Making An Online Income For Your Retirement Isn’t Difficult

The Opportunities Are Practically Endless

This Website

The purpose of this website is to give you an idea of the vast and varied array of opportunities that exist if you are prepared to embrace the internet as a potential income source.

We also offer some guidance in choosing the best option based on your experience, interests, and income goals.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Why Work Online?

There are so many benefits from working online;

  • Work from the comfort of home
  • Avoid the dreaded commute
  • Option to work with your partner
  • Work while traveling
  • Set your own work schedule/hours
  • Spend more time with family
  • Physically less demanding
  • Lower costs (typically)
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Safer work environment (in light of the pandemic)

Minimum Requirements

At its most basic, all you need is a computer with an internet browser and an internet connection.

Depending on your choice of work you may also need to invest in some additional computer software and possibly some additional online training.

Laptop Computer

Who We Are

We are Colette and Philip Pepperell and a few years ago, possibly like you, we found ourselves approaching retirement age with too little income.

We had previously never even considered working online but, because of our personal circumstances at the time, such an idea suddenly had great appeal for us.

Back then we knew very little about the workings of the internet and we were definitely not very tech savvy but we were determined to make it work for us and our perseverance has since paid off.

We are now living comfortably in Mexico with our little chihuahua mix, Poucette.

If you are interested, you can read more about us here.

What We Do

We began with affiliate marketing and that continues to work well for us and by itself now provides us with the additional income we need to live comfortably here in Mexico.

But we have never been ones to rest on our laurels and our foray into affiliate marketing has led us to other income opportunities. As a result, Colette is now training (online) to be a proofreader while Philip is getting more into website design.

It’s early days but we believe both have the potential to be real money makers for us.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I have a product or service that I want to sell. You offer to promote that product or service for me on the understanding that I will pay you a commission on every product or service sale that I make and which is directly attributable to your promotion.

affiliate marketing flow chart

That, in a nutshell, is affiliate marketing and you are now an affiliate marketer.

To get started you will first need to identify the area you want to work in (your niche) as well as some online merchants who are selling the products or services you want to promote and who have an affiliate program in place. Then build your website and start promoting.

It is, of course, a little more involved than that, but that is the essence of affiliate marketing.

You can read more about affiliate marketing here.

Affiliate Marketing Training

We are members of Wealthy Affiliate which is an online platform providing extensive training in all aspects of affiliate marketing.

It provides tools and step-by-step guidance for you to build your own website (which you will use to promote products and services) and a hosting service for that website.

There is excellent technical support as well as a very active and supportive community of members who freely offer their advice and guidance on any issues you may have. Many of those members are themselves close to, or already in, retirement and can easily relate to the issues that others in a similar situation might have.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.


Check out Wealthy Affiliate FOR FREE here.

How We Can Help You

The information to be found on this website falls broadly into three categories:

  1. General articles describing multiple income opportunities.
  2. Job-specific articles where we describe in some detail what the work entails, what income you can expect to earn, and how to get started.
  3. Reviews, both positive and negative, of the various online programs that are available and that you may need in order to succeed in your chosen field.

We welcome your comments and questions and endeavor to respond within 24 hours.

Have a question for us now? Send it to us here.

Beware of Online Scams

As you have likely already experienced more than once, there are many sharks operating on the internet whose sole purpose is to deprive you of your money.

We will show you some of the scams we have come across and offer tips on how to avoid scams in the first place.

CRIO Homepage Cartoon of a Shark Dressed in a Suit

Multi-Level Marketing

As will be evident from many of the articles you will come across on this website, we are not fans of multi-level marketing.

While we acknowledge that some people do make sizable incomes from such schemes, statistics show that between 95% and 99% of participants either make no money or actually lose money.

We have investigated many and have not found one that we come even close to recommending.

Our advice is to avoid multi-level marketing as though it were the plague.

10 thoughts on “Home”

    • Hello.

      Could you please be more specific as to what you are referring to when you say “lots of nonsense”? Is it our reference to the Consumer Institute report which concluded that 99% of the members of network marketing companies either make no profit or actually lose money? Or is it the AARP study that found that 74% of the study participants actually made no income at all, as in zero, zilch? Do you contest these findings by two highly reputable and independent bodies and, if so, in what respect?

      We make no secret of the fact we do not like network marketing companies and while we have found that some are not so bad as others we have yet to find one we can actually recommend. Too many people have lost their life savings, or worse, by investing in them.

      Our website is dedicated to helping people (particularly seniors) find ways of making an online income and there are a wide variety of programs and platforms that we do recommend and which offer a far greater chance of financial success. However, we would be doing our readers a great disservice if we did not also flag those programs that are either outright scams or where the chances of financial success are minimal. By the way, only on two notable occasions have we referred to a network marketing company as a scam.

      You are presumably a network marketer yourself and if you are one of the few within that one percentile that do actually make a profit from network marketing then kudos to you, you have definitely beaten the odds. However, until we find a program that offers substantially more than a 1% chance of making a profit we will continue to call them out.

      We do thank you for taking the time to post your comment and look forward to hearing from you with some specifics on what you call “nonsense” and/or any observations on what we have said here.

      Colette and Philip

  1. Thank you and Blessings.

    I went thru a really bad divorce lost everything. Never thought I would be where I am today at 51 years old. Starting over… You gave me hope.

    Your story has inspired me.

    • Dear Wanda,

      Your words have touched us. We understand what it is like to lose so much.

      There is nothing else to do but to move forward and start again. That it what we had to do.

      We see that you have decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. Take your time and look around and don’t hesitate to ask questions either of the Wealthy Affiliate community or us. You can contact us either through our website here or through Wealthy Affiliate.

      We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

      Best wishes,

      Colette and Philip

  2. Hi Colette and Philip,
    You absolutely know what you are talking about. It sounds like life has thrown you a number of curve balls and you caught each one, examined it and learned from your experience.
    This is incredible and I a so so happy to have met you and learned from your experiences.
    I am very interested in WA and what it can do for me. I am retired with my husband now.
    I am going to read more of your information and decide what direction we can take.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful insight and willingness to help others.

    • Hi Laura and thank you for your kind comments.
      Having gone through the mill ourselves, we really do understand what is like to be facing retirement without sufficient income and can truly empathize with others in the same situation.
      Wealthy Affiliate truly has been there for us. We have learned so much in the time we have been members and continue to learn more every day.
      Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

      All the best,

      Colette and Philip

  3. Hello Wanderlusters

    What a wonderful and chequered/checkered history you have, and you have recorded it beautifully.

    As a fellow WAer and one of those ‘retired’ folk you refer to I can only endorse what you have to say about WA and, well, everything else you have mentioned.

    Wishing you all the best with helping others.

    PS Do we ever really retire?
    Do we really when there is still so much fun to be had in doing what we love?

    • Dear Lawrence,

      There is no such thing as retirement, really, is there? Staying active and engaged as we progress through life is vital to our health and often necessary to our bank balance.

      We really appreciate your comment here and wish you continued success with your online journey.

      Your friends,

      Colette and Philip

  4. Hi Friends,

    Fabulous advice and a Great Website!
    Very helpful information to anyone who wants to create a passive income online for their retirement years, and everything you recommend in regards to affiliate marketing is spot on!

    It’s a low-cost great way to earn a good living or supplement your retirement income, however way you choose. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training for affiliate marketing and online earning have seen.

    • Hello, Kaju!

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

      So many people are fearful of retirement because they are concerned they will not have enough income to live comfortably and many postpone it more or less indefinitely.

      Wealthy Affiliate, with its excellent training, tools, and support, is a perfect platform for people to learn about Affiliate Marketing and then conduct their new online business in the most effective way possible.

      Colette and Philip


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