administrative Assistant back in the ’70s and this was the precursor to the profession of Virtual Assistant.  Here is my in-depth article on Work as a Virtual Assistant

Who needs one?

  • Busy executives
  • Real estate companies
  • Life coaches
  • Hotels/Hospitality
  • Doctors and dentists
  • Film producers
  • Professional public speakers
  • Clubs and organizations
Tawnya Sutherland, owner of VAnetoworking
Tawnya Sutherland

Ideally, you would have had some clerical, secretarial, teaching or even medical experience but you don’t need to have worked in any of these fields to become a VA.

You just need the right training!

I encourage you to read my review of Virtual Assistant Career Training which was created by Tawnya Sutherland who is a leader in this profession.

Tawnya’s website has a wealth of information and free resources to help you get started if you would like to set up your own Virtual Assistant home-based business.

Affiliate Marketer

What is it?

An affiliate marketer is someone who earns a commission by promoting other people’s (or companies) products.

This is done by creating a website and choosing a subject that you feel passionate about and writing informative articles and reviewing products that would help people resolve problems they may have.

This is what Philip and I do to generate online income.

Who needs one?

Any company that is selling physical or digital products benefits from affiliate marketers to help them generate more sales and that is why companies such as Amazon have an affiliate program.

Philip has written an excellent article on Affiliate Marketing that goes into greater depth about this whole business and which you may find very interesting.

Affiliate marketing is not an advanced science that requires special degrees or a high-tech background.  Heck, we are in our 60’s and we knew absolutely nothing about it when we started.

What we did do was to research for many weeks to find a way to get authentic training to become affiliate marketers.  We did not want to get ripped off!

Luckily, we came upon what we know to be the best training available online for learning this business.  The reason we felt comfortable was that we had free access to the platform so that we could check it out without any further commitment.  We didn’t have to give our credit card details or answer a bunch of questions.  It was not a ‘hard sell’, which we really liked.

If you would like to learn more about our number one recommended platform for creating a long-term, legitimate business for yourself, read Philip’s review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Thoughts

Using Philip and me as an example, we are helping people who, like us (in our case, retirement age), may need to keep working, for whatever reason, but need to, or would like to, supplement their income from a home office to give themselves greater financial security.

Someone who is a caregiver of a loved one at home may be in a similar situation.  You may not yet be at retirement age but you might have had to give up your job to stay home and take care of your mom, dad, spouse, partner or sibling.  Perhaps even a child.

laptop with sign saying work anywhereThis can be a very frightening experience because now there could be some real concerns about money going forward as you care for your family.

Transform fear into action!

You now have 4 legitimate online ideas for making money online from home and you can do so from anywhere in the world!

Are you taking care of a loved one at home?  I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments about your experience.  It is a different journey for all of us, but one that I have shared with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article and I wish you every success.

Warmest wishes,


2 thoughts on “4 Legitimate Online Income Ideas for At-Home Caregivers”

  1. I was lucky to have found affiliate marketing in 2003. When my dad died in 2010 I was able to stay home and be his caregiver in his final days. I know the toll played on people in that position emotionally when it comes to Hospice workers and family of terminal patients. Along with it, some great stories as well. For me, it was the night my dad who was suffering from dementia at the time, about a week before he passed away remembered when I was young I wanted to be an astronaut. He reminded me of this and asked me to describe outer space so for the next 2 hours I took him on a rocket ship to walk on the moon. Affiliate marketing was not just added income it was added freedom, added memories.

    • Hello Andy,

      I can tell you that I really teared up when I read this story you shared.

      When you wrote about your dad I could feel the love and respect you held for him as you walked with him on the moon.
      You turned what is a very painful and difficult time into something beautiful. Never to be forgotten.

      I am so happy that affiliate marketing enabled you to stay and take care of your dad and share this amazing journey with him. This is one of the incredible freedoms it can provide us if we really stick with it and commit to the process.

      Wish we had discovered working online as long ago as you did. The fact that you have had success is very encouraging to us.

      In every way, your comment has inspired me and I thank you for taking the time to write it.

      Warmest wishes,



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